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5059ArticleJulieThe Sega Genesis is my favorite console of all time to date, for sure! I still have the first edition of the console (from 1989), with fantastic sound quality (I always use the stereo headphone output)! Love this console; after him, the console I love the most is the Sega Saturn ... My first cartridge was Zoom !, which I bought before I even had the console, and after that , with the time, I had almost every title I wanted to have, that I saw published in the magazines of that magical time - luckily. With the arrival of the Sega CD, Sonic CD was a must, along with a few more games, but with the arrival of the 32X I finally got to know Knuckles Chaotix, a slightly improved version of Mortal Kombat II, a definitive version for Virtua Racing, a surprising version of Virtua Fighters, among other pearls such as Kolibri. I never intend to get rid of my Sega Genesis, it has affective value for me. Very special; marked an era!A Sega Genesis RetrospectiveOct 08, 2019View
5058ArticleBenjanime@Julie your feedback and comments always make me smile! thanks for reading! :)Remembering GexOct 08, 2019View
5057ArticleJulieTo me, Gex is synonymous with Panasonic 3DO, a very expensive video game console with an unusual realism proposition. When I had access to a copy for the PlayStation, Gex: Enter The Gecko had been released, and surprisingly with a graphics quality comparable to that we see in Nintendo 64 games, with that typical awesome color quality. A very beautiful result for an innovative game that captivated by the high quality and beauty. You mentioned the first version of Rayman, just my favorite to date. Very well written post, loved it!Remembering GexOct 08, 2019View
5056ArticleBenjanime@Julie splatterhouse certainly felt like one of those games that was ahead of its time, so much gore with its difficulty accompanying it :)Video games you could be playing on HalloweenOct 07, 2019View
5055ArticleJulieWhen you mentioned Splatterhouse, you said it all. My first experience was with Splatterhouse 2 for the Sega Genesis, back in the 1990s, when I was startled by the ambient sound, the screams and the rudeness of the scenery. This franchise is special to me until today. But after I met Silent Hill (the first one for PlayStation), I didn't find any other game that scares me the most to date. When I play, I get nervous and apprehensive (because my tendency is to immerse myself in the story, like in a book). Great post!Video games you could be playing on HalloweenOct 07, 2019View
5054ArticlepikachuloverI don't think I watched this show when it first ran I think I caught some reruns many years later. To me I thought the concept was so strange even for a throwaway kids' cartoon in the early 90s. The one thing I noticed is that when this show aired they all played for teams based out of Los Angeles or Chicago. Jordan; Chicago Bulls. Gretzky ; Los Angeles Kings. Jackson; Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Raiders. When Bo, Jordan, and Gretzky Ruled the WorldSep 30, 2019View
5053ArticleMr MagicHe and that Geico dude should do commercials together.Remembering GexSep 27, 2019View
5052ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieVaperman, it was hard, but it gives me more to work with next time I do ads for next time. Top Three Favorite Halloween AdsSep 27, 2019View
5051ArticleBenjanimeooh, speaking of point and click adventure games i'm sure day of the tentacle would have fit in nicely too!Video games you could be playing on HalloweenSep 27, 2019View
5050ArticleVaporman87All three of these are perfect choices, but I don't know how you could ever narrow the many amazing Halloween ads down to three. There are just far too many good ones for me to ever pick three.Top Three Favorite Halloween AdsSep 27, 2019View