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4693ArticlepikachuloverI loved the Kooky Karolfest I can't listen to "Angels We Have Heard on High" without thinking about Psyduck. Kids WB Christmas BlocksNov 28, 2018View
4692ArticleBenjanimei can still play super mario kart just fine, it's just with mario kart 64 that the turning really feels like you're sliding on ice and it's hard for me to master now.Disappointing video game revisitsNov 27, 2018View
4691ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieHe's had more specials on the block, this just fit the theme. Kids WB Christmas BlocksNov 27, 2018View
4690ArticleVaporman87A great song for a great cause. Thanks for this nice breakdown of the song and the work and talent behind it.Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band AidNov 27, 2018View
4689ArticleVaporman87I was not familiar with the WB network, but the fact that the Cryptkeeper had his own holiday block makes life seem somehow more complete. LOLKids WB Christmas BlocksNov 27, 2018View
4688ArticleVaporman87Great breakdown of a typical family Christmas in the '90s. Great for getting into the spirit of things. Thanks TDitH!RetroJunk Classic: The 90s Holiday Trilogy: ChristmasNov 27, 2018View
4687ArticleVaporman87The original Mario Kart was an absolute blast to play, especially with friends, but I can see how it would likely be nothing but frustrating now. Control schemes and controllers themselves have advanced to the point that attempting to readjust to the N64 controller might seem impossible. Same goes for Goldeneye.Disappointing video game revisitsNov 27, 2018View
4686ArticleBenjanimethere was actually a brief point in time when my mom actually baked christmas cookies, including the gingerbread man made for the tree, but she stopped when she saw that i attempted to eat that same gingerbread man, lol.RetroJunk Classic: The 90s Holiday Trilogy: ChristmasNov 27, 2018View
4685ArticleBenjanimeoh how i miss goofy kids block gimmicks like these, lol. i even remember a brief commercial when certain kids wb cartoon characters sang "deck the halls with pok'eballs!" when pokemon was still a fad.Kids WB Christmas BlocksNov 26, 2018View
4684ArticleBenjanimeWhoops, minor spelling error: I meant to say "tank" instead of "take controls" for Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.Disappointing video game revisitsNov 26, 2018View