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5133VideoMr Magic@Ben: I thought I had submitted at least one video or two. But I haven't seen it uploaded.Paula Abdul for Reebok (1989)Feb 24, 2020View
5132VideoVaporman87I know Rick Ace Rhodes has mentioned there were some videos that weren’t working and he couldn’t approve. Maybe yours was among them. I’ll check it out.Paula Abdul for Reebok (1989)Feb 24, 2020View
5131VideoBenjanimeweird how none of my recent video submissions never got uploaded. hmm...Paula Abdul for Reebok (1989)Feb 24, 2020View
5130VideoCaps 2.0I meant to type "Born To Run". I was tired when I posted this.Bruce Spingsteen And The E Street Band: Born To LiveFeb 23, 2020View
5129ArticleMr Magic@Ben: It's a sad special, but it's a happy one too. Serious Topics in Kids ShowsFeb 21, 2020View
5128ArticleBenjanimei honestly can't even watch that mother's day rugrats episode anymore, it's too gut-wrenching.Serious Topics in Kids ShowsFeb 21, 2020View
5127ArticleMr MagicAs Told By Ginger is a very good example of a cartoon involving real issues.Serious Topics in Kids ShowsFeb 21, 2020View
5126ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieI felt this topic needed to be talked about. This actually got me out of my slump with writing funny enough. Serious Topics in Kids ShowsFeb 20, 2020View
5125ArticleVaporman87<p>Great topic for an article. The first thing that comes to mind for me, is a very well done episode of He-Man and The MOTU called &quot;The Problem with Power&quot;. In it, He-Man is tricked into believing that he has accidentally killed somebody by Skeletor. It is the only time we see He-Man transform BACK into Prince Adam, and he decides to relinquish his powers because of his actions. The episode uses a fair amount of shadowing on the characters, which was not often used because of the time and budget limitations placed on Filmation for the cartoon.</p> <p><img alt="" height="268" src="http://www.retro-daze.org/upload/HeMan PWP.jpg" width="182" /></p> Serious Topics in Kids ShowsFeb 20, 2020View
5124ArticleMr MagicThere was a Tiny Toon Adventures episode that involved beer. Heck, there was a Porky Pig cartoon that involved smoking!Serious Topics in Kids ShowsFeb 20, 2020View