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4220ArticleHoju Koolander@Benjanime Yeah, we all had high hopes for the SMB movie and though it was disappointing as a kid, I find it to be a fun little oddity these days. My favorite part of these old magazines is finding mentions of games/movies that were planned, but didn't come out or at least not in the way they were originally presented.Retro Magazine RoundUp: Nintendo PowerDec 04, 2017View
4219ArticleSupermanI can't say that I had a ton of trading cards as a kid, but I did have a pack of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cards. I think that was about the only pack of trading cards I ever owned.Trading Card TreasuresDec 04, 2017View
4218ArticleBenjanimei just vaguely remember one issue that my older brother's friend had that the AVGN mentioned showing a behind the scenes look at the super mario bros. movie. i wonder what went through readers' heads thinking about how awesome the movie would be, only to be let down after going out to see it months later lol. i'm slowly picking up whatever old issues can be found on amazon for reasonable prices. one lucky purchase i made had the may 1989 issue featuring the first tmnt nes game with the ninja gaiden comic.Retro Magazine RoundUp: Nintendo PowerDec 04, 2017View
4217ArticlewillalexmacMcDonalds inspired my teenage nicknameMcDonald's 80's New Menu Items Dec 01, 2017View
4216ArticleHoju Koolander@jkatz Yeah, Dude! I still have a VCR (multiple actually) and love the VHS experience. Thanks! I'll PM you my info.SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 29, 2017View
4215Articlejkatz@Hoju: Of course I did, how could I not? As cool as it is, I don't really have a need for it, since I don't have a VCR anymore and I was never going to bust open the packaging anyway. You want it?SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 29, 2017View
4214Articlecomic_book_fanHoju Koolander yeah i remember the ultraforce cartoon it was coolSUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 29, 2017View
4212ArticleHoju KoolanderCorrection: I mention in the article that Silverhawks was a Rankin-Bass production, but I meant Thundercats. Silverhawks was produced by Lorimar.SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 29, 2017View
4211ArticleHoju Koolander@jkatz I personally mention it way too much along with the Rambo cartoon, but you're right, it was nobody's favorite. Did you buy that sealed tape? Forgotten or not, that's awesome! @comic_book_fan Yeah, that whole 90s period of watered down violent video game cartoons was crazy. Those 2 you mentioned, plus Double Dragon were memorable and do you remember Ultraforce with Prime and company?SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 29, 2017View
4210ArticlejkatzI found an unopened VHS tape of the Robocop cartoon at a thrift store once (in fact, it's the same one you used a picture of). It's interesting because until now, I've never heard anybody mention it, even in passing. In this nostalgic period where even the most obscure 80s cartoon gets its time in the sun, I'm going to guess this one was forgotten for a reason. You gotta love the tagline on the Dino-Riders toys, too. Why can't scientists forget about global warming and focus on discovering the important issues...like how to harness the power of dinosaurs!?SUNDAY Morning CartoonsNov 29, 2017View