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4209Articlecomic_book_fani liked ironman and fantastic four cartoons and i was a big fan of usa's sunday morning lineup that had the mortal kombat street fighter and savage dragon cartoons.SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 28, 2017View
4208ArticleHoju Koolander@pikachulover I knew you'd have my back on this one. Yep, KCOP Channel 13 was where I watched almost all of these cartoons, with the exception of the Marvel Action Universe, which played on KTLA Channel 5. Although I think the later version in the 90s called the Marvel Action Hour with Iron Man and Fantastic Four eventually played on KCOP. I'm blanking on Paw Paw Bears though. They look vaguely familiar, but I don't think I watched it.SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 28, 2017View
4207ArticlepikachuloverKCOP used to show the most random Sunday morning cartoons. As a kid I liked the Paw Paw Bears. Fantastic Max was very popular with the kids in my kindergarten class in 1989/1990. Anything by Hanna Barbera or Harvey Toons on Sundays was ok with me. Adding Tom and Jerry to their Sunday morning lineup was always a treat. I used to watch Blinky Bill I think that was on KCOP. I love the Comic Strip. I used to be an editor for the TV.com page until somebody overtook my position.SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 28, 2017View
4205ArticleMr MagicEddie really put Ted in his place.To the rescue sitcom momentsNov 27, 2017View
4204ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieI'm glad you guys had fun, I REALLY wanted to go, but things happen, if we're doing it next year, I'll make more of an effort to go. RetroCon 2017 ReportNov 27, 2017View
4203ArticleOldSchool80sThis sounds like an awesome experience especially meeting up with fellow retro fanatics. Thanks for sharing the incredible experience!RetroCon 2017 ReportNov 25, 2017View
4202ArticleOldSchool80sI have been doing the same thing, only not looking to pay top dollar for any of them right now. It seems some of the pieces I would like the most are available, but cost a lot more than I think I am willing to pay right now. Would love to get an original He-Man, Optimus Prime, etc. I kept almost all of my Star Wars figures which is pretty cool. I have a lot of WWF Wrestling Superstars. A few Matchbox cars. But will continue to look out for some of those iconic figures from my childhood. Good luck to you on your quest as well.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 1Nov 25, 2017View
4201ArticlesuperstarmlThanks for the comment. I did some research and apparently the USS Flagg was worth 20 Flag Points. GI Joe Flag PointsNov 18, 2017View
4200ArticleHoju KoolanderIt was really interesting to learn about this extra feature of G.I. Joe collecting back in the day. I wonder how many points the USS Flagg was worth? The fun fact about that Sgt. Slaughter being an unused mold from LJN's WWF Superstars line was pretty neat.GI Joe Flag PointsNov 12, 2017View
4199ArticlepikachuloverMaybe you could wear the costume to a convention or somewhere like that. JosiecatNov 10, 2017View