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4475ArticleHoju KoolanderThat's awesome that you got to hear your parent's tales of work and romance at Disney during the trip, I look forward to being able to sharing my time in the character department as I walk through Disneyland with my kids when they are older. Sorry you had a rough experience as a kid, but that Prime Time Cafe would have been a dream for me. I love themed restaurants where the staff are in character and play out scenes with you. Heck, I'd like to work at one!Disney Days: My Trips to Walt Disney WorldJun 19, 2018View
4473ArticleHoju Koolander3 precious road trips that sound way more unique than Disneyland. Seriously I want to to go to Wisconsin Dells now, what a wonderland of Americana. I also got a chance to ride an Elephant as a kid and that kind of stuff sticks with you for sure.My Childhood Family VacationsJun 19, 2018View
4472ArticleHoju KoolanderA well told tale of terror and TV. I too always looked forward to discovering new kids shows while on family vacations. For example, I watched the premiere of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on a motel TV in Hershey, PA before taking a tour of the Hershey's chocolate factory in the 90s. (Love the podcast by the way)The Redneck Riviera '92Jun 19, 2018View
4471ArticleHoju KoolanderHaving just returned from my kid's first trip to SeaWorld this was very relatable. I totally remember those Pirate handlers for the costumed characters back in the day from when we went to SeaWorld as 6th grade field trip in the early 90s. This time around we got a picture with "Shamu", though there was no official Shamu merchandise anywhere except for an ice cream bar, which I quickly purchased. Did not come across any Manatees though.Manatee GenitaliaJun 19, 2018View
4470ArticleHoju KoolanderGlad to finally hear a first hand account of this place, as the rumors and legends are many. We recently mentioned Action Park on my podcast SequelQuest when we were pitching a sequel to the BMX movie RAD which features a sliding scene that takes place on a concrete slide that sounds a lot like your experience.A So So Day at Action ParkJun 19, 2018View
4469ArticleHoju KoolanderThe end of this article sounds like it should be narrated by Daniel Stern from The Wonder Years with some Crosby, Stills and Nash music in the background. It's the height of nostalgia to remember something that truly no longer exists, just faded away at some point in the past.Wagon Train VacationsJun 19, 2018View
4468Articlepikachulover@Vapor I was having a hard time thinking of a title for this and I didn't want a generic title like "Sea World Trip" or something like that. @Superman Those shows are fun too bad people don't really like them anymore. Manatee GenitaliaJun 19, 2018View
4467ArticlepikachuloverI rode an elephant once at a county fair. I was a little kid. I didn't like how high above the ground it was compared to ponies and horses. My Childhood Family VacationsJun 19, 2018View
4466ArticleNLoganMy dad also was a master of the profanity fusilade raining bombs on our young ears. We broke down in Yellowstone once. My brother and I also hung around the auto mechanic shop all day while the mechanic drove my dad into Montana to get parts. We discovered an awesome ice cream shop that has since become tradition every time we go.Theme Parks: Adventures in New EnglandJun 18, 2018View
4465ArticleNLoganI didn't make it to Disneyland until the 9th grade. We hit a lot of museums, national parks, and state parks. You are lucky to have ridden an elephant. Not many zoos in the US did that and I don't think any do still.My Childhood Family VacationsJun 18, 2018View