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4353ArticlekodakofiremembergamingSo good to be back and see all the best writers of all time. We will be reminiscing till we are old and gray I reckon. WE better post up for the long haul. I apologize for the typos. I accidentally submitted the Rough draft. I even emailed the admin to let em know that the fixed version was sliding thru. He assured me he would not post the rough draft. Alas Behold the rough draft. But anyways no worries. Guys probably busy. Just glad it was coherent. Excited to write and read more more more. RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 11, 2018View
4352ArticleHoju KoolanderWow, just the kind of garbage I love and have been tracking down on Amazon Prime Video lately. But these are like Z-Grade cheese. I wanna know more about Diddy Bop and Killzone in Robowar. That one looks like a lot of fun.Mockbusters: 6 Retro Movie Ripoffs!Apr 11, 2018View
4351ArticleHoju KoolanderWow, this was NLogan levels of information and pictures, but what a journey. The sadness over the demise of G.I. Joe to being one of the few in existence that loved the Virtual Boy with the help of Mr. Shock, very heartwarming. Glad to have you on the site now and look forward to more stories.RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 11, 2018View
4350ArticleBenjanimeisn't there a switch on the virtual boy that changes the resolution so you have less of a chance of the image give you a headache? if it's true i might get one.RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 11, 2018View
4349ArticlejkatzI'm thinking some of these would be good for the RetroDaze Theater...;) Mockbusters: 6 Retro Movie Ripoffs!Apr 10, 2018View
4348ArticlejkatzWow. What I wouldn't give to have your childhood.RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 10, 2018View
4346ArticleVaporman87Every one of these look superbly awful. Pure gold. There needs to be Rifftrax commentary for all of these.Mockbusters: 6 Retro Movie Ripoffs!Apr 10, 2018View
4345ArticleVaporman87This was an epic first submission KodaK. A lot to digest and fun to read. I can sympathize with you and your fascination with the Virtual Boy. I always thought the 3DO was a great system, but it is looked upon as a bit of a joke by pretty much everyone. Also, that was a touching tribute to the man who helped you earn the cash to get that system. Well done sir.RIP TOYS R US - I LOVE THE VIRTUAL BOYApr 10, 2018View
4344vhsCoverVaporman87Yeah, could be better quality. I didn't realize it was so blurry when I was approving this batch.The Abyss (1989)Apr 06, 2018View
4343Articlecomic_book_fangreat article we have a couple of places like your icecream spot locally we have frosty freeze and the frosty mug if you want a burger your better off going to the frosty mug they make great big homestyle cheese burgers and you can still get your icecream but when i was growing up we had frosty freeze 2 which was better than both my mom would always go by a local goodwill and me and my brother would always hit the video store and frosty freeze 2 which were on each side of the goodwill and you could always get the huge custards from there that place was awesome. Hometown Love: Local Childhood EatsApr 04, 2018View