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4056ArticleNLoganKids across America became imaginary ninjas in their minds and snuck around wishing they had the martial arts prowess and abilities of true ninjas before the videogame craze took over and firmly rooted their butts to the couch. I am glad you were one of those kids.Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Aug 22, 2017View
4055ArticleNLoganTo the future arch-nemesis of Sun Man, become friends with Luna his girlfriend. Because the best time to beat him is during a lunar eclipse.The Saga of Sun ManAug 22, 2017View
4054ArticleNLoganDid you have an avatar of demange at one time?Dipping My Toes, My First Experience Writing FictionAug 22, 2017View
4053ArticleVaporman87Sun Man is hilariously awesome! I didn't start branching out into sillier shapes and more cartoon-like characters until much later. I was so focused on the He-Man/Superhero style of character for so long, I didn't much consider anything else. But when I did, that is when I realized that I should have done it much sooner. It fit my style better. The Saga of Sun ManAug 22, 2017View
4052ArticleVaporman87I think we all found inspiration in some form of cartoon in our youth. For me, it was He-Man and various superheroes, but for some it is something more humorous and childlike. Whatever the case may be, those first characters always seem to leave the biggest mark, even if they aren't exactly our best efforts. Lars Dakota: The lost original characterAug 22, 2017View
4051ArticleVaporman87Good luck in your future endeavors TDitH. I hope they bring you enjoyment, if nothing else.Dipping My Toes, My First Experience Writing FictionAug 22, 2017View
4050ArticleVaporman87I think the saturation of "ninja" in the late 80's was it's peak. Even I had a full on ninja outfit (as ordered from one of the many ninja magazines I had), including foam nun chucks, rubber throwing stars, and a sword. You couldn't escape it. Everyone wanted to be a ninja. Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Aug 22, 2017View
4049ArticleDirtyD79When I was a teenager I remember me and my brother got kicked out of a toys r us for riding bikes around the store and playing football in one of the aisles. Needless to say we got kicked out. Ironically several years later my brother would end up working at the toys r us we got kicked out of. As for KB what I liked about them was they were a decent place to get models and stuff like paint and glue for them. Toys R Us was decent too but they were kind of out of the way compared to the KB I normally went to. Toy Store DreamsAug 18, 2017View
4048ArticleDirtyD79I loved the arcade game when I was a kid because of the whole turning into a wolf thing. The Sega Genesis we got was the one that came with Sonic the hedgehog but I got a copy of Altered Beast later. It's such a sin Project Altered Beast never made it to the US because it looks like it would have been pretty cool to play. Altered BeastAug 18, 2017View
4047ArticleHoju KoolanderScooby-Doo ruled my pre-school years, but Hong Kong Phooey was always an odball treat along with Dyno-Mutt. Apparently I was tight with Hanna-Barbera's canine crew.My Five All Time Favorite Hanna Barbera ToonsAug 09, 2017View