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4595ArticleVaporman87Then when they actually produced him in 2009, they changed his story again to be a contemporary of King Grayskull. No wonder it's so confusing.Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 02, 2018View
4594ArticleVaporman87NLogan: I see what you're saying. Yes, originally that line was going to place He-Ro in the past. Good call. I have apparently allowed that to forever escape my memory. LOL. However, I never personally counted the mini-comics as "canon" in the MOTU universe because they were all over the place in terms of storylines and characters, with very little consistency (the whole Oo-Larr/Jungle He-Man story comes to mind). I was drawing on the story that Lou Scheimer was going to tell through the <a href="">never produced cartoon </a> he was pitching. Figuring that the cartoon would be developing the characters (of which there would be action figures) if both were ever produced, He-Ro would turn out to be the son (albeit adopted) of King Adam (He-Man).Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 02, 2018View
4591ArticleNLoganI guess not mentioned above but pictured is Classics line Laser Light Skeletor, HE-RO, and HE-RO II. He-ro II being the son of HE-MAN. He-ro original being based on this unproduced prototype from 1987: <img src="/images/postImages/1538498491he-ro_proto_full.jpg" width="278" height="277">Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 02, 2018View
4590ArticleNLoganNo no, you are are mistaken my good man. As I said I know next to nothing of said Classics line mythos, I believe you refer to that He-Ro II mentioned by J-Tor in the above article. No my good man I refer to the original He-Ro in the comic I got with my Tyrantisaurus Rex. From Pre-Eternia Eons before HE-MAN was born! <div><img src="/images/postImages/1538496697016_full.jpg" width="312" height="410"></div><div><img src="/images/postImages/1538496731033_full.jpg" width="316" height="413"></div><div><img src="" width="314" height="411"></div><div><br></div><br>Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 02, 2018View
4588ArticleVaporman87NLogan: Actually the Classics line mythos is what you're referring to. The original He-Ro and "Powers of Grayskull" line was supposed to follow He-Ro as He-Man's son. Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 02, 2018View
4587ArticleNLoganWait, wait wait... first of all nothing is cooler than Castle Grayskull. Take it back Vaporman! Second, isn't He-Ro from Pre-Eternia for the Powers of Grayskull line fighting against Snakemen in sort of a prequel to Masters of the Universe that didn't get fully released? Wouldn't that make him way older and definitely not He-Man son? I am pretty sure he fights with and against dinosaurs and Snakemen in the prehistoric times of Eternia before the great war that left civilization busted, Castle Grayskull abandoned, and the advanced machinery and weapons lost or unused because of knowledge lost; while most are barbarians living in a sort of medieval world. Correct me if I am wrong (I know next to nothing of the classics line and any evolving mythos). Third, that kid is awesome. Interview With A 10 Year Old He-Man FanOct 02, 2018View
4586ArticleNLoganIf I remember right the belts continually fell off during dynamic moves such as walking, jumping, standing, or sitting, hence the reason why that villain has stolen mine and is wearing it. We made our own helmets by the way.80's Toy Dress-Up KitsOct 02, 2018View
4585ArticleNLoganWe never got the Skeletor set because the sword was reverse moulded and looked like a cookie cutter to me. Later on my friend got a light up yellow power sword set that came with a blue shield.80's Toy Dress-Up KitsOct 02, 2018View
4584ArticleNLoganMy brother and I each had a HE-MAN Weapons set. We taped our swords together as they would come apart at the first parry. Mine was the all silver sword his was the all yellow sword. The wrist gauntlets were worn way up on our forearms even in the smallest setting. Here is a picture of our valiant heroes going up against the dastardly Skeletor henchman called Bearman or Bearor who is Grizzlor's little brother. He wasn't big enough yet for the Horde. He has a garden trowel of terror as a weapon and a haversack filled with evil magic. Not sure where my brother's sword is as it is not visible in the picture. <img src="/images/postImages/1538491378Dressupweapons.bmp" width="394" height="293">80's Toy Dress-Up KitsOct 02, 2018View
4583ArticleBenjanime@Adam Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Oct 02, 2018View