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4139ArticleHoju KoolanderVery interesting to get your perspective on these films as someone who wasn't in the thick of Batmania in '89 like I was. I think Nolan's first 2 films hold up against Burton's very well, but lack the fun comic book hyper-realism that Nicholson and Keaton enjoyed with the production design of their films. Batman '89 gets my vote for most entertaining comic book movie of all time, but I'll admit there's a heavy dose of nostalgia leading to that decision.Old vs. New: Batman vs. Batman BeginsSep 20, 2017View
4138ArticleHoju KoolanderI love all the limited series books from mid-80s Marvel, so I am very familiar with these ads, but I had yet to see this Iceman book. I definitely had a switchblade comb, so I'm glad I would have been welcome at your school.Retro Comic Book Ads #2Sep 20, 2017View
4137ArticleHoju KoolanderFOX Kids was definitely the king of kids programming. Anything they put on at least got my viewership for 3 episodes. I watched ABC's lineup briefly with Cro and Land of the Lost as you mentioned, but also The Addams Family and Cowboys of Moo Mesa. SNICK was also special and I was really into Roundhouse at the time (what was I thinking?)Five Childhood Programming Line Ups I LovedSep 20, 2017View
4136ArticleHoju KoolanderAh, the pubescent romantic filled with unrequited love, I know the story well. Just imagine how celebrated the tales of MacRei would have been in Elizabethan England. If born in another time, maybe you would have been studying your own works in class.Me, Myself and MacReiSep 20, 2017View
4135ArticleHoju KoolanderThat's so cool, I dig the production values on your book. I never got 24 pages in on any of my pre-teen projects. Plus a trip to the site of many massacres? Glad you made it out alive.Haunted Hotel an 11 year old's narrativeSep 15, 2017View
4134ArticleHoju KoolanderI think this is a front runner for contest winner. Living vicariously through your original creation? That's just great.Russell - The Black-Eyed SimpsonSep 15, 2017View
4133ArticleHoju KoolanderYour process for creating Sun Man trading cards was genius. I totally remember those glittery Power Ranger borders.The Saga of Sun ManSep 15, 2017View
4132ArticleHoju KoolanderWow, I knew Ninjas were big business, but this article shows how vast their reach was. Wrath of The Black Manta was a comic book ad I couldn't escape back in the day. Wasn't there even a shopping spree contest tied to that game? Also, I have to thank you for using your Ninja toy hunting skills to help me find a complete V2 Storm Shadow (my favorite Ninja) at RetroCon last year, he is proudly displayed in my retro room now.Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Sep 14, 2017View
4131ArticleHoju KoolanderI was always jealous of kids who could draw in that anime/cartoon style, so you would have definitely made "The List"! But seriously, I feel you on the doodling issue, I know for a fact that's why I was a C student from about 6th grade on. Learning? Just let me draw, teach!Lars Dakota: The lost original characterSep 14, 2017View
4130ArticleHoju KoolanderThe imagination of a child is amazing. I really want to see that Brownie soap opera story play out with R2 getting dumped for King Kong, then getting hitched with Godzilla. Copyrights? Bah! We want entertainment!The Adventures of Junior, the World's Greatest Cat DetectiveSep 14, 2017View