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5177ArticleBenjanimethanks again for the feedback everyone! ^^ @Julie thanks! :) it was fun to look back and write my own experience in remembering all of these ^^Pok'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5176ArticleJulieAs always, I congratulate you on the very well written article, with carefully chosen vocabulary and the good taste of the writer is evident throughout the article. I got to know all the games through magazine articles of the time; they helped to increase and keep the hype high, so much that I like the Pokémon franchise to this day. However, the only game I've never heard of before was that Pokémon Channel (2003), not least because gaming magazines stopped being published before this date. Awesome article! ❤️Pok'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5175ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieI can remember playing most of these. Good article. Pok'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5174ArticleMr MagicWill it pay the electric bill?'emon Spinoff GamesApr 07, 2020View
5173ArticleMr MagicI haven't played any Pokemon games after beating "Ruby" and "Emerald". I still have to finish watching the "Advanced Battle/Challenge" episodes.The Pok'emon Fad: The After YearsApr 06, 2020View
5170ArticleDynoAirRad site dudeRetro Things You Can Do While in Self IsolationApr 05, 2020View
5169ArticleRick Ace RhodesThis brought back some memories. Sapphire and Ruby were the era that got me into playing Pokemon. I remember taking my GBA everywhere I went and playing Sapphire. I eventually got Emerald, LeafGreen and FireRed (Ruby unfortunately escaped me). I was so hyped for Diamond and Pearl. After I defeated those two however is when I started losing interest in Pokemon.The Pok'emon Fad: The After YearsApr 04, 2020View
5168ArticleBenjanimeI'm kinda surprised that pepper ann didn't make it to disney plus.Retro Things You Can Do While in Self IsolationApr 04, 2020View
5167ArticleMr MagicI've watched the 1st season of Dragonball Z. Excellent retro activity.Retro Things You Can Do While in Self IsolationApr 03, 2020View
5166ArticleVaporman87These are great ideas TDitH. Great topic for an article during these crazy times. Thanks for this!Retro Things You Can Do While in Self IsolationApr 03, 2020View