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4749ArticleHoju KoolanderYou had good taste in the 90s. I totally had that clear model of YakBak and used it in my imaginary secret agent adventures as an all purpose device of deception. Glad you eventually got your GameBoy. I learned early on that if I could wait a year or two I would often find my most desired toys at garage sales for cheap and end up with more than if I had begged for them when new. A habit I continue with to this day.A Christmas wishlist of the '90sDec 20, 2018View
4748ArticleDalek227My mom went craaaaazy overboard with Stockings and I loved it. I wish I had the means to do that for my son but we still get some cool stuff. When I was really young I had that Tinkerbell little girls perfume and makeup set in my stocking. The yearly big tin/box of Crayola Crayons. Silly string, bathtub crayons, lots of candy, new tooth brush and tooth paste, water color set, just so much stuff. It was really kind of ridiculous to spoil us as much as they did but again, I can't really say that I didn't enjoy it and sometimes i'm the same way with my son, or try to be. It was only last Christmas when he was 13 that it finally occurred to me to stop getting him lots of junk just so it looks like he's getting a lot. Just get what he actually asked for and call it good. Stocking StuffersDec 20, 2018View
4747ArticleDalek227I loved when McDonald's did the Christmas Plus stuff. I loved the Muppet Babies, the Oliver and Company plush ornaments, Sebastian the crab ornament, etc. Also I LOVED Rodney and Ramona SO SO much. I was talking to my mom about them the other day.Have a Plush Christmas!Dec 20, 2018View
4746ArticleDalek227I loved these catalogs so much. It was fun circling toys you wanted. Even though you knew you'd never get them all, it was just a fun activity. I remember I had the Baby Skates doll. All I Want for Christmas…Dec 20, 2018View
4745ArticleDalek227A lot of people I know say that for them seeing that commercial for the first go round of the year signals "Ahh, Christmas is coming". I think I saw it the very last few days in November this year.Hershey's Kisses Christmas Bells CommercialDec 20, 2018View
4743VideoOldSchool80sThis is so awesome. Bo Duke wishing Retro-Daze a merry Christmas. Very cool!Merry Christmas from John SchneiderDec 20, 2018View
4742ArticleOldSchool80s@Mr Magic - I have seen it many times. In fact, just saw it earlier tonight. Like I said, I always notice it and always makes me feel a little more Christmas-y.Hershey's Kisses Christmas Bells CommercialDec 20, 2018View
4741ArticleMr MagicWe had a Toys R Us catalog one year and I wrote down a list of the things in it I wanted, hoping Santa would bring them. And I wrote down a LOT lol.A Christmas wishlist of the '90sDec 20, 2018View
4740ArticleMr MagicHow odd. I didn't see this ad on TV at all this year.Hershey's Kisses Christmas Bells CommercialDec 19, 2018View
4739VideoMr MagicMerry Christmas, Kyle Reese!Merry Christmas from Michael BiehnDec 19, 2018View