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4431ArticleSupermanI was actually pretty good at that carnival game that involves throwing darts at balloons, too. I remember hitting every target with each throw, and my cousin missed them all. It was one of the few games I was good at.Come Get Your Summer: A Day at SeabreezeJun 15, 2018View
4430ArticleSupermanNice. Coincidentally, I just recently finished reading the stories about that quartet of new Supermen that showed up in the comics after Superman's battle with Doomsday.Thrift Store Road TripJun 15, 2018View
4429ArticleSupermanMost of my shirts as a kid consisted of either Batman or Star Wars characters.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 15, 2018View
4428ArticleSupermanThis is really cool. My room had a poster with cut out pictures of some of my favorite superheroes glued to it. This poster would later be replaced with pictures of some of my favorite female movie stars that I had printed off of the computer and taped to the wall.My 90s BedroomJun 15, 2018View
4426ArticleSupermanI was kind of like you as a kid in that I wasn't all that into sports, so I never read that much of Sports Illustrated. Still, this was a nice look back at the magazine.Retro Magazine RoundUp: Sports Illustrated 1994Jun 15, 2018View
4425ArticleSupermanNice! It sure is an accomplishment to have scooped up all of the original Power Rangers figures. I don't believe I had any of these as a kid, but I did have some of the later Power Rangers figures that were released.Action Figure Reclamation Phase 3Jun 15, 2018View
4423ArticlepikachuloverThe most memorable parts were getting that cute shirt and the watch incident. I didn't live that down for years. Geriatric VegasJun 13, 2018View
4422ArticlejkatzJ***s NLogan, that's some impressive work.Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View
4421ArticlemickyarberMy oldest is a huge fan of the local pumpkin patch. It’s her most looked forward to thing every year.A Short October Vacation: Rakes and PumpkinsJun 13, 2018View
4420ArticleVaporman87After I saw there were suddenly 8 comments on this, I knew without a doubt NLogan was involved. LOL! Well done sir!Awesome 80's T-ShirtsJun 13, 2018View