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4364ArticleSupermanThis is a fine collection of retro ads. I especially like the Mickey Mouse one.Retro Comic Book Ads and CommercialsApr 19, 2018View
4363ArticleSupermanI love that Mickey Mouse phone. It's something I would totally buy if I had the disposable income, too.Antique Store Super Fun RunApr 18, 2018View
4362ArticleSupermanMy favorite local eats growing up were my local pizza place (Barton's Pizzeria) and my local burger joint (Miner-Dunn).Hometown Love: Local Childhood EatsApr 18, 2018View
4360ArticleSupermanMy cousin was the picky eater in my family. I was always a bit more adventurous in what I ate. Strangely, I loved those school pizzas but wouldn't touch the pizza my grandmother once ordered with green peppers and mushrooms as toppings. I was used to sausage or pepperoni at the time. Veggies on a pizza just seemed weird to me.Tales of a Picky EaterApr 18, 2018View
4359ArticleSupermanWhat a collection! I, too, remember seeing Supergirl frequently at my local video rental store back in the day. Oddly, I never got around to renting it back then, but I do have it on DVD now.VHS OdysseyApr 18, 2018View
4358ArticleOldSchool80sAlways enjoy living vicariously through your Antique Store finds! Thanks for sharing.Antique Store Super Fun RunApr 16, 2018View
4357ArticleVaporman87No, but I did own Daedalus Encounter. LOL. Not even Tia Carrere could save that game.RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 12, 2018View
4356ArticlekodakofiremembergamingVaporman did you own Plumbers Dont Wear Ties though?RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 12, 2018View
4355ArticlekodakofiremembergamingOh twas you. Really? Never came thru? That sucks. After I submitted the second version. The other draft just disappeared. The only place I could view it was my phone. Of course I left that phone in a taxi. You know what I bet it was. It could have something to do with China's Great firewall. That thing always causes trouble. Its all good man, totally not your fault. I'd bet the farm on the great firewall if you didn't get the second one. You were probably like whats this guys talking about. ha. Cheers.RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 11, 2018View
4354ArticleVaporman87I assumed you meant this one KodaK, because it is the only one that came through to me. There were no other drafts to approve. RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 11, 2018View