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4277ArticleMr MagicI got an Eevee bank last year.$pdp_hero_zoom$Pokemania! My time during the Pokemon CrazeFeb 13, 2018View
4276ArticleCaseyJonesIt was ok. But you shouldn't be starting each question with ("cool" "I see" "ok") and then jumping into your next prepared question. You should be asking follow up questions to some of these answers. Show that you have interest in what he is saying rather than just trying to get the interview done. Plus some of his answers were really interesting and I would have liked to read more. I mean he talked about Harvey Weinstein almost stealing Fanboys from him and all you said was "ok" and then started talking about The Goldbergs. A Talk With Adam F. GoldbergFeb 08, 2018View
4273VideojkatzNever heard of this anime before. What a strange English title...Those Who Hunt Elves OPJan 28, 2018View
4272VideoVaporman87I like the ending. LOLSuperfriends TV bumper (ft. The Powerpuff Girls)Jan 26, 2018View
4271ArticleSupermanI guess I'm fortunate. I live not too far from a dine-in Pizza Hut that is in good shape. I wasn't aware that these places were disappearing or often in decay if they do still exist.When Pizza Hut Was KingJan 15, 2018View
4270ArticleSupermanThat's a nice set of action figures. I used to own that same Green Ranger figure. He was my favorite back then, so I snatched him right up when I saw him at the store.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 2Jan 15, 2018View
4269ArticleSupermanI didn't have any of these, but those TMNT cards would have been the set that interested me the most back in the day.Trading Card Treasures Vol. 2Jan 15, 2018View
4268ArticlefuschniktI have that Hocus Pocus poster behind my display in my stairwell! Also, Halloween Tree anyone? My band has a song based on that 90's special. The most informative Halloween song of all time!My Favorite Halloween FilmsJan 09, 2018View
4267ArticlefuschniktMan..really wish I could have been there. Fingers crossed for next year.RetroCon 2017 ReportJan 09, 2018View
4266ArticleDirtyD79Hot Wheels and Matchbox were some of my favorite toys as a kid. We had the Hotwheels sto n' go city as well as the construction site. I didn't really have much of a preference for one brand over the other, I pretty much only really cared about what looked cool. 5 Fun Matchbox ToysJan 04, 2018View