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4686ArticleBenjanimethere was actually a brief point in time when my mom actually baked christmas cookies, including the gingerbread man made for the tree, but she stopped when she saw that i attempted to eat that same gingerbread man, lol.RetroJunk Classic: The 90s Holiday Trilogy: ChristmasNov 27, 2018View
4685ArticleBenjanimeoh how i miss goofy kids block gimmicks like these, lol. i even remember a brief commercial when certain kids wb cartoon characters sang "deck the halls with pok'eballs!" when pokemon was still a fad.Kids WB Christmas BlocksNov 26, 2018View
4684ArticleBenjanimeWhoops, minor spelling error: I meant to say "tank" instead of "take controls" for Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.Disappointing video game revisitsNov 26, 2018View
4683ArticleBenjanime@mistafista I missed out on using the web browser because my parents thought it was pointless, but Sonic Adventure had the neat feature of downloading dlc and it upset me that I never got to do that.Moments from the 2000s that I hatedNov 23, 2018View
4682ArticlemistafistaDreamcast embodied everything I wanted in a console. It even had a web browser just good enough to snag pin ups from clipart sites XP Why Sega worked so hard to create console standards that hold up even today just to flush it down the toilet with idiotic Asian advertising in a Western demograph still confounds. Crazy Taxi, Quake online, Soul Calibur, NBA/NFL 2K, Shen-Mu, Resident Evil, JetSet Radio, Virtua Tennis, ...Moments from the 2000s that I hatedNov 23, 2018View
4681Articlepannoni1Hello there, and if you don't recognize me, I run the pannoni series of YouTube channels, doing exactly as what you describe! It all started shortly after I got a VHS to DVD recorder for Christmas 2013, where I simply started with my family VHS recordings, of what I've transferred to DVD (though I need to do it again to the cloud drive, since DVDs are also going the way of VHS, though I still dub via that method before digitally transferring it). Of course, don't forget Betamax! First off, while they tend to be harder to find, they are far more likely to uncover that 80's (and even occasional late 70's) content on them! I recently uploaded a block from 1977 that came from a Beta recording that included most of an episode of The Bob Newhart Show, followed by the opening and first couple minutes of the short-lived CBS sitcom "We've Got Each Other". It came right off a K-30 Betamax tape that could only record 30 minutes in all. My oldest VHS find is an episode of Saturday Night Live from May of 1979, and includes a sketch on the recent Three Mile Island disaster, and also contains a lot of old local Baltimore commercials. Also, in addition to checking the labels, checking the label styles and even the tapes themselves often provide a clue if they're older, or more likely to contain Y2K-era recordings, which typically are lighter in weight. But even if you see a label that just has movies on them, it doesn't rule out surprises! Sometimes, a tape may have just a single movie on it, but the recorder either forgets to press the stop button or doesn't record over the rest of the tape, leading to various surprises. I recently found a tape where after a movie, it then followed a taped over portion of Saturday Night's Main Event from January of 1990, a full episode of It's Showtime At The Apollo, and about half of On The Beam, an RVHS Television Treasure HuntNov 20, 2018View
4680ArticleVaporman87The Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor figures were favorites of mine growing up as well. Then they started getting a little carried away with the variants... kind of a prelude to what would happen with the Turtles. LOLAction Figure Reclamation Project Phase 4Nov 19, 2018View
4679ArticleOldSchool80sThe balloons are still my favorite probably because they bring back the memories from my childhood. They don't seem to show the balloons as long in favor of some of the musical performances and marching bands. I don't care for the awkward lip-synching all that much. Except that one time (not too long ago) when Rick Astley rick-rolled a performance interrupting with Never Gonna Give You Up live. The Spider-Man balloon is definitely one of my favorites as well. Garfield stands out as well. That He-Man float is awesome!TDitH's Favorite Macy's Thanksgiving Parade FloatsNov 16, 2018View
4677ArticleSupermanNice article. I enjoyed reading about your favorite floats, ThatDudeintheHoodie.TDitH's Favorite Macy's Thanksgiving Parade FloatsNov 16, 2018View
4674ArticleSupermanThis is a great look at what makes Thanksgiving a wonderful holiday.RetroJunk Classic: The 90s Holiday Trilogy: ThanksgivingNov 16, 2018View