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4319ArticlekodakofiremembergamingYou inspired me. As a kid who was spending time in that office I have had a few stories but one that rocked our entire small town. This was a good article . It read very well and I enjoyed it. Good work.The Principal's OfficeMar 23, 2018View
4318ArticlekodakofiremembergamingThis is to good.Timewarp: Toys R Us 1987Mar 22, 2018View
4317ArticlekodakofiremembergamingSailor Moon, Conan the Barbarian, King Arthur and the Knights of the round, and Swat Kats was the Sunday Cartoons in Utah in the 90s. I wasn't allowed to watch on Sunday but did anyhow. I also remember some girl show called princess Guinevere and the jewel riders. One morning I was flipping Channels and saw an ad saying . Watch Princess Guinevere and the jewel riders for a phone number to appear. The first caller gets the complete toy collection of all the toys ever released. I flipped back to Swat Kats but during every commercial, I flipped back just to see if I could see the number. Sure Enough during one of the breaks, THere it was. I knew I would be busted if I used the phone my parents would wake up and I didn't want those toys anyway. Also, I was sure someone else would def already have won. Now, of course, Utah being a super religious state, THe majority of kids I went to school with were not allowed to watch on Sunday either. The number disapeared, I went back to Swat kats but not before seeing a message saying they would announce a winner later. Next Commercial break I flipped back wanting to see who won. The cartoon was super annoying and I was about to flip away when suddenly I Saw the number appear again. Uhhh whut???? No one had called the first timehahahahah no one was watching that shit cartoon in all of Utah. I couldnt believe it. I got super tempted. THinking I could use the big princess castle as like a base for my toys . I almost went and snagged the phone , but I really didnt wanna get busted. I stayed on the channel. The number disapeared . after a commercial break it came back. Ok this time I was gonna do it I couldnt believe that no one had claimed the prize. I slowly slowly snuck into my parents room. They were both asleep, I grabbed the phone and slowly stole back to the tv room. as I looked up at the number and started dialing it disapeared before I could get it in. DAMN IT. I thought. Praying it would appear again. a little Time pass and a girls name appeared on the screen. And thats the sunday morning I almost converted from straight to Gay.SUNDAY Morning CartoonsMar 22, 2018View
4316VideoMichelangelo"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of gum." I guess this is where Duke Nukem 3D got this line from. :PThey Live TV SpotsMar 21, 2018View
4315Articleegome2best wrestler ever for me is Goldberg Wrestling with the 90'sMar 18, 2018View
4314vhsCoverMichelangelo"Shut the f*ck up, Donny!" This is perhaps the best film of 1998.The Big LebowskiMar 17, 2018View
4313vhsCoverMichelangeloOne of, if not, Mel Brooks' funniest films.Young FrankensteinMar 17, 2018View
4312vhsCoverMichelangeloOther than the remake, this is perhaps the worst film out of the NoES franchise.Freddy's Dead: The Final NightmareMar 17, 2018View
4311vhsCoverMichelangeloThis one was OK, the next film is where the franchise started to go downhill.A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream MasterMar 17, 2018View
4310ArticleSupermanI don't remember watching this, but I do remember watching Nick at Nite's New Year's Eve countdown of the most classic episodes of their shows. This lasted for quite a few years before they got rid of it. All in all, it was a pretty good way to spend a New Year's Eve. I still get nostalgic thinking about watching it with my mom.A Closer Look at: Nickelodeon's New Year's 1997-1998Mar 11, 2018View