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4468Articlepikachulover@Vapor I was having a hard time thinking of a title for this and I didn't want a generic title like "Sea World Trip" or something like that. @Superman Those shows are fun too bad people don't really like them anymore. Manatee GenitaliaJun 19, 2018View
4467ArticlepikachuloverI rode an elephant once at a county fair. I was a little kid. I didn't like how high above the ground it was compared to ponies and horses. My Childhood Family VacationsJun 19, 2018View
4466ArticleNLoganMy dad also was a master of the profanity fusilade raining bombs on our young ears. We broke down in Yellowstone once. My brother and I also hung around the auto mechanic shop all day while the mechanic drove my dad into Montana to get parts. We discovered an awesome ice cream shop that has since become tradition every time we go.Theme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 18, 2018View
4465ArticleNLoganI didn't make it to Disneyland until the 9th grade. We hit a lot of museums, national parks, and state parks. You are lucky to have ridden an elephant. Not many zoos in the US did that and I don't think any do still.My Childhood Family VacationsJun 18, 2018View
4464ArticleSupermanI've never been to SeaWorld, but I did once see a dolphin show at the zoo. It was fun. Some of the things you describe, like the audience getting splashed, happened to me there.Manatee GenitaliaJun 18, 2018View
4463ArticleSupermanLeave it to a sibling to scare you and give you nightmares of the most unusual kind.The Redneck Riviera '92Jun 18, 2018View
4462ArticleSupermanThis seems to have been a really fun trip. Seeing locations from a childhood favorite film in person with your kids has got to be quite an experience.Our Goonies AdventureJun 18, 2018View
4461ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieExactly. Disney Days: My Trips to Walt Disney WorldJun 18, 2018View
4460ArticleVaporman87Such great memories from some amazing places. Here's to hoping you guys finally get to make the trip to "the most magical place on Earth". And if you do, keep an eye out for a special dollar bill hidden safely away on Tom Sawyer Island. LOLTheme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 18, 2018View
4459ArticleVaporman87I too hate that there is so much about our trips to Disney that are quickly forgotten. I think of how often I have taken our kids there, and memories just kind of blend together to the point that I don't even know for sure which kids were around to experience them. But at least they will have those memories forever. That's all that matters.Disney Days: My Trips to Walt Disney WorldJun 18, 2018View