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5316ArticleBenjanime@ThatDude yeah, it was pretty neat to use him lol @echidna64 honestly i never beat any of the addams family games, i played some of the game boy version of the original and i just could not get to the endRemembering Fester's QuestOct 19, 2020View
5315Articleechidna64I have fond memories playing the original Addams Family game on the NES. Its non-linear gameplay was both a blessing and a curse. Remembering Fester's QuestOct 19, 2020View
5314vhsCoverRetroOtaku620I had no idea that this movie even existed!SANTA-AND-PETEOct 18, 2020View
5313ArticleThatDudeI still owm this game. Loved it when I was a kid, and love it mow, and never knew you could summon lurch til today Remembering Fester's QuestOct 17, 2020View
5312ArticleMr MagicMatter of fact, I saw a vintage Hacksaw Jim Duggan figure at Gamestop several weeks ago. I wanted to get it, but I didn't have any room left for figures.Vintage WWF MerchandiseOct 15, 2020View
5311ArticleBenjanime@Julie that would be a joy, my absolute love :) @Mr Magic you bet it is, the AVGN review doesn't lie lol @onipar yeah, i really had no interest in the live action show back then, but i just enjoyed coming back to this game.Remembering Fester's QuestOct 14, 2020View
5310ArticleoniparYes! Oh man, this one is a blast from the past. When I was younger, my dad bought this game for me. I'm convinced he only bought it because it was related to the Addams Family. I was pretty young, so my dad had to explain what the Addams Family was (now I love the show of course). Anyway, I agree, the difficulty level on this game was insane. I wasn't particularly good at beating games, but this one! I never got very far beyond the first areas. That didn't stop me from playing over and over again though. Remembering Fester's QuestOct 14, 2020View
5309ArticleMr MagicIs it really THAT hard?Remembering Fester's QuestOct 14, 2020View
5308ArticleJulieI remember seeing pictures of this game at the time of the first video game magazines. I was always amazed by what I saw in those mags, and that made me a passionate gamer to this day. I would love to play Fester's Quest, especially by your side, my sweet Benjanime. ❤Remembering Fester's QuestOct 14, 2020View
5307ArticleRetroOtaku620Pretty awesome! I can't wait to check out the specials.The Halloween Wayback MachineOct 11, 2020View