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4705Articleechidna64This is a great list! Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is wonderful as well! Favorite Movie and TV SantasDec 11, 2018View
4704ArticleNLoganFirst name Mr. Middle name Period. Last name SanTa with a T! I pity the naughty kids. What do you want for Christmas? Quit yo jibber-jabber. I'll tell you what you get, pain! <img src="/images/postImages/1544494020MrTSanta.jpg" width="236" height="343">Favorite Movie and TV SantasDec 11, 2018View
4703ArticleVaporman87How odd it is to long for the days when bright blue screens with yellow and white text ruled television advertising. There’s something strangely comforting about them. I personally love the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special. It did a fine job of combining the two worlds and playing to the light-hearted appeal of Christmastime. You have to love Skeletor being good and wondering what the heck is wrong with himself. LOL5 Christmas Commercials of the '80sDec 08, 2018View
4702ArticleMr MagicI remember watching the closing credits of a show on Kids WB one time. A Batman cartoon was being advertised. The Joker sang "Jingle bells, Batman smells" and Batman was like "I hate this song". I thought that was funny. XD Kids WB Christmas BlocksDec 08, 2018View
4701Articlejkatz"Your mistletoe is no match for my TOW Missile!" Robot Santa rules.Favorite Movie and TV SantasDec 08, 2018View
4700ArticleOldSchool80shttps://thumbs.gfycat.com/ActiveScornfulFlicker-size_restricted.gifFavorite Movie and TV SantasDec 08, 2018View
4699ArticleMr Magic Al Bundy as St. Nick was neat.Favorite Movie and TV SantasDec 08, 2018View
4697ArticleNLoganI also had a friend that had the Night Raven when we combined Joes to play at his house. I had several GUTS.80s Toy Movie Treasure Hunt: Mac and MeDec 04, 2018View
4696ArticleVaporman87Wow! Very nicely done on the eagle-eye spotting of super sweet '80s toy goodness. I would love to have pretty much anything you spotted here. I have to commend the kid on his fascination with Bravestarr and MOTU. A true Filmation fanatic he must be. All that was missing was some Ghostbusters stuff - the original ones that is.80s Toy Movie Treasure Hunt: Mac and MeDec 03, 2018View
4695ArticleHoju KoolanderToo bad Toxic Crusaders doesn't hold up in terms of satisfying gameplay, I loved the action figures and cartoon as a kid. I guess all the tie-ins can't be winners.Disappointing video game revisitsNov 30, 2018View