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4105Articlecomic_book_fani liked step by step and these are all great lineups i will probably make a list like this later Five Childhood Programming Line Ups I LovedSep 05, 2017View
4104ArticleOldSchool80sHave always loved the Thanksgiving episode.My Top 5 Cheers episodesSep 04, 2017View
4103ArticleOldSchool80sAwesome memories!Retro Comic Book Ads #2Sep 04, 2017View
4102ArticlepikachuloverI watched all those blocks except the Snick one because I didn't have cable growing up. I watched Fox Kids until it's demise in the fall of 2002. Five Childhood Programming Line Ups I LovedSep 03, 2017View
4101ArticlepikachuloverThanks Superman. Baby Mookey Sep 03, 2017View
4100ArticlepikachuloverI remember the Endless Quest books ad in a comic book my cousin gave me from 1986. Retro Comic Book Ads #2Sep 03, 2017View
4099ArticleSupermanThis is such a cool look back in time. It's really jarring to see Mario advertised as being on a system other than Nintendo. He's so tied to Nintendo's systems these days that it's just weird thinking about playing one of his games on anything but a Nintendo system.Retro Comic Book Ads #2Sep 03, 2017View
4098ArticleSupermanI was a huge fan of Fox Kids. The various incarnations of Power Rangers, Batman: The Animated Series, and Spider-Man: The Animated Series were some of my favorite shows on their lineup. I didn't often get to watch Fox Kids on Saturday mornings, but watching the block's afternoon lineup during the weekdays was my daily ritual after getting home from school.Five Childhood Programming Line Ups I LovedSep 03, 2017View
4096ArticleSupermanI second NLogan's comment that Valix is awesome. Who wouldn't want a flaming sword as a weapon?Me, Myself and MacReiSep 03, 2017View
4095ArticleSupermanNice job. I can tell why this was one of the winning articles. You obviously devoted a lot of time into turning Pooter into a star. Perhaps he is a well remembered icon of the '90s in some alternate universe. That would be kind of cool, wouldn't it?Oh Pooter!Sep 03, 2017View