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5084ArticleMr MagicI've had the Sonic and Knuckles collection and the Sega Smash Pack on PC, which included Sonic 2, Comix Zone, Flicky and Shining Force.'90s PC GamesNov 22, 2019View
5083ArticleG2gigi177We sing the song every year for a family carol. We've lived in Chicago for most of our lives with a few relatives in Texas. We never knew about the doll just the song with his name that admittedly we mispronounced. Im only 25 but my father and his family have been singing this song for years before me. So glad I could find this page. Forgotten Christmas: PhroomfNov 18, 2019View
5082ArticleBenjanimethe last real thanksgiving i had with my family, i went a little overboard with getting turkey meat on my plate then i proceeded to take a nap on the sofa at my aunt's house from being so full. probably also the best thanksgiving i had too.Memories of Thanksgivings PastNov 12, 2019View
5081ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman i know right?! i actually had this sitting in my drafts for the past two months and what a coincidence!Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 10, 2019View
5080ArticleVaporman87This was a very timely article considering the recent 40th Anniversary of the Happy Meal and the release of several Happy Meal toys from years past.Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 09, 2019View
5079ArticleMr MagicI remember having one of the Tiny Toons cars. I never had any of the Power Rangers figures, but I do remember having one of the Power Coins when the movie was in theaters.Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 05, 2019View
5078ArticleBenjanime@jkatz i almost forgot about that! unfortunately i missed out on getting it but i can't remember why, i did have a distaste for the movie it was based on so maybe that was the reason.Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 05, 2019View
5077ArticlejkatzWhat about the build-your-own Inspector Gadget? If that wasn't 90s, it had to be veeeeery early 2000s. I remember some kid in kindergarten having the whole set and me being jealous of him. Favorite 1990s Happy Meal ToysNov 05, 2019View
5074ArticleBenjanimeYou're good, it's an otherwise great article :)Sega Genesis Games I OwnedOct 27, 2019View
5073ArticleFlixtheCatJrD'oh! Sorry everyone.Sega Genesis Games I OwnedOct 27, 2019View