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4571ArticleVaporman87Something that irritated me about coloring books back then... when they utilized the art of more than one artist. Some of them would have 6, 7, 8, or more artistic styles going on in one book. I hated that. See your Mask Coloring Book for just one example. 80s Coloring BooksSep 23, 2018View
4570ArticleBenjanime@Superman oh how i wish i wasn't too old to have those, lol. Video game related merchandiseSep 22, 2018View
4569ArticleSupermanI had some Nintendo 64 beanbag plushes just like the ones pictured in the below link. game related merchandiseSep 22, 2018View
4568ArticleSupermanI think the thing I miss most about the malls of my youth is Waldenbooks. Book stores, in general, seem to be so hard to find these days, but I love them.Mall MemoriesSep 22, 2018View
4567ArticleSupermanNice article. You hit on just about everything that I remember being a part of the school experience back in the '90s.Retrojunk Classic: Back to School In The 90'sSep 22, 2018View
4566ArticleOldSchool80sLove this! Thanks for sharing!Rad Retro Weekend Part 1Sep 22, 2018View
4565ArticleOldSchool80sSome good choices! Love JYD making the list. Ubu was another good pull. Agree that McGruff should probably be there. Some of my favorite 80s dogs came from re-runs of shows from before the 80s. In addition to obvious like Scooby, I would add Dyno-Mutt and Hong Kong Phooey for sure. Still good list!10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 22, 2018View
4564ArticleHoju KoolanderWow...that was something else, man. I love goofy low budget productions like that. I would definitely have picked up that video if it was behind the prize counter. As a kid, my friends and I went to Bullwinkles which had a similar concept, but I've been to Chuck E's quite a bit over the last 5 years with my kids and they love it. I will say that the video production values have improved a bit since '99.Lost Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Sep 21, 2018View
4563ArticleSupermanI had many coloring books as a kid, but the two that stick out the most in my mind are a Scooby-Doo one and a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers one.80s Coloring BooksSep 18, 2018View
4562ArticleSupermanBeing a kid of the '90s, I missed out on a lot of the most popular dogs of the '80s, but the fictional dog from pop culture who most appealed to me during childhood was probably Scooby-Doo.10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 18, 2018View