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5409ArticleGH0STWRTR010Wow ! this article takes me back. I always remember how exciting it was to find any new news on pokemon in magazines or just about anywhere. I even remember seeing some old artwork that had unused pokemon and it didn't hit till later on that I would never see them in the game or show. of course, the text was always in Japanese, and I couldn't read it but I always recall the thrill of seeing something new during gen 1 and 2 eras. I was lucky enough to be able to play the games by borrowing them from my brother's friend but of course, giving them back meant losing my game data. Pokemon, as I remember itApr 02, 2021View
5408ArticleSilvervixThank you very much! And duuuuude, my computer couldn't handle GBA emulation, either! I got SO disappointed when Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire would flat out crash my potato XDPokemon, as I remember itApr 01, 2021View
5407ArticleBenjanimei have a stepdad who thought i should have grown out of the whole pok'emon thing by the time i was 13 (at that time the millennium happened) but i still had some merchandise laying around, having one of the children's books from scholastic that featured an episode from the anime, a couple of those rubber bouncing balls with a pok'emon inside as well as a binder of trading cards. at times i really do miss when the phenomenon first happened as a fad and all of that marketing went into it. i too dug into the world of emulation and played pok'emon red and blue, though my computer was such a potato back then that it couldn't handle GBA, so i just stuck to the originals. great article, silver! i'd love to see more pok'emon related articles here.Pokemon, as I remember itApr 01, 2021View
5406ArticleMr Magic@splatkillwill: Never would've gotten through that icy cave if it weren't for the guide.Remembering Pok'emon Gold and SilverMar 19, 2021View
5405Articlesplatkillwill@Mr Magic I had the same guide. I lived and breathed Silver version.Remembering Pok'emon Gold and SilverMar 16, 2021View
5404ArticlesplatkillwillI gushed over the Shock 'N' Rock in ads. Always jelly of my 2nd cousins Worm light. (they also had Red Blue and Yellow before I finally got Sliver with lawn mowing money). Had a weird neighbor with a Game Gear, I was like: what is this alien tech??The world of Game Boy Color AccessoriesMar 16, 2021View
5403ArticlesplatkillwillI got my first NES a little over 10 years after that. The PlayStation and N64 were the thing at the time. But I just remember 2 different uncles and one family friend raving about Super Mario Bros. I ended up getting one of said uncle's NES (and later his Apple //c) with Code Name: Viper, SMB/Duck Hunt, and The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World. My parents didn't like video games so I played in the garage with an old UHF/VHF TV my grandparents let me have from a shed.How I Got My NESMar 16, 2021View
5402ArticleVaporman87I have so many school stories I could go into here, but it would be the length of two articles here. SinIll just say that I can point to things that have relevance to each of the categories you’ve listed, although my own bus was a relatively peaceful one. Our driver was a grizzled old lady who took NO CRAP! If you didn’t want to spend any more time than was necessary to get home, you didn’t screw around or even get loud. She would just pull over and give you an evil look. Meanwhile everyone else on the bus would hate you for delaying getting home.The dreaded back to school phaseMar 13, 2021View
5401ArticleBenjanime@Julie i would have loved staying in the library for the same reason :D and i thank you for choosing me, my sweetheart ❤The dreaded back to school phaseMar 12, 2021View
5400ArticleJulieFor me, starting a new year was usually starting a different school. This had the advantage that no one knew me, so I was fortunate to start the year free from bullying. But that always changes in the first semester. Over the years I discovered an undisclosed way out: to stay inside the school library. So I could stay away from bullies and had the opportunity to know some interesting books. And the librarian befriended me, especially after knowing why I was avoiding to be out there in the presence of other students. I'm sorry that you weren't lucky in your schools too, my sweetheart. You deserve all my love. ❤❤The dreaded back to school phaseMar 12, 2021View