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4398ArticleOldSchool80sGremlins is one that is far creepier than one would expect. Going back to watch it again as an adult made me amazed that I wasn't more traumatized by it as a kid. These cute little monsters are pretty sadistic and Joe Dante's film is far darker than expected for such a mainstream blockbuster.Creepiest Kids' MoviesMay 31, 2018View
4397ArticleNLoganOnes that scared me as a kid definitely included, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Watcher in the Woods, and the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.Creepiest Kids' MoviesMay 30, 2018View
4396ArticleWhiteDragonAuraGreat article, brings back a lot of memories. I remember always choosing Charmy Bee as my main since the ring mechanic was a little easier to control with his dash ability. :)Video game oddities #1 - Knuckles ChaotixMay 28, 2018View
4395VideoOldSchool80sSo much fun! Outstanding work by all involved. Happy 5th to Retro-Daze! Look forward to many more. The world is a certainly better place for having it.RetroDaze 5th Anniversary SpecialMay 28, 2018View
4394VideoVaporman87This was a super enjoyable little flick with much love and attention given by all involved. Three cheers for us!RetroDaze 5th Anniversary SpecialMay 27, 2018View
4393VideoBenjanimeLove the effort put into this special! thanks again Hoju and Vapor for putting this together, glad to have been part of it and happy 5th RD!RetroDaze 5th Anniversary SpecialMay 27, 2018View
4392ArticleVaporman87This was a varied and unique list. Very interesting stuff! I too was always a bit disturbed by Something Wicked This Way Comes. Though it's been so long since I last watched it that I don't recall anything specific that bothered me most. I have heard of The Peanut Butter Solution but never had the opportunity to watch it. Nor have I seen The Brave Little Toaster, Mac and Me, or Space Camp. One film that bothered me a bit when I was young was Escape to Witch Mountain. I'm not sure why, but some scenes creeped me out. Parts of the jail scene in particular. Then again, the creep factor was balanced out by my crush on Kim Richards, so...Creepiest Kids' MoviesMay 26, 2018View
4390VideoMichelangeloOne of the finest shorts from the cat and mouse duo.Tom And Jerry: Solid SerenadeMay 24, 2018View
4389VideojkatzClassic. I always liked those rare episodes where Tom would talk or sing!Tom And Jerry: Solid SerenadeMay 19, 2018View
4388VideoVaporman87Woah. I'm just realizing that a young Liam Neeson is in this!The Dead PoolMay 19, 2018View