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4780ArticleBenjanimewriting notes to others can be fun, but death threats? don't you think that's a bit morbid looking back?Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 3Jan 08, 2019View
4779ArticleVaporman87I'm really enjoying this series. Once again, your honesty and openness regarding your years in school dealing with weight issues has made for a really great read. It's good that at least some aspects of your school life improved. I felt bad that your son had to basically go through a move similar to yours. Losing friends like that would have been devastating for me. I was extremely shy and quiet in school too, except to those who were friends or friendly to me. I look forward to more.Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 3Jan 08, 2019View
4778ArticleHoju Koolander@Vaporman87 Oh, HGTV is all my wife watches in hotel rooms when we're on vacation. This is my passive aggressive retaliation. @jkatz Now you've got me adding one more item to my wish list. This must happen.My Super Mario Bros BathroomJan 06, 2019View
4777Articlebluegrassbaby86I've been looking for that huffing one for a long time. I heard a radio version as a kid which scared the heck out of me.Memories of PDFA, and other PSA’s Jan 05, 2019View
4776VideoVaporman87I am just now realizing that the main girl in this ad is played by a young Mila Kunis.Telephone Tammy CommercialJan 05, 2019View
4775ArticleBenjanimei never got the flack for the sequel, sure it lacked the horror of the original, but the goofy celebrity cameos made up for it (at least in my opinion).Interview With The Gremlins CreatorJan 05, 2019View
4774Videobluegrassbaby86Is it wrong that I would actually love to have an album like this?40 Wacky Favorites commercialJan 05, 2019View
4773Videobluegrassbaby86Aww I love GarfieldAmerican Express Card ad from 1985Jan 05, 2019View
4772Articlebluegrassbaby86Most of the plushies I was attached to were not affiliated with a character. I didn't really watch cartoons as much as a little kid due to having no eyesight and most of the shows were hard for me to follow because you couldn't figure out what was happening just from hearing them, so if I did have a character, he wasn't played with as the character, just a plushie. My absolute favorite toy was a teddy bear that would record your voice and repeat it back to you. I did have what they told me was called Pillow Pals, which I guess are the same as Pillow People, and I had a Popple, but I didn't know he turned into an animal and I just played with him as a fuzzy ball. I miss my Popple.Stuffed Animals of the 80'sJan 05, 2019View
4771ArticleVaporman87A truly incredible feat of design. You should hosting a show on HGTV. Then maybe I would actually have a reason to watch that channel. lolMy Super Mario Bros BathroomJan 05, 2019View