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4577ArticleHoju KoolanderUnfortunately for you, J-TOR is the nicest kid in the universe and won't likely be kicked out of the house any time soon.Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanSep 29, 2018View
4576ArticleVaporman87My clear favorite was the Skeletor kit. I loved wearing that skull mask, and the swords were really good representations of the figure sized ones. The super short Havoc Staff was dorky though.80's Toy Dress-Up KitsSep 29, 2018View
4575ArticleVaporman87Is J-Tor up for adoption? I want to adopt him. Please let me adopt him.Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanSep 29, 2018View
4574ArticleVaporman87Now if there just could have been a Rock-A-Fire Explosion Video like that. Lost Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Sep 25, 2018View
4573ArticleLazloIt does seem as if a lot of things from our past are fading away. At least in some part. Malls, bookstores, old style video games. At least its good to remember. Im glad they were part of my youth.Mall MemoriesSep 23, 2018View
4572ArticlejkatzI'm a fan of the website coloring book corruptions (and its subreddit). Absolutely inappropriate for kids and definitely not safe for work, it takes me back to rainy elementary school days where my friends and I thought drawing genitalia and mustaches on cartoon characters was the height of comedy.80s Coloring BooksSep 23, 2018View
4571ArticleVaporman87Something that irritated me about coloring books back then... when they utilized the art of more than one artist. Some of them would have 6, 7, 8, or more artistic styles going on in one book. I hated that. See your Mask Coloring Book for just one example. 80s Coloring BooksSep 23, 2018View
4570ArticleBenjanime@Superman oh how i wish i wasn't too old to have those, lol. Video game related merchandiseSep 22, 2018View
4569ArticleSupermanI had some Nintendo 64 beanbag plushes just like the ones pictured in the below link. game related merchandiseSep 22, 2018View
4568ArticleSupermanI think the thing I miss most about the malls of my youth is Waldenbooks. Book stores, in general, seem to be so hard to find these days, but I love them.Mall MemoriesSep 22, 2018View