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3904ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieSame, Botley was a favorite of mine. Edutainment Computer Games of the 90sMay 26, 2017View
3903Articleechidna64Jumpstart is a fantastic series! It was basically Cool Math on a CD-ROM. I had many of them growing up, even Jumpstart Spanish, but my favorite was Jumpstart 3rd grade. Botley was a well-animated protagonist and I still remember a lot from the trivia games. Edutainment Computer Games of the 90sMay 26, 2017View
3902ArticleVaporman87The one I'm most familiar with here is California Dreams. I think of all the SBTB clones, that one stuck out to me. I think the main draw was the cast, which was not too bad. They did an admirable job of creating appealing characters and scenarios. Most of these are new to me, so it's cool to find out about them.Attack of the “Saved by the Bell” ClonesMay 26, 2017View
3901ArticleVaporman87I don't recall Mr. Wayans' show, but I definitely remember Magic's awful show, and I felt really bad for him. He was a hero of mine for so long, and to have him get involved in such a poorly conceived and executed endeavor was disheartening. He has such a great personality, but that just didn't translate into being a good host.Late Night FOX: Are You Ready for Magic?May 26, 2017View
3900ArticleVaporman87A great list here Mick. For my own list, I would have had to add Sorry and Trouble. Sorry in particular was a staple of any board gaming session. It was pretty much the go-to game for me. Nice plug for Retro Manic! by the way. LOL. It's a game that is bound to be more fun when you can play it with others who can create some good trivia questions for use in the game. Typically I don't even use those cards when playing with the kids.Board Games I've LovedMay 26, 2017View
3899ArticleOldSchool80sLove a good 80s-related interview. Good stuff!Interview With The Gremlins CreatorMay 23, 2017View
3898ArticleOldSchool80sI loved GLOW back in the day. How cool is it that Godiva read and commented!!! The campy acting, wrestling and gorgeous girls made it must-watch TV for me. Watched the documentary on it and enjoyed that, but it left me wanting even more details and memories. Looking forward to the new show on Netflix, though it can never be what the original was back then. GLOW: Wild and Wacky WrestingMay 22, 2017View
3897ArticleFlixtheCatJrYou're all very kind. Thanks so much. I have more on the way!1997: My Year of ChangeMay 20, 2017View
3896ArticleSupermanNice article. I'm quite fond of 1997, myself. I remember it mostly for the hype surrounding Titanic. A lot of kids at my school were really into that movie at the time. I enjoyed your look back at the early days of the Internet, too. I remember searching the Web for pictures of my favorite celebrities, as well, though mine were different from yours.1997: My Year of ChangeMay 16, 2017View
3895ArticleHoju KoolanderGlad to hear your story. Surfing cable was really an adventure back in the day. I loved Talk Soup on the E! Network and would watch pretty much anything on USA. Those Internet trips to the library sound like a blast, fan sites on Geocities, man. I made one for the fictional band Steel Dragon from the movie Rock Star around 2000. Proof that anybody could use that software.1997: My Year of ChangeMay 15, 2017View