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4149ArticleHoju KoolanderYour re-enactment of playing Mouse Trap is 100% accurate. I bought it based on the commercial and it fell flat. They have revised it since then and the version I bought for my son actually works in it's simplified form. Very fun.Five 90’s Toys That Never Lived Up to the HypeSep 24, 2017View
4148ArticleHoju KoolanderAs you know, we were watching the same stations growing up and I only caught The Weird Al Show 2-3 times in it's original run, even though I was a big fan with all of his albums (except Polka Party). Luckily I rented the DVD set from Netflix a few years ago and got to watch the whole series. It was super quirky and fun, like the Nickelodeon version of his movie UHF.The Weird Al Show a Way Moby Forgotten ShowSep 24, 2017View
4147ArticleHoju KoolanderI thought McDonald's Pizza was totally extinct, but now you're telling me there are 2 locations that still serve it? Pair that with a McSalad Shaker and I'm ready to roll!Retro Fast Food That is No MoreSep 24, 2017View
4146ArticleSupermanThis reminds me of some of the contests Fox Kids used to run. I entered a few of them but never won. It was always my dream that one day I would be a winner, though. If you ever see an active listing for one of those Spy Kits, I think you should totally buy it for her! Better late than never, and it would make for a very sentimental gift.My Sister and the Harriet the Spy Nickelodeon Contest Sep 23, 2017View
4145ArticleSupermanNice article. Fortunately, I never had any of these toys. They sound like a real waste of money.Five 90’s Toys That Never Lived Up to the HypeSep 23, 2017View
4144ArticleSupermanI don't think I ever had anything you mentioned in this article, but it's still a nice look at fast food's past. I am kind of surprised that McDonald's serving pizza was a thing without me ever knowing, though.Retro Fast Food That is No MoreSep 23, 2017View
4143ArticleSuperman@Hoju - A child's imagination is a wonderful thing indeed. I sometimes wonder what made me think up such twisted storylines.The Adventures of Junior, the World's Greatest Cat DetectiveSep 22, 2017View
4142ArticleDirtyD79E.T. is the first movie I remember seeing in theaters when I was a kid. Me and my brother went with our grandma to this small single screen theater a few blocks away from our house to see it. I also remember there was a parade outside when we got out. I'm guessing the parade was for Fourth of July or something. We also had the E.T. Atari 2600 game. Surprisngly I actually liked it but then I was a little kid at the time.Seeing E.T. For The First TimeSep 21, 2017View
4141ArticleDirtyD79Me and my brother went through the ninja phase too. I remember when we were teenagers we got some swords and knives at this one flea market up the street from us. I also remember for Halloween in 5th grade I dressed up as a ninja. I also wanted to take some karate classes but my parents never got around to signing me up. Eventually I became more interested in cars and model building instead.Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Sep 21, 2017View
4140ArticleDirtyD79I was in college back then. I was asleep when it happened since it was my day off. My mom woke me up telling me I should come out and check out the news. That's how I found out about it. Where Were You That September Day?Sep 21, 2017View