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3971Articlemickyarberthanks for all the great feedback guys. I love these old tv guides, and they are a wealth of article content.1984 TV Guide Fall Preview: ABCJun 23, 2017View
3970ArticleCaps 2.0I've spoken to Morgan Fairchild's publicist about an interview, and while she was too busy for an interview at the time I sent the message, I was told that she did thank me for the interest. I'm planning on sending out another interview request to Morgan's representative in August, and if she does agree to an interview, I will be asking about "Paper Dolls".1984 TV Guide Fall Preview: ABCJun 23, 2017View
3969ArticleOldSchool80sLove this and look forward to more especially from the 80s. Sad that I don't even remember half of the shows you listed. Remember Three's a Crowd being disappointing especially since I absolutely love Three's Company. I do remember the hype around Paper Dolls, but don't remember watching it. This is some fun stuff. Can't wait for more.1984 TV Guide Fall Preview: ABCJun 22, 2017View
3968ArticleOldSchool80sLove seeing old comic book ads. They take me right back to that time in an instant. These 90s ads are a little later than I really connect with, but still was reading a few titles at that point and they still connect a little. I have to go get some 80s comics and post some of those ads! Thanks for sharing!Retro Comic Book AdsJun 22, 2017View
3967ArticleOldSchool80sI had a similar experience and similar memories of seeing E.T. for the first time. It left quite an impression on me, too. It will always hold a special place for me and still holds up for me in a lot of ways, too. It is one of the iconic films of the decade and of my lifetime in my opinion.Seeing E.T. For The First TimeJun 22, 2017View
3966ArticleOldSchool80sSurprisingly, I never even heard of any of these game shows.Five Game Shows No One Talks About AnymoreJun 22, 2017View
3965ArticleHoju KoolanderThe emotional roller coaster of your viewing experience was a joy to read. I was much more attached to the E.T. ride at Universal Studios than the movie, but it's pop culture influence is undeniable. As I admitted in this E.T. sequel episode of my podcast, Mac and Me was my personal E.T. growing up, Seeing E.T. For The First TimeJun 22, 2017View
3964ArticleHoju KoolanderI feel like I was just 1 year too old to have taken advantage of the fun promised by DZ. I remember the commercials, but it always struck me as a place for little kids, so I never gave it a chance. Probably missed out on a great time and settled for family fun center/arcade entertainment.Discovery Zone: Memories of a Ball PitJun 22, 2017View
3963ArticleHoju KoolanderI had a feeling this would hit close to home for a lot of us. My story is far from unique as there are many great "Divorced Dads" out there. My Dad just happens to be the best ;) @Vaporman87 It's awesome that you got a new brother you liked out of the divorce. Is he the one in that hilarious video series of you trying to assassinate your younger brother and​ vice versa? @RickAceRhodes That is the dream of so many kids of divorced​ parents, what a story. @NLogan Your Dad story of video store drama is one of my favorites an his quote is such a "Dadism". Apparently Tarantula has one money pose and he's sticking with it.Divorced Dad MemoriesJun 22, 2017View
3961ArticlemickyarberOf course I had the GI Joe lunch box, and I remember the mad scientist line of toys. My cousin Stevie had them, and like so many of his toys, the rest of us weren't allowed to touch them. I still need to get around to writing that "Stevie the Tyrant" article. Great read as always my friend. Antique Store Finds: RebornJun 22, 2017View