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4115ArticlevkimoI was a freshman as well, my mom told me what happened as I woke up. It didn't register until I got to school and every class was just people staring, jaws open, at the TV screens. Teachers were crying, it was intense. I always felt we should have built the world's highest skyscraper on ground zero's foundation as a sign to the world that the US was still number one. Where Were You That September Day?Sep 12, 2017View
4114ArticleMr MagicI was a freshman in high school. I was in art class when someone turned on the TV and we found out the horrific news.Where Were You That September Day?Sep 11, 2017View
4113ArticleNLoganMy wife and I were getting ready to go to school. We were in college. We heard it first on the radio and then ran down a few apartments to our friend's place. They had cable. We watched live as the second plane hit and people started jumping from the upper floors who were trapped. We watched as two more planes were hijacked one hit the Pentagon and one went down in a field. We went to school but nearly every class cancelled. There were crowds around the televisions in the Student Center. I was taken back to junior high remembering watching the night battles in Iraq with tracer rounds and explosions. I knew we would be sucked into another war. My friends left for NY to help. I visited Washington D.C. in December of that year. I photographed the hole in the Pentagon draped by a huge flag. I went to a memorial display at the Smithsonian that had hundreds of personal items: wallets, phones, shoes, photos, rings, etc. from people who lost their lives in the towers. I saw crushed firetrucks and first responder vehicles. A few years later I went to NY and saw the cleanup and construction where the two towers used to be. I will always remember.Where Were You That September Day?Sep 11, 2017View
4112ArticleRick Ace RhodesI was in school when it happened. First grade at the time. Barely even into the school year at that point. We had art class that morning. I don't know if we were forced to leave art class early or if we just left at the standard time, but it was after art class that everything went wrong. As we were walking back to class, the vice principal was walking down the hall and told us "Code Red". Our teacher informed us that this wasn't a drill and that it was serious. As we were walking by the door that was the entrance to the school, I saw my mother among a swarm of parents signing out their kids to bring them home early. After sitting in the classroom for a few minutes, I was pulled out by mother and taken home. After being home for a few minutes, my father arrived home cursing and shouting at the TV. I don't really remember the rest of the day. The weeks that followed I do remember. It was a pretty emotional time, especially for my town. I came from a town that had a lot of first responders to the attack. To add to the sad climate, a girl who was in my class lost her father in the attacks. Everyday we wore flag pins to school to show our support. Even as a young kid it was impossible to be shielded from what happened. In some way I guess I'm glad that I and my fellow classmates were so young at the time. We didn't have to experience the horror like many others here on Retro Daze had to as young adults or even teenagers in High School. Where Were You That September Day?Sep 11, 2017View
4111ArticleVaporman87I was with my wife (then girlfriend) in my work truck, delivering cylinders. We had stopped at a gas station to pick up something to eat. When I returned I heard on the news that a plane had hit the WTC. At first, I thought they meant a small passenger plane. Like some random person might have lost control and hit it. Then the second plane hit and more details emerged. These were not small planes, and it was no accident. The rest of the day I spent listening in on the radio as I worked. Then when I returned to the office I watched the images and was horrified. Like you said, never before had I felt more of a camaraderie with my fellow citizens than the weeks following the attacks. We were a country united under one common cause. Politics, race, social standing... all of that was gone for a brief moment in time. Tragic as it was, there was also beauty. Naturally, that wouldn't last. But it's something I can carry with me forever. Where Were You That September Day?Sep 11, 2017View
4110ArticlejuannitasantiagoI'm really looking forward to this holiday.Top 5 Best and Worst things to get in...Sep 08, 2017View
4109ArticlejuannitasantiagoI read this from my childhood.Retro Comic Book Ads #2Sep 08, 2017View
4108ArticleMr MagicI never got to play it, but back in '97 we were walking down the sidewalk in downtown Panama City Beach, FL and I noticed there was one inside a bar.The Shadow: Rare 90's MerchandiseSep 07, 2017View
4107ArticleHoju Koolander@NLogan Like I said, even I missed most of the merchandise as I recently found out. So no surprise you didn't catch sight of it either. @MrMagic Say what you will about the movie, the pinball machine is tons of fun. Where did you see it?The Shadow: Rare 90's MerchandiseSep 06, 2017View
4106ArticleMr MagicI remember the pinball machine.The Shadow: Rare 90's MerchandiseSep 06, 2017View