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4408ArticleVaporman87This didn't seem like a trip that would be very memorable. More like one you really weren't into. Did you have any trips that were more enjoyable?Geriatric VegasJun 12, 2018View
4407ArticleVaporman87Sounds like a fun little amusement park with some old-fashioned enjoyment. A perfect spot for making memories.Come Get Your Summer: A Day at SeabreezeJun 12, 2018View
4406ArticleVaporman87That Optimus Prime image is just messed up. Whose idea was it to put that mouth on him? He/she is fired! Nice finds my friend. You always seem to locate the best thrift and antique stores!Thrift Store Road TripJun 12, 2018View
4405ArticleVaporman87Those Masters of the Universe tees may have been iron-ons. Perhaps that's why they are so elusive online. They look like iron-ons in the photographs. You sir, had impeccable style in your youth.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 12, 2018View
4404ArticleSupermanMy experiences during summer vacations in the '90s were very much similar to yours. My cousins and I were always either outside playing in my backyard or out playing in my grandmother's yard if we were visiting her. Those were fun times.RetroJunk Classic: A 90s Summer VacationJun 11, 2018View
4403ArticleOldSchool80s@Superman - Agreed! When I was a kid hearing this song, especially the German version, I had no idea what it was about. Just thought it was a fun song to dance to about balloons. That might be why I have been more fascinated about the song's meaning as I have gotten older.Nena's 99 Luftballons German & English TranslationsJun 08, 2018View
4402ArticleSupermanI was first introduced to this song while in college. It always struck me as strange that such an upbeat sounding song had such a sad meaning behind it. It kind of reminds me of one of my favorite singers of the '60s, Bobby Darin, who always sounded so happy as he sang about topics like murder and death.Nena's 99 Luftballons German & English TranslationsJun 08, 2018View
4401VideojkatzHey wait a minute...this isn't that new Ryan Reynolds movie! I feel ripped off!The Dead PoolJun 07, 2018View
4400ArticleronuYes, I remember Children's Palace and it was indeed real. There was in Monroeville, PA on route 22 right in front of the mall. There is a Dodge dealership now. I was very sad when it closed in the mid '90's because I too had a lot of childhood memories of that store. I thought that I was the only person in the world that still remembers their jingle from their commercials. "At Children's Palace, the password is fun!"Children's Palace Was RealJun 06, 2018View
4399ArticleBenjanimeYeah he's pretty OP, I just wish selecting your teammate didn't have to be a matter of roulette.Video game oddities #1 - Knuckles ChaotixJun 01, 2018View