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4178ArticleRick Ace RhodesCool article Hoju. I have a whole list of figures on my reclamation list. I used to have a whole bunch of Power Rangers figures that I would love to get back someday. Most of my childhood toy collection was lost in what I refer to as "The Great Toy Purge of 2004", when my family was making a move and my mom decided to clean house on all the toys I had.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 1Oct 19, 2017View
4177ArticleLazloLots of great memories here. I was a teen in the '80s (graduated from High School in '88), and I remember all of this. The foam packaging. The McDLT with the two-sectioned container. The hot pies (which at that time were fried pies, and much yummier than today's baked pies). The fry guy and Big Mac characters. Kid's birthdays at McDonalds. Garfield. Its bringing it all back! Timewarp: McDonald's 1988Oct 18, 2017View
4176Articlecomic_book_fanAmy Jo Johnson Keri Russell Bridget Wilson Anna Faris Eliza dushku katie holmes and the biggest of all Hudson leickJennifer Lopez: My Biggest Celebrity Crush of all TimeOct 16, 2017View
4175Articlecomic_book_fanbatman returns is my all time favorite batman movie but i am willing to admit that nostalgia is a big part of that keaton is a far better batman thanbale. darknight is my 3rd favorite batman movie . but the arkham games feel more like batman tas to me. and conroy is batman and hamill is joker The Dark Knight vs. Batman ReturnsOct 16, 2017View
4174ArticleLazloI'm inclined to think that the '80s were kind of a golden age of comic strips, there were so many quality strips including the ones mentioned here. Good times!80s Comic StripsOct 10, 2017View
4173ArticleSuperman@vkimo - From the looks of her, you can hardly believe that she's not younger. Meanwhile, half of the kids at the school I work at tell me I look much older whenever I tell them my age.My Trip to Wizard World Chicago 2017Oct 10, 2017View
4172ArticlevkimoWow, she's 71? Looking gooood hahaMy Trip to Wizard World Chicago 2017Oct 09, 2017View
4171ArticleBenjanimecoincidentally my older brother watched the gyver anime and he actually has a dvd box set! i'll have to check out that series myself since i've never watched it before after hearing about it here and there.The Great Mission to Save Princess PeachOct 09, 2017View
4170ArticleHoju KoolanderI totally understand the obsessing over female celebrities. I was all about Tiffani Amber Thiessen with Teen Beat magazine photos all over my bedroom walls and school folders. I gave up being so forward about it in high school when a cute girl asked, "So are you a stalker or something?" Shut me right down.Jennifer Lopez: My Biggest Celebrity Crush of all TimeOct 09, 2017View
4169ArticleHoju KoolanderBloom County and Doonsbury we're so over my head as a kid. I mostly stuck with Fox Trot, Garfield and Dick Tracy. I always flipped through The Far Side books at book stores though, endlessly entertaining.80s Comic StripsOct 09, 2017View