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4629ArticleNLoganBest time of year by far. This year we got poison caramel apples that look like the Snow White ones with a candy skull over the caramel. We have gone to the pumpkin patch, done a corn maze so far. We watch scary movies all month. We went to several haunted houses at an amusement park. We picked up Halloween kid meals and flashlight prizes. We usually go see a spooky themed play. Our carnival is coming up.My Fall - Halloween Bucket ListOct 17, 2018View
4628ArticleBenjanimei used to go to howl-o-scream almost every october at busch gardens, but as of recent times i feel like they haven't been putting enough "oomph" into scaring people as they used to. these days the only thing to get me in that halloween mood is a movie marathon throughout the month.My Fall - Halloween Bucket ListOct 17, 2018View
4626VideoBenjanimeargh, still can't believe my vacation started the same night as the halloween special otherwise i could have taken part of the trivia challenge.RetroDaze Halloween Special 2018Oct 13, 2018View
4625VideoVaporman87@Mr Magic, OldSchool80s: Glad you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully it made your Halloween season a little more fun.RetroDaze Halloween Special 2018Oct 13, 2018View
4624VideoOldSchool80sCouldn't tune in live, but happy to be able to watch it here. Nice work as always! They always entertain.RetroDaze Halloween Special 2018Oct 12, 2018View
4623ArticlefuschniktI had a Lion-O dress up kit. It came with the weirdest mask with hair molded into the plastic. I dug it.80's Toy Dress-Up KitsOct 11, 2018View
4622VideoMr MagicFun collection of Halloween-themed commercials and music videos. Well done, Vapor!RetroDaze Halloween Special 2018Oct 09, 2018View
4621Articleretroboyhey do they have anymore adsRad Retro Ads Oct 08, 2018View
4620ArticleretroboyI was a ninja turtle fan tooTurtles: The Teenage Mutant KindOct 08, 2018View
4619VideoVaporman87Everyone should have a Mel Zorro related item. It would surely be worth thousands down the road.RetroDaze Halloween Special 2018Oct 08, 2018View