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4129VideoJayME1961I wish we could see the whole segment with Aretha cooking Peach Cobbler for the crew!!MTV's Amuck In America-Aretha FranklinSep 13, 2017View
4128ArticleSupermanI was at school (7th grade) when the attacks happened and didn't know anything until late in the afternoon when we watched the news during social studies class. I guess limiting news coverage to that one class was my school's way of trying to keep the school day as normal as possible.Where Were You That September Day?Sep 13, 2017View
4127ArticleSupermanThat's a nice assessment of two great films. The two of them are really neck and neck for me, but I've written how I would break things down below. Best Batman: Batman Begins (but only slightly) Best Batmobile: toss-up (I really liked the Tumbler, even though it doesn't much match what the Batmobile should be.) Best villain: Batman 1989 Best love interest: Batman 1989 Best Gotham: Batman 1989 Best Commissioner Gordon: Batman Begins Best Alfred: Batman BeginsOld vs. New: Batman vs. Batman BeginsSep 13, 2017View
4124Articlecomic_book_fani was in the 5th grade at first the teacher told us it was an accident it was muted in the back ground then the 2nd plane hit and my teacher looked shocked and and un muted the tv and we just watched in the coverage the whole day trying to figure out what was going on didn't fully know until i got home i wasn't scared at first until i got home and it really sunk in i remember a mix of fear and anger from everyone Where Were You That September Day?Sep 13, 2017View
4123ArticleVaporman87I never thought you were stating anything regarding who instigated or carried out the attacks. I was trying to understand what country or countries you were referring to. By my calculation, approximately no new haters were gained. Where Were You That September Day?Sep 13, 2017View
4122ArticleblueluigiOkay, I won't argue much about my previous response as I don't want to start another shitshow. I just want to refute a few things as I feel like my last sentence was taken out of context. I wasn't saying that Bush did 9/11. That last sentence was more so connected to the aftermath, where he declares war with Iraq, a country that has virtually nothing to do with the attacks, which Bush himself later admitted to be true. And yes, I know other countries hated us before that. I never said that no country on the planet hated us until Bush came to office, because, yeah, that is a load of crap. I was saying that Bush's response to the 9/11 is on fanning the flames on this situation. That is a part of it. Please read that last paragraph again more carefully before throwing any more accusations at me. We can go into actual theories as to what and who started 9/11, but I prefer not to. That's all I will say, I'm not going any further. Just wanted to address what was taken out of context.Where Were You That September Day?Sep 12, 2017View
4120ArticleRick Ace Rhodes@blueluigi Other countries have hated us long before George W. Bush took office. The September 11th attacks were being planned as early the 1980's.Where Were You That September Day?Sep 12, 2017View
4119ArticleVaporman87@blueluigi: "Thanks to George W. Bush for making other countries hate us (and our current president, Donald Trump for that matter)." Please tell me you don't really believe that BS blue. Really? Wake up man. Please name a country that didn't already despise our way of life? G.W. Bush didn't even have time to do anything relevant before we were attacked. No... these places hate us for who WE are. Not who our President is. You can argue that Presidents have added to that hatred and I think that is a discussion worth having (in Obama's case I would argue he even appeased our haters which was stupid), but it's just ignorant to believe nobody hated us until G.W. Bush was President. Let's not forget that it was under Bill Clinton that these same people attacked the Trade Center the first time. Where Were You That September Day?Sep 12, 2017View
4117ArticleblueluigiThe first I heard about it was during a car ride on my way to school. A friend of my sister's was telling us about these planes that hit the World Trade Center. After hearing that, this was talked about in class. Many people were shaken up during that event. I also remember coming home from school and seeing most TV programming being preempted for 9/11 coverage. I recall one of the only other networks that aired regular programming was USA Network with the Street Fighter movie. Still, this is a day that is very depressing looking back at it. It's a reminder that this world is not what we want it to be. That there's so much evil in mankind, regardless of who it is that started these attacks. It also doesn't help that our country went to war with a completely irrelevant country, with lots of innocent people killed because of that too. Thanks to George W. Bush for making other countries hate us (and our current president, Donald Trump for that matter).Where Were You That September Day?Sep 12, 2017View
4116ArticleBenjanimei was in the middle of a history class when it was on the news. pretty much like how vkimo described, the students in my class reacted in the same way. some of our classwork was even cut that day just to watch what we could on the incident.Where Were You That September Day?Sep 12, 2017View