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Halloween Hallelujah!


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4447ArticleNLoganAwesome Mick. I loved the old pictures. I like how specific memories of how you received toys or read the magazine are tied in. I can remember reading specific issues of comics on trips or receiving a particular toy also. I participated in Mountain Man rendezvous for several years that had various games and competitions and we dressed up, and a pioneer trek once that had wagons and handcarts that were similar. Wagon Train VacationsJun 16, 2018View
4446ArticleSupermanI'd never heard of Action Park before. Given your experience and the bit of information I saw when I Googled it, I guess that's a good thing.A So So Day at Action ParkJun 16, 2018View
4445ArticlepikachuloverI read about Action Park on reddit. They used to have those bus day trips. They were usually to somewhere in Nevada to gamble and they were "no kids allowed" trips. A So So Day at Action ParkJun 16, 2018View
4444Articleechidna64Accident Park! lol I remember hearing "war stories" from my classmates returning after summer break. Great read Felix! A So So Day at Action ParkJun 16, 2018View
4443ArticleVaporman87You came away with your life, so that is a plus. LOL. Yes, it had quite the reputation for sure. But it should be a tale worth telling just for the novelty of having experienced it. A So So Day at Action ParkJun 16, 2018View
4441ArticleVaporman87Wagon Train sounds amazing. The way in which you recall these special adventures gives the reader a sense of almost being there. It's sad that it had to come to an end, but its memory will live on in you. Thank you for sharing this Mick.Wagon Train VacationsJun 16, 2018View
4440Articlecomic_book_fani liked the fairchild screen saverMy 90s BedroomJun 16, 2018View
4439Articlepikachulover@Hoju It was a bit of culture shock for me. KROQ sort of has a weak signal even in So Cal. It's hard to get it in the valley. Geriatric VegasJun 15, 2018View
4438ArticleHoju KoolanderWow, 3 hours in the pumkin patch, that was a very thorough selection process. I had a slightly more enjoyable experience raking leaves at my aunt's house while visiting during Halloween one year. I think what made it seem less grueling was that she had those trash bags with jack o' lantern designs on them. So after the hard work, we got to enjoy the decoration. Glad you learned a valuable life lesson out of it.A Short October Vacation: Rakes and PumpkinsJun 15, 2018View
4436ArticleHoju KoolanderHa, this was the perfect early teen experience of the family road trip. Your parents take you somewhere boring and the only thing that gets you through is your personal music device and the promise of fun to come when you get home. I'm surprised Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla didn't carry over from KROQ, my Dad always told me on road trips that radio signals could reach farther at night time.Geriatric VegasJun 15, 2018View