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4198ArticleHoju Koolander@mickyarber I never had the commitment to any one property to try and get a full set unless it was Marvel, but even then I am still like 15 cards short in each set. I still have a dream of buying a sealed box of unopened Marvel Universe series 1 or 2. I'll make that come true some day soon. @NLogan I had no idea they made Dragon's Lair cards, that's wild. Oh man, a full set of KISS and GB2 cards would be sweet, especially if I did it pack by pack. Don't want to lose the thrill of the hunt.Trading Card TreasuresNov 08, 2017View
4197ArticlemickyarberAhhh....getting to read your take on these cards makes sending them to you more than worth it. Thanks for the article. I loved buying packs of cards as a kid, but the unfortunate thing was, when my old man would buy me a pack, it would be so long when he would do it again, I rarely had the chance to get the same cards again. So I ended up with one pack from about 20 different lines through the years. Not much of a chance to collect any one particular thing. These days, I continue to search out unopened packs of EVERYTHING, and have quite a large collection that stands as a time capsule of trading cards. I have roughly 150 different series of unopened packs, and there are a lot more out there to find.Trading Card TreasuresNov 07, 2017View
4196ArticlevkimoExcellent summary of a most excellent tip! That trophy your family got is awesome! I'm also glad you finally got to meet up with Rob. He was a great guy and really in tune with his fans. I enjoyed the retro goodies that were abundantly displayed, but like Vaporman said, the time hanging out with you guys was the best. It was a smaller group, but that allowed us more time to hang out and get to know each other more. Hopefully we can continue this tradition! RetroCon 2017 ReportNov 07, 2017View
4195ArticleNLoganI collected Garbage Pail Kids, Dragon's lair, Batman, Batman Returns, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Goonies, Incredible Hulk, Gremlins, Simpsons, and Marvel Universe cards. Sadly I have very few left although my brother has several. But I know of two sets that you need to look for that are right up your alley. <img src="/images/postImages/1510009697kisscard.jpg"> <img src="/images/postImages/1510009783ghostbusters2card.jpg">Trading Card TreasuresNov 06, 2017View
4194ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, the only non-sports cards to be found now are gaming based or wrestling themed, unless you count the Panini sticker packs and albums being offered at Dollar Tree stores. I love looking at the movie cards because sometimes those stills are from deleted scenes that never made it to the finished film.Trading Card TreasuresNov 06, 2017View
4193ArticleHoju KoolanderIt's so interesting to get a different perspective on this film and the fandom surrounding it, since I was an 18 year old dude at the time. I also saw it in theaters, then immediately bought the soundtrack. Such a hilarious film and the music is killer. Of course, there was no recognizable character I could have dressed up as, unless I could throw together a DuJour outfit. But maybe one of these days I oughtta try a Wyatt costume on and see if anybody recognizes me.JosiecatNov 06, 2017View
4192ArticleVaporman87You and I share an affinity for the parade. It really does make Thanksgiving Day worth waking up early for. Thanks for this affectionate look at a really cool tradition!A Closer Look at: Macy's Thanksgiving ParadeNov 06, 2017View
4191ArticlejkatzDo they even make movie trading cards anymore? The whole appeal of these was to get photos and stills, something that's kinda pointless with a little thing called the internet. I think the last film I saw get the card treatment was the Halle Berry Catwoman flop, and that feels like a lifetime ago. Still, these can be fun to collect. I have a bunch of Batman Returns ones and an unopened M*A*S*H packet, complete with an ancient stick of gum!Trading Card TreasuresNov 06, 2017View
4190ArticleVaporman87As miserable as the drive there and back were (UHG!!!), not to mention the aggravations I experienced just driving from one place to another while there, It was really great to get together again. It felt like forever since I had seen vkimo and Hoju. I actually left this con without buying anything for myself, but I came back with plenty that was precious. Great memories to add to those of 2016. It always sucks to have to say goodbye though. Thanks to two super amazing fellows who I am very glad are a part of my life, both online and off. And the same to those who couldn't make it back this year. Here's to hoping I see you again when next Fall rolls around!RetroCon 2017 ReportNov 06, 2017View
4189ArticlejkatzThe Hollywood Squares game may have been a dud, but Howard Stern's Hollyweird Squares would make a great videogame. I'm tempted to learn the dark art of ROM hacking to make it myself...Game Show Video GamesNov 02, 2017View