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4548ArticlejkatzI enjoyed reading this. Very cool how the tech boom of the 90s coincided with the last stages of trading card craze. Interview with 90s Trading Card Designer Robert ConwaySep 07, 2018View
4547ArticleHoju Koolander@pikachulover It's well documented that you and I had very similar experiences growing up, I guess it should be no surprise we had identical bedding. If it were socially acceptable I probably would have worn that Punky Brewster shirt as well. @Benjanime Makes sense, a Pound Puppy is a pet for life!10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 06, 2018View
4546ArticlepikachuloverI had the Pound Puppy bed sheets. I really liked the picture of the dog chewing the shoe. In the early 2000s I got a Punky Brewster shirt at the Hot Topic it had a picture of her and Brandon on it. It said "Punky and Brandon" on it. I liked Spuds MacKenzie. I'd see him in a bunch of commercials during sports. I did enjoy the Bud Light commercial where Spuds came back as a ghost. 10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 06, 2018View
4545ArticleBenjanimemy sister is in her 40s and she STILL has her pound puppy toy.10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 05, 2018View
4544ArticleVaporman87@Hoju: Meowwy responded to your comment by pointing out that anyone named Hoju Koolander has no room to speak. 10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 05, 2018View
4543ArticleHoju Koolander@NLogan Brain and McGruff were definitely oversights on my part, but that just speaks to the power of their characterizations. Brain was a silent hero and McGruff was just a good cop to me. @Vaporman87 Meowwy Wowwy sounds like an illegal substance that Nancy Reagan would not be in favor of.10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 05, 2018View
4542ArticleNLoganMy brother has the Dragon's Lair board game.Video game related merchandiseSep 05, 2018View
4541ArticleNLoganDogs that left an impression on me in the 80s were the sled dogs in the movie the Thing, reruns of Underdog, Scooby Doo, Barf from Spaceballs, McGruff the Crime Dog, Brain from Inspector Gadget, and of course the giant flying dog ... er luck dragon Falkor!10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 05, 2018View
4540ArticleVaporman87There was a Gex novel? That's so odd. So odd that I want to own it now. LOLVideo game related merchandiseSep 05, 2018View
4539ArticleVaporman87I always wondered what the deal was with Ubu. Yes, it stuck in my head just as much as the intro songs for Family Ties and Night Court. Spuds is clearly the "top dog" of the '80s. He was everywhere for a short period of time, and left a lasting impression. I too owned a Pound Puppy, and was pleased with it for a time. But he could never eclipse Meowwy Wowwy. 10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 05, 2018View