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4485ArticlejkatzI'm starting to think that the small local theme parks are better than the household name ones. Anybody can go with their family to Disney World, and hundreds of kids probably get lost there every day. But searching for your little brother at Lake Compounce? That makes for a much more interesting story, in my opinion. PS: You have a lovely family! And that hat makes you look like a PA on the new Star Wars movies.Theme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 23, 2018View
4484ArticlemickyarberLove all these stories. Reminds me a lot of my childhood.Theme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 20, 2018View
4483ArticleSuperman@Vaporman - Yes, these trips were very special. I had a lot of fun reminiscing about them while writing this article. @NLogan - Riding an elephant was a lot of fun. I totally consider myself fortunate to have experienced it. @pikachulover - It's so cool that you also had the opportunity to ride an elephant. I remember thinking it was so much higher from the ground compared to a horse, too. @Hoju - Yes, these trips really were something special. I totally recommend Wisconsin Dells. I hear that Wax World of the Stars and the American UFO Sci-Fi Museum are no longer around, but I believe the other things I wrote about are still around. Plus, I'm sure there are newer attractions that weren't there during my visit and things that were around when I went there that I just didn't get to see.My Childhood Family VacationsJun 20, 2018View
4482ArticleSupermanYou're like me in that neither of us ever had a Disney vacation growing up, but it sounds like you, again like me, had a lot of fun anyways with the things you did get to do. This was an enjoyable read.Theme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 20, 2018View
4481ArticleSupermanCount me as another who would probably dig the 50's Prime Time Café. It sounds like something right up my alley.Disney Days: My Trips to Walt Disney WorldJun 20, 2018View
4480ArticlejkatzNever say die! This part of Oregon looks beautiful. I really need to visit it some day. Our Goonies AdventureJun 19, 2018View
4479Articlepikachulover@Hoju I think the manatees were a new addition in the late 90s. That was the point of the Jack Hanna show to tell you the manatees were at SeaWorld San Diego. Manatee GenitaliaJun 19, 2018View
4478ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieI personally wanted the drive in diner. Your table is a car and it's like a drive in. Disney Days: My Trips to Walt Disney WorldJun 19, 2018View
4477ArticleHoju KoolanderI want to ride Boulder Dash! A roller coaster through nature sounds amazing. Glad you got to go to these smaller parks, a special experience not everybody has.Theme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 19, 2018View
4476ArticleHoju KoolanderI got a personal preview of these photos a while back and was amazed, but hearing your son's perspective brought it alive in a hilarious way. Long live Dad Jokes!Our Goonies AdventureJun 19, 2018View