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4343Articlecomic_book_fangreat article we have a couple of places like your icecream spot locally we have frosty freeze and the frosty mug if you want a burger your better off going to the frosty mug they make great big homestyle cheese burgers and you can still get your icecream but when i was growing up we had frosty freeze 2 which was better than both my mom would always go by a local goodwill and me and my brother would always hit the video store and frosty freeze 2 which were on each side of the goodwill and you could always get the huge custards from there that place was awesome. Hometown Love: Local Childhood EatsApr 04, 2018View
4342vhsCoverjkatzLooks like you used a camera from 1996 in order to take this picture too.The Abyss (1989)Mar 31, 2018View
4341ArticlepikachuloverI was another kid who didn't like school pizza. When I first saw it on my tray I was like "What is this?" I thought I was going to get a slice like from a round pizza. I tasted horrible. I tried it once in Kindergarten and never again. I never understood why the kids at school went so crazy for that pizza. We also had the variation "French Bread Pizza" too. It was just a long roll with some melted cheese and some meat on top of it. The school lunches I liked to eat were; hamburgers, rib sandwiches (school's knockoff mcrib), chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, baked chicken, baked turkey, teriyaki chicken and sometimes spaghetti. I don't like a bunch of weird stuff in my deviled eggs. Only egg, mayonnaise and salt. Tales of a Picky EaterMar 31, 2018View
4340ArticleVaporman87Whoa. Those Mirra-Kits are wild. I've never heard of those. Seems like something that some company would try to cash in on in today's toy market.Antique Store Super Fun RunMar 30, 2018View
4339Articleashtonloves80s123My mom was an 80s teen so she actually wore satin tops tucked into jeans with a belt around and corkscrew curls she loved bros at the time :DWomen's Fashion of the 80sMar 30, 2018View
4338Articleashtonloves80s123don't forget the 80s goth genre with the cure and siouxse and the bansheesWomen's Fashion of the 80sMar 30, 2018View
4337ArticlejkatzOh my God that Mickey Mouse logo is so deliciously 80s. I love it. I have a lot of old comics that I've dug out of quarter bins and I come across those two Bonkers ads a lot.Retro Comic Book Ads and CommercialsMar 29, 2018View
4336ArticleRick Ace RhodesI'm with you. I hated those school pizza lunches. It was terrible tasting in my humble opinion.Tales of a Picky EaterMar 27, 2018View
4335ArticleBenjanimei actually have had a project in the works for this year, being a collab with a friend of mine and myself, but it hasn't been decided whether i'll be doing it as literature with illustrated chapters, or just a full blown comic with the plot being about a half human/half wolf and her friends on a journey to find a rare flower. it will have a feel similar to the 2003 teen titans cartoon where it has lighthearted humor in some moments and action in others. of a Picky EaterMar 27, 2018View
4334ArticlejkatzThat header image cracked me up. You should consider doing a webcomic, if you haven't already.Tales of a Picky EaterMar 27, 2018View