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5368ArticleretroboyI miss being a kid ThatDude's Christmas MemoriesJan 16, 2021View
5367ArticleretroboyI miss being a kid ThatDude's Christmas MemoriesJan 16, 2021View
5366ArticleoniparRetroOtaku620: It's a pretty cool game, but I unfortunately don't have it anymore *and* it goes for a lot of money on the secondhand market. Vaporman87: Thanks! Admittedly, I do like winter any way you slice it, and especially with these few enhancements in place. Echidna64: Thank you! Oh man, tomato soup and grilled cheese is classic comfort! Gotta love it. Oh yes, the Star Wars movies were also released in December if I remember correctly, so the same kind of connection as the LOTR movies for sure. Surviving the Long, Cold WinterJan 13, 2021View
5365Articleechidna64This was a great article! A white christmas is great but the wet slush and gloomy skies from January - March are no fun at all. My go to is a warm bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich with the coffee pot running all day. I usually watch Star Wars movies in the winter, particularly The Empire Strikes Back with the Battle of Hoth lol Surviving the Long, Cold WinterJan 13, 2021View
5364ArticleVaporman87You know what's sad... my brother's family and mine STILL haven't exchanged gifts. LOL. It usually takes us a month or so afterward. The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 11, 2021View
5363ArticleVaporman87No doubt the trials of Winter can wear a man down, but on the bright side there are some annoyances that Winter frees us from; mowing, allergies, bugs literally everywhere...etc. Your look into your own ways of making the best of it only further solidify that it's not THAT bad. :DSurviving the Long, Cold WinterJan 11, 2021View
5362ArticleRetroOtaku620I have never heard of the Omega virus.Surviving the Long, Cold WinterJan 11, 2021View
5361ArticleoniparThanks, Ben. Yeah, I'm always looking for ways to add enjoyment to my winters. I actually do quite enjoy winter. Surviving the Long, Cold WinterJan 07, 2021View
5360ArticleMr Magic@Ben: That's cool. ;)The Aftermath of ChristmasJan 06, 2021View
5359ArticleBenjanimebringing in a plethora of unhealthy snacks and artificially flavored drinks for a movie marathon sounds like it fits just right for this quarantine, and, basically any boring, uneventful week to tide you over. great article, i would have thought vapor would like this for the creativity ;)Surviving the Long, Cold WinterJan 06, 2021View