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4500ArticleLazloGreat account of a wonderful family trip. I have tons of great Disney memories at Walt Disney World, and also of family road trips when I was growing up. One thing though: The Nickelodeon Studios that you have pictured was actually at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It is now the site of the Blue Man Group theater. Disney Days: My Trips to Walt Disney WorldJul 29, 2018View
4499ArticlejkatzWhat can I say? Growing up, my little sister was never that much into Barbie. She much rather preferred my toys...to my chagrin.Barbie Magazine 1988Jul 23, 2018View
4498ArticleHoju Koolander@jkatz What, you didn't have a Barbie twins calendar or comic book? They exist, look 'em up. I have more Barbie related experiences than I would care to admit. Barbie Magazine 1988Jul 22, 2018View
4497ArticleHoju Koolander@jkatz I know, right? So bizarre. @NLogan Thanks, buddy. I knew I could count on you. Last Action Hero Movie MerchandiseJul 22, 2018View
4496ArticlejkatzThe only Barbie-related memories I have involve jamming out to the song by Aqua in the mid 2000s.Barbie Magazine 1988Jul 22, 2018View
4495ArticlejkatzThe "Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hamlet" action figure is something I never knew existed...but I kinda want one now! Last Action Hero Movie MerchandiseJul 22, 2018View
4494ArticleNLoganI must admit I was in the Jurassic Park theater seats multiple times in 1993. I did see Last Action Hero but as much as a Arnold Schwarzenegger fan that I am, I can barely remember it. I don't remember seeing any merchandise at all. The trading card game is lost to the flop of the film in the box office. A trademark was filed on Dec 14 1992 and abandoned and dead by Feb 25 1994. There was also a filing for toys Apr 19 1993"toys; namely, action figures, polyvinylchloride ("PVC") figures, toy vehicles including remote and radio controlled vehicles, playsets scaled to action figure size, dolls, including talking and fashion dolls, plush toys, board and card games, non-board games, inflatables, ride-ons, excluding bicycles, video game machines and hand-held electronic games, toy weapons, dress-up play items and play sets, activity toys and bath toys, excluding bath products, coin-operated game machines and video game software for computer game-playing cartridge systems, CD-ROM platforms and PC platforms, including floppy and CD-ROM formats and hand-held electronic games" while some of that happened the majority never materialized. The unpublished comic book covers are available online by Jerome K. Moore. I am interested to see what you found out and am anticipating the sequel article follow up. <img src="/images/postImages/1532286031last_action_hero_by_jerome_k_moore.jpg" width="375" height="565"> <img src="/images/postImages/1532286116magic_ticket_by_jerome_k_moore.jpg" width="417" height="601">Last Action Hero Movie MerchandiseJul 22, 2018View
4493ArticleVaporman87Whoa! Very cool. Can't wait to read the story behind that.Last Action Hero Movie MerchandiseJul 22, 2018View
4492ArticleHoju KoolanderUPDATE: After submitting this article I miraculously solved the mystery of the Last Action Hero comic book and special trading cards. The story is a doozy and my next article will be a behind the scenes interview with the man who worked for Topps on the project. So excited to share it with you!Last Action Hero Movie MerchandiseJul 21, 2018View
4491ArticleOldSchool80sNice work as usual. Love the reminders of the original GLOW stuff. Watched it regularly back in the day. Season 2 of the Netflix series was pretty outstanding. Hoping for a Season 3.G.L.O.W. Two-TimersJul 09, 2018View