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What to Watch on Halloween


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4419ArticleHoju Koolander@NLogan Wow...thanks a lot! That's crazy. We can never doubt your online detective skills, you've made the past more clear for us all so many times.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View
4418ArticleNLoganYou need to work the phrase,"You can bet your sweet Orko" into your daily parlance, especially with strangers.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View
4417ArticleNLoganLesson learned. Thank you sir! Er..grandpa! I used to go to the pumpkin patch every year.A Short October Vacation: Rakes and PumpkinsJun 13, 2018View
4416ArticleNLoganMy google-fu is strong. 15 minutes.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View
4415ArticleNLoganHe-Man and the Power Sword mini comic <img src="/images/postImages/1528854714Hemanandthepowerswordminicomic.jpg" width="278" height="363">Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View
4414ArticleNLoganThis is the design on the blue Masters of the Universe shirt, it was also on the very first mini-comic included with the figures. It has the flying boulders super imposed behind the image from the toy logo. <img src="/images/postImages/1528854046hemanshirt1.jpg" width="195" height="347"> The second Masters of the Universe red shirt both blurry and harness pics is of Battle Armor He-Man with Pterodactyls flying in the background. <img src="/images/postImages/1528854322hemanshirt2.jpg" width="248" height="330">Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View
4413ArticleOldSchool80sAlways enjoy these treasure hunts to the thrift stores. Thanks for sharing.Thrift Store Road TripJun 13, 2018View
4412ArticleOldSchool80sLove this! Thanks for sharing your awesome 80s t-shirt wardrobe. Fun stuff.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View
4411ArticleHoju Koolander@vaporman87 I had that same thought and searched for iron on patches as well, but came up empty as Skeletor's ocular cavity.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 12, 2018View
4410ArticlejkatzThe Shadow meeting Fibber McGee and Molly would've been THE crossover event of the 30s!Thrift Store Road TripJun 12, 2018View