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4770ArticleVaporman87I didn’t tune in often enough to notice the difference in quality in later seasons of Ghostbusters, but the difference between Sonic Underground and it’s predecessor are as stark as can be. I much preferred the richer storylines and more serious tone. Sonic Underground was a huge step back. Sonic X was a good palette cleanser later on.Saturday Morning BoresJan 05, 2019View
4768ArticlejkatzNow all you need is a framed photo of Captain Lou Albano. My Super Mario Bros BathroomJan 05, 2019View
4767ArticleMr MagicThe real Tex Avery is probably rolling around in his grave.Saturday Morning BoresJan 05, 2019View
4766ArticleBenjanimeknowing how chris chan was with his SSI payments back then i'm sure he whipped out his credit card and bought the vhs/dvd instantly like he's done with his money on other sonic products.Sonic the Hedgehog: The MovieJan 04, 2019View
4765ArticlejkatzI wonder if Chris (though I guess it's "Christine" now) Chan has seen this.Sonic the Hedgehog: The MovieJan 03, 2019View
4764ArticleBenjanimewell apart from the score i was hoping this article would get more feedback. oh well.Sonic the Hedgehog: The MovieDec 30, 2018View
4763ArticleBenjanimewe'll never know until it releases, but i'm sure this movie will be more worth watching than the hollywood movie coming out next year, lol.Sonic the Hedgehog: The MovieDec 26, 2018View
4762ArticleVaporman87Sounds like a curious creation, but my interest is piqued. I may try to check this out some time.Sonic the Hedgehog: The MovieDec 26, 2018View
4761ArticleVaporman87Such a heartfelt and difficult to read second part. The cruelty of kids never ceased to amaze me. However, I think in some ways bullying was actually worse when we were young. It was highly unlikely you could do ANYTHING to make it stop. Trying to only made things worse, as you found out. Nowadays with all the attention that bullying receives, the act itself is almost taboo. Naturally that doesn’t stop it from happening, and with the advent of cyber bullying, the opportunities to bully have increased significantly... but it seems that it isn’t so much that bullying is worse, but instead the ability of kids to deal with it has been extremely hampered. Looking forward to part three!Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 2Dec 25, 2018View
4760ArticleDalek227Working on it as we speak :)Being An 80's and 90's Fat Kid Part 2Dec 25, 2018View