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4837ArticleBenjanimei think by fifth grade my schools stopped doing the valentines thing, but it was fun seeing all these different franchises with their own cards while it lasted. i definitely remember those pok'emon ones and i could swear that same picture of ash and pikachu was used for one of those scholastic pok'emon books that were just written versions of the anime episodes.Valentines Over the YearsFeb 07, 2019View
4836ArticleBenjanimei wonder if there really was a female pink panther in the cartoons, it's kind of bizarre seeing one in light of valentine's but i guess it was an excuse for the v-day cards lol. i definitely remember those marvel superheroes valentines but a lot of these other ones i haven't seen before. aside from those i recall seeing some for tiny toon adventures, bucky o' hare, and super mario bros. 3.Vanished Valentine's Feb 07, 2019View
4835ArticleDalek227When we first got a computer around 92 we had frogger, Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers on a huge floppy disc, Hugo III (you gave him commands and he followed them) and the writing program was just a glowing blue background with white letters, ala Doogie Howser haha'90s PC GamesFeb 05, 2019View
4834ArticleDalek227This was awesome, and thanks for the heads up about the website with the wish book uploads! I know what i'm doing all night bwhaha!! And I just messaged my mom on facebook because I swear we had that Disney trunk with Mickey and the gang on it!Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Feb 05, 2019View
4833ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieOldSchool, I usually do it for both to give me material to come back to and to not overload people. Ben, the sooner I got it out there, the better lol. ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite 90s Love SongsFeb 02, 2019View
4832ArticleOldSchool80sHad a whole bunch of those LJN Wrestling Superstars. Those Sears Catalogs really are true time machines and dripping with nostalgia!Sears Wishbook Finds 1986-1989Feb 02, 2019View
4831ArticleOldSchool80sI do like All-4-One, but how can you just mention 3? And have none from Boyz II Men? I am, of course, more of an 80s guys, but I could probably make a strong list of 25-50 Love Songs from the 90s.ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite 90s Love SongsFeb 02, 2019View
4830ArticlejkatzI unfortunately never got to experience the PS2 in its prime, but I did pick up a bunch of titles for cheap a few years ago. My personal favorites would have to be Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Max Payne, and of course, GTA San Andreas. I couldn't get into Vice City for some reason so I never finished it, but I did enjoy cruising around the streets of Miami while blasting Iron Maiden, Judas Priest....and The Human League. I didn't have too many games for the PS3: just Heavy Rain (really enjoyed it), Skyrim (loved it), and Read Dead Redemption (liked it, never finished it). Now that I have a PS4, I already have a lot of games, including Spider-Man, RDR 2, Doom, plus a few more I can't remember right now. All in all, not bad for a kid who grew up without a console because his parents hated video games.The Playstation Experience - Part 2Feb 02, 2019View
4829ArticleBenjanimethe first one on the list isn't just the most identifiable but i felt it was the most overused too. i had cousins that played that song, two friends who sang it constantly while it was still popular and it was at the point where i felt like i'd scream if i heard anymore of it lol.ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite 90s Love SongsFeb 01, 2019View
4828ArticleBenjanimei think overall the playstation and playstation 2 had the best library of games aside from nintendo and the xbox. i never did get around to playing resident evil 2 and 3, but i played the first game at a friend's house during my middle school days. gotta love that hammy voice acting!The Playstation Experience - Part 2Jan 31, 2019View