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4538ArticleVaporman87Robert was clearly heavily involved in some of our favorite trading card lines in the '90s. I had collected a complete set of Marvel Universe cards over the course of a year or two. Now I've heard some backstory from a person directly responsible for the designs of them. What an amazing set of circumstances that led to this interview. Nice job Hoju.Interview with 90s Trading Card Designer Robert ConwaySep 04, 2018View
4537ArticleNLoganI'll never forget being up way too late on a sleepover or early depending on your view, when anything and everything was funny even if it wasn't. Movies, pizza, and video games somehow led to jokes and out of nowhere someone said, "Sh-t Ubu sh-t, good G-d!" Pardon my French, the dog was named after a character in a French play and is catching frisbees in Paris. Anyways we laughed for like a half hour straight before my dad's disembodied shouted voice told us to get to bed. Lights went out, laugher and guffaw died, low snickers finally subsided, and my dad's angry physical manifestation never matterialized.10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 04, 2018View
4536ArticleNLoganMystery solved!Interview with 90s Trading Card Designer Robert ConwaySep 04, 2018View
4535ArticleHoju KoolanderVery cool stuff. I remember seeing a comic book ad for the Sonic Hot Rings sweepstakes and definitely had those SMB3 Happy Meal Toys. I really enjoyed the Nintendo Power Pack sticker/game trading cards, as well as the Super Mario Bros and Zelda fruit snacks. Video game related merchandiseSep 04, 2018View
4534VideojkatzI read the original book (well, listened to a radio adaptation of the original book) before watching this and was really confused when it started diverging from the plot. I wasn't a fan at first for this reason, but after rewatching it a few times and reading about it I can see now that's it's not supposed to follow the book...that's the whole point.The Long GoodbyeSep 04, 2018View
4533VideojkatzAlso a great movie. Nero and Palance were also together in a Western called CompaƱeros, do you have the trailer for that one?The MercenarySep 04, 2018View
4531VideojkatzGreat film.The Thomas Crown AffairSep 04, 2018View
4530ArticleMr MagicSonic pasta. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/05/36/2b/05362b6afa42b27a4ea927fa0ebad1d5.pngVideo game related merchandiseSep 04, 2018View
4528ArticleBenjanimei can't say there's much that i miss from my old mall, aside from funcoland and eb games, before gamestop took over. at least their trade in deals were a lot more fair.Mall MemoriesAug 30, 2018View
4527ArticleNLoganSadly all of the malls near me are in decline and some of my childhood ones are gone already.Mall MemoriesAug 28, 2018View