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5097ArticleBenjanime@Julie my mind was blown when i first heard about emulators! definitely changed the way i would be playing games on my computer :)'90s PC GamesDec 04, 2019View
5096ArticleBenjanimeplease take into consideration the advice that i gave in your article post in the forums, i'm sure it would be a great help for you.2000AD filmsDec 03, 2019View
5095ArticleJulieJust got a copy of that Sonic and Knuckles Collection for my PC, because it has the real music planned for the entire game, and I found it better because they have a lot more to do with the Sonic universe. ❤'90s PC GamesDec 02, 2019View
5093ArticleJulieMy life with the PC world started just at the end of 2000. I wasn't interested in PCs, my consoles were enough. Only after I took a typing course, with Office and Adobe, I get interested in having my first computer, a Pentium 133MHz with 16MB of RAM and 25MB hard drive (yes, you read that right. Lol!). Without any multimedia or modem, which I had to purchase separately later. It came without a monitor, with a Windows 95, Office 4.X and Duke Nukem 3D demo, all of which filled the available space on the 25MB HDD. Horrible, but it was my first computer. Lol! Then I got a CRT monitor, 23Kbps dialer modem, sound card, CD recorder. Then another 16MB of EDO RAM to get 32MB, a cheaper HP printer with only the black ink cartridge. About the year 2002, when I bought a magazine that came with a PC gaming CD, and to my surprise, it had the Hulk for Sega Genesis. When I turned off the game (extremely slow on my PC), the Gens emulator front end came up: that's when I first discovered the world of emulation!! Then I downloaded Genecyst, ZSNES, and a few other DOS-based emulators, and started massively using my modem to download the entire game library from classic consoles. That was my story with my first PC.'90s PC GamesDec 02, 2019View
5092ArticleJulieWell, maintaining my childhood essence is part of me. With pride I always refused to 'get rid' of my childhood, the real myself, because I love myself and I always will. And yeah, I refuse to become 'completely adult'. People can judge me as they want, I don't care and carry my life on with just what really matters and the company of those who I love. Everyone has plans for the future, and although they think so, no one is prepared for the world out there. No one has a crystal ball! Lol! This is something of smug people who try at all costs to diminish others to feel a little self-esteem. But you know they're just 'vampires', if you know what I mean. I also don't feel comfortable between groups of people. I always realize that they feel confident and comfortable after some time. Never me. But I don't care either. In my 4 to 8 years old I was different, it was as if I didn't see the possibility of having friends and socializing. I once had a complaint from a teacher to my parents saying that I lived 'in a parallel world'. Lol! Come on! I was happy with what I had and realize, I just didn't see the need for socialization. That only came when I became an adult, around 30, when a lot of things came to me at the same time: maturity. As it began to emerge, I had gradual discoveries about fundamental human values ​​such as love, affection, faithfulness, brotherhood, and empathy. But at the same time it's as if these feelings had always existed within me before, they were only gradually surfaced with the arrival of maturity. Shyness? I have until this day, even in front of just one person. The way is to live with it, so I have tried to carry on with life. Look at this: feel anxiety for fear of losing friends. When I say that Benjamin is kind-hearted (like all the other compliments and remarks I make about him), I'm not exaggerating. He is a special boy in the best sense of the word! Tantrums I do to this day. Look, we have our wants, our feelings, and I make a tantrum to the family even today when something doesn't agree with what I want or when it threatens me in some way, or when I realize they're doing something wrong. One more similarity here. I also used, at the same age, to use my school notebooks, since the sheets were arranged in perfect series, to make animated cartoons. From time to time I still do it, but it's very rare; my interest in drawing didn't continue. One absurdly wrong thing here: to medicate someone by trying to make the desire for something go away. Sorry, but I find this a total absurd, completely wrong! He had a strong inclination for drawing, as I had at the same age. They treated him the same way as they did to Alan Turing, one of the greatest geniuses of mathematics and programming. A gross mistake Benjamin was a victim of. They just didn't do something like that to me because I'm stubborn, and made me 'foolish and obedient' so they leave me alone. LMAO! My experience with high school onwards (work and college) was worse than those reported here by Benjamin. I suffered a very strong bullying, humiliations that were the continuation of the bullying that I suffered in elementary school, but progressively, both in frequency and in severity. I left work a few years ago to try a full time college. Wasn't successful and now I'm in another college, which is easier and which, according to my teachers, I have talent for this craft. Friends? I don't have and never had, just my parents and Benjamin. Boyfriend? Never had, but that's almost another story. I plan to graduate so I can go back to work and help those who I love. Simple!Coping with autism - The Retro NetworkDec 02, 2019View
5091ArticleOldSchool80sOverwhelmed by the awesomeness!!! Definitely will try to stop there next time I am in Vegas. Thanks for sharing.Retro Antique Store: Las VegasNov 30, 2019View
5090ArticleOldSchool80sLove both of these shirts! My Coming to America shirt is for Sexual Chocolate featuring Mr. Randy Watson.80s Tees T Shirt ReviewNov 30, 2019View
5089ArticleRetroSnob88Another one I played a lot is The Yukon Trail (one of Oregon Trail's lesser known spin-offs of which there were 4'90s PC GamesNov 29, 2019View
5088ArticleRetroSnob88My favourite 90's PC game is the cult classic DOS standard Jazz Jackrabbit. It aucks the dude who owns the rights to the first game is a selfish dick'90s PC GamesNov 29, 2019View
5087ArticlevkimoWe are currently in talks, I plan on doing an Underoos shoot, based off of Mark Wahlberg's famous Calvin Klein ads in the early 90s.80s Tees T Shirt ReviewNov 26, 2019View