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4860ArticleVaporman87Punch Out was one of the games I looked for in any arcade, as well as Rampage, Galaga, Arch Rivals, and then later on the TMNT, X-Men, and Street Fighter games.Punch-Out!! Arcade game introduced in 1984Feb 21, 2019View
4859ArticleVaporman87Also, speaking of the friendly rivalry thing, my best friend (whom I’ve known since the second grade) and I disagreed over a few things. He always felt King Kong won the battle at the end of King Kong vs Godzilla, and I did not. And we argued a great deal over which song was better in 1987, Lean On Me or La Bamba (I said Lean On Me). Nowadays we still joke about those old rivalries. The Sonic v Mario debateFeb 21, 2019View
4858ArticleVaporman87Actually it originally had a / there, but for some reason putting those in a title gives an error in the Admin panel and the article won’t post. So I changed it to “v” like with Batman v Superman. LOLThe Sonic v Mario debateFeb 21, 2019View
4857ArticleBenjanimeerr, hey vapor any way you can correct the article title? i could've sworn i put vs. and not just v before submitting.The Sonic v Mario debateFeb 21, 2019View
4856ArticleBenjanimeglad the arcade punch out is on nintendo switch now, i always wanted to play that version of the game "without pirating issues, lol"Punch-Out!! Arcade game introduced in 1984Feb 21, 2019View
4855ArticleNLoganYou are too right! No 80s arcade worth its salt didn't have one and I distinctly remember the Body Blow, and Knock Him Out if I close my eyes I can hear it.Punch-Out!! Arcade game introduced in 1984Feb 20, 2019View
4854Articleechidna64The I remember the I Choo Choo Choose You card from the Simpsons when Lisa gives it to Ralphie lolA Nineties Valentine's DayFeb 18, 2019View
4853ArticleVaporman87At this point in your school age years is seems like things are maybe improving some? Like you're not getting harassed quite as much. I know that feeling you describe when you discuss your internet usage. It was the same for me. I remember the first few months that we actually got the internet "proper", using AOL. I was in chat rooms all the time. Mostly looking for girls to talk to. I think the first bill for that was $600!!! That was when AOL did not yet have a monthly fee for unlimited usage.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid: Part 4Feb 15, 2019View
4852ArticleBenjanimemandy would've really gotten on my bad side if she attempted to make jokes towards me. i was one of those students who would bounce right back after being harshly made fun of. i wasn't fat, but i was awfully scrawny back then and my arms were like the equivalent of E.T.'s slim arms with the potbelly to boot. sucks you had to go through such a mess during your school years.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid: Part 4Feb 15, 2019View
4851ArticleBenjanimei agree with valentine's having a limited novelty, it was a fun activity for the earlier school years but i never quite understood the point when 1. the classmate you have a crush on could potentially be in a relationship with someone else down the road 2. you never see said classmate again in later school yearsA Nineties Valentine's DayFeb 13, 2019View