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4737ArticleVaporman87Seems like a very decade appropriate list. Probably the only item I had from this list was the GameBoy Color.A Christmas wishlist of the '90sDec 19, 2018View
4736ArticleVaporman87Such a great ad. I love seeing on TV every year. Sort of like the Campbell's Soup commercial with the snowman melting into a kid.Hershey's Kisses Christmas Bells CommercialDec 19, 2018View
4735ArticleVaporman87I feel sorry for those who missed out on that type of thingKids VHS Tapes of the 80s and 90sDec 19, 2018View
4734ArticleDalek227DirtyD79, I'd have to agree with that statement. Oftentimes I'll see a Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Bath and Body Works and Old Navy/Gap store in a strip mall with a cell phone store added in for good measure. There will also be several fast food places in the parking lot or next door. I'd rather visit those stores than the higher end ones at the mall. I loved the mall when it had the cool stores, but now the cool stores are either gone or their own entities outside the malls.Mall MemoriesDec 19, 2018View
4733ArticleDalek227That IS pretty cool about the Teddy Ruxpin thing. Man I miss that era of The Disney Channel. I know, I gotta get over it because it's never coming back. Welcome To Pooh Corner, Dumbo's Circus, Mousercise, etc. It sounds a little silly, but it hurts my heart a little bit to know that there are adults out there in their 30s and early 40s that don't have any experience watching these classic Disney and Nick shows because they couldn't afford Cable or Satellite. I didn't realize until the past ten years when discussing some of these shows with old classmates that quite a few of them grew up with just ABC, NBC and PBS and a VCR. I never knew how truly lucky I was as a kid. Quite spoiled compared to some of my classmates apparently and it didn't occur to me at the time.Kids VHS Tapes of the 80s and 90sDec 19, 2018View
4732ArticleDalek227When I was really young I loved Disney's Halloween Treat. They used to show The Worst Witch, The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, The Witch's Castle, Mr Boogedy, Bride of Boogedy, etc. It's been what feels like a thousand years since any of those have been shown though. I sometimes watch The Worst Witch on youtube.Kid Channel Halloween TreatsDec 19, 2018View
4731ArticleDalek227Oh my god, SOOOO Much yes on the Wheelers. I bring those guys up all the time. Between those guys and Mombi and her tons of heads under glass..that movie was amazingly creepy.5 Scary Characters In Family FilmsDec 19, 2018View
4730ArticleDalek227That was the best, that last day of gradeschool before the holidays. I think we even had a small party in Jr high as well. Gradeschool was the best though. Like you said, eating treats, drinking punch and watching movies. Maybe exchanging Secret Santa gifts or getting a small treat from the teacher before you get on the bus and look forward to opening presents in a few days. Back then I swear Christmas break felt much longer. RetroJunk Classic: The 90s Holiday Trilogy: ChristmasDec 19, 2018View
4729ArticleDalek227I really liked the Santa in Santa Clause The Movie. Even though it was like extremely commercialized (It was practically a McDonald's commercial), I loved the first half hour of it where we learn his origin story. The rest was OK, but I always thought it was odd that Santa didn't bring Joe back with him that FIRST Christmas, I mean..he KNEW Joe was homeless LOLFavorite Movie and TV SantasDec 19, 2018View
4728VideoDalek227Have a wonderful Holiday!Merry Christmas from John SchneiderDec 19, 2018View