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5049ArticleVaporman87Gex, to me, was going to be the successor to Mario and Sonic. But, like many platformer mascots before (and since), he just didn't resonate with a really large audience. Too bad too, because he was a great character. I would put him up there with Toe Jam Remembering GexSep 27, 2019View
5048ArticleVaporman87Man, these are all perfect choices Ben. The only glaring omission (in my opinion) is Maniac Mansion. Nice pick with Parasite Eve! I had forgotten all about that game, and it was excellent.Video games you could be playing on HalloweenSep 27, 2019View
5047ArticleBenjanimethere was nothing quite like roaming around door to door with those mcdonald's halloween treat carrying buckets, loved the face designs on 'em.Top Three Favorite Halloween AdsSep 26, 2019View
5046Articleechidna64I have fond memories of playing Gex on a friend's Panasonic 3DORemembering GexSep 26, 2019View
5045ArticleBenjanimeyou'd think that a robocop shampoo was enough bizarre advertising, but then you discover the robocop fried chicken commercial from japan and then it's less weird.RoboCrap: The Weirdest RoboCop MerchandiseSep 25, 2019View
5044ArticleHoju Koolander@Mr Magic: Thanks for catching that. We'll chalk it up to a slip of the keyboard ;)RoboCrap: The Weirdest RoboCop MerchandiseSep 24, 2019View
5043ArticleMr Magic"In 1988 movie audiences were introduced to The Future of Law Enforcement, RoboCop." Actually, it was 1987, my good man.RoboCrap: The Weirdest RoboCop MerchandiseSep 20, 2019View
5042ArticleVaporman87OMG, the drawing on the packaging for that RoboCop watch is giving me flashbacks to the original Mega Man box art! Maybe they were the same artist? I do have to wonder what it must feel like to take a bath in RoboCop bubble bath. Does RoboCop take baths in his bubble bath while indulging in carrot-flavored baby food?RoboCrap: The Weirdest RoboCop MerchandiseSep 20, 2019View
5041Articlecomic_book_fanyeah i loved this show it should be on dvdSummers with Camp AnawannaSep 13, 2019View
5040ArticleRabbitearsblogOh. Okay. Thanks! I'm still new to this site!Why the Rabbit Ears Productions series should become a TV seriesSep 09, 2019View