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4191ArticlejkatzDo they even make movie trading cards anymore? The whole appeal of these was to get photos and stills, something that's kinda pointless with a little thing called the internet. I think the last film I saw get the card treatment was the Halle Berry Catwoman flop, and that feels like a lifetime ago. Still, these can be fun to collect. I have a bunch of Batman Returns ones and an unopened M*A*S*H packet, complete with an ancient stick of gum!Trading Card TreasuresNov 06, 2017View
4190ArticleVaporman87As miserable as the drive there and back were (UHG!!!), not to mention the aggravations I experienced just driving from one place to another while there, It was really great to get together again. It felt like forever since I had seen vkimo and Hoju. I actually left this con without buying anything for myself, but I came back with plenty that was precious. Great memories to add to those of 2016. It always sucks to have to say goodbye though. Thanks to two super amazing fellows who I am very glad are a part of my life, both online and off. And the same to those who couldn't make it back this year. Here's to hoping I see you again when next Fall rolls around!RetroCon 2017 ReportNov 06, 2017View
4189ArticlejkatzThe Hollywood Squares game may have been a dud, but Howard Stern's Hollyweird Squares would make a great videogame. I'm tempted to learn the dark art of ROM hacking to make it myself...Game Show Video GamesNov 02, 2017View
4188ArticlejkatzOh man, I used to love Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. I grew up on the reruns of the 70s and 80s shows and the thing I remember the most about it was being impressed by how good the animation was haha.My Favorite Halloween FilmsOct 31, 2017View
4186ArticlejkatzAnother well-researched article as always, Hoju! That kid's room is kinda lame when compared to the one Jake Lloyd had in Jingle All The Way, though. I don't care how many comic books you hang on your wall, it's no match for a giant Captain America mural.My Secret Identity Comic Book HuntOct 31, 2017View
4185ArticleCaseyJonesI used to rent game show games for the NES alot when I was younger My mom got a kick out of jeopardy and Family Feud. I usually went for Classic Concentration, Double Dare, Fun House and American GladiatorsGame Show Video GamesOct 29, 2017View
4184ArticleDirtyD79In the early 2000s Burger King also had chili. I liked it better than Wendy's chili, unfortunately BK ended up dropping it from their line-up some time ago. Retro Fast Food That is No MoreOct 29, 2017View
4183ArticlemickyarberI am currently undergoing a similar project, but not just with action figures. A lot of old stuff like action figures, Hot Wheels, trading cards, and other things are slowly being currated for our retro museum here.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 1Oct 27, 2017View
4182ArticleCaseyJonesI still have a few somewhere. The California Raisins MerchandiseOct 26, 2017View
4181vhsCoverEDP2000I have the 1999 Widescreen VHS of this movie.A Nightmare on Elm StreetOct 22, 2017View