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5797ArticleGame JoyThe last memories I have about the TMNT from the 90's was the original cartoon and the three movies. I remember the TV reprising the cartoon episodes, not even knew about this Saban spinoff. Thank goodness because the real TMNT are those from the 90's, period. Thanks to the article full of charisma, little brother, you are a treasure.How The Next Mutation Killed 90s TMNTMay 01, 2024View
5796ArticleToad64I always thought the idea of the figures being able to play music was pretty cool. If I remember right, didn't only certain parts of the track play depending on the figure plugged in? Like you plug in Lincoln and you get the keyboard parts, something like that? Maybe my childhood self was making it up. Also I really enjoy the Game Boy game. It's a fun arcade platformer.Bill and Ted's Excellent MerchandiseApr 22, 2024View
5795Articleseanh841Awesome review of the Photon Warrior and Laser Tag! However, aside from your informative review of 1980s interactive kids-toys, I would have liked to see your speculations about what might have been if both Laser Tag, Photon Warrior, and Captain Power were combined into one theme before being released into the public. Laser-Daze: Photon vs Lazer TagApr 08, 2024View
5794ArticleSteveUrkelI had it. Biggest memory is the audio when you power it on. "Game Com... ACTIVE." pa-ching!Game Com: The Worst Handheld I Almost GotFeb 28, 2024View
5793ArticlecrazyrandomgamerI was a member of Retro Junk from November 2007 to about 2009-ish. I left because there were far too many debates about what is retro and what isn't, who was a kid of the 1990's, the age discrimination and all of the "stuff sucks now compared to when I was a kid" forum topics. Also didn't like the new design. However, the site brings back good memories for me. I'm not really too active on social media these days. Great article!Remembering RetroJunkJan 28, 2024View
5792ArticleGame JoyThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was advertise on the gaming magazines back them as having 256 megabits of memory. For comparison purposes, Super Mario 64, the first Nintendo 64 cartridge, has 64 megabits of memory, four times less to offer. That means more textures on Ocarina of Time, more sound samples and all. Such a fantastic masterpiece! I'm glad to see you valuing the game, little brother. And for those of you who want to enjoy this beautiful game, played by my highly skilled brother, here is the link of one of the eleven videos of our playthrough; enjoy! Importance of Ocarina of TimeDec 20, 2023View
5791ArticleGame JoyOMG I clearly remember all the hype by the gaming magazines back then! Sonic CD is a masterpiece of all time! I love that game to this day and always will. Sonic Spinball was advertised on the mags as well, hyped and fun, and Sonic Chaos got some attention too. Your full of charisma articles and above average vocabulary, little brother. Always a pleasure to read your texts. Stay tuned to our channel, guys! Many Sonic games are coming. Here are the links; enjoy!'s triple game release of 1993Dec 20, 2023View
5787ArticleVaporman87Sonic CD was the first game since the original that really caught my attention.Sonic's triple game release of 1993Dec 20, 2023View
5786vhsCoverRetroOtaku620I believe I'm familiar with this movie, I don't think I've ever seen it. I'm going to check and see if it's on Disney Plus, and if it is, I'll give it a watch to see how good it is.OPERATION-DUMBO-DROPNov 27, 2023View
5785ArticleLizCampyDoes anyone remember what the knock off version of the Wuzzles were called? Maybe it was a Wuzzle. It was a stuffed toy, the body of a Chicken, but had the head of a Dog. It was white with some orange on it. It was 2 animals in one... I have been going crazy for more than 25 years trying to find this stuffed toy. I'd be so grateful if anyone could let me know the name and where to find one. LizCampy@gmail.comStuffed Animals of the 80'sNov 16, 2023View