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4271ArticleSupermanI guess I'm fortunate. I live not too far from a dine-in Pizza Hut that is in good shape. I wasn't aware that these places were disappearing or often in decay if they do still exist.When Pizza Hut Was KingJan 15, 2018View
4270ArticleSupermanThat's a nice set of action figures. I used to own that same Green Ranger figure. He was my favorite back then, so I snatched him right up when I saw him at the store.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 2Jan 15, 2018View
4269ArticleSupermanI didn't have any of these, but those TMNT cards would have been the set that interested me the most back in the day.Trading Card Treasures Vol. 2Jan 15, 2018View
4268ArticlefuschniktI have that Hocus Pocus poster behind my display in my stairwell! Also, Halloween Tree anyone? My band has a song based on that 90's special. The most informative Halloween song of all time!My Favorite Halloween FilmsJan 09, 2018View
4267ArticlefuschniktMan..really wish I could have been there. Fingers crossed for next year.RetroCon 2017 ReportJan 09, 2018View
4266ArticleDirtyD79Hot Wheels and Matchbox were some of my favorite toys as a kid. We had the Hotwheels sto n' go city as well as the construction site. I didn't really have much of a preference for one brand over the other, I pretty much only really cared about what looked cool. 5 Fun Matchbox ToysJan 04, 2018View
4265ArticleDirtyD79I still remember the one from the late 70s and early 80s telling you "Don't drown your food." OK, what condiment related disaster was happening on such a scale that it needed a PSA? Were kids injuring themselves with ketchup bottles back then? Memories of PDFA, and other PSA’s Jan 04, 2018View
4264ArticleDirtyD79I don't think anybody I know ever played Mouse Trap seriously. Me and my brother always just set up the trap to watch it do all the stuff like in the commercial and after a couple times that just got boring. I forget what we ended up doing with it. It's probably buried in a closet or in the basement somewhere.Five 90’s Toys That Never Lived Up to the HypeJan 04, 2018View
4263ArticleDirtyD79While personally I prefer small mom and pop type place for pizza, I always thought Pizza Hut was the best of the chain pizza shops. I remember we used to have this one pitcher Pizza Hut was giving out as a promotional item. We had it for nearly 10 years and kept on using it for Kool-Aid and iced tea until one day it just got too grungy to keep using. :( I also remember one time when I was a kid my Dad's bowling league did something pretty cool where all of us kids got to take a tour of a pizza hut and make our own small personal pan pizzas. It's such a sin to see the sit down restaurants going away. They had a style all their own and definitely look a lot better than the boring boxes that pass for restaurants these days.When Pizza Hut Was KingJan 04, 2018View
4262ArticleOldSchool80sLove the group photo at the end. Fun project! Look forward to seeing more as you add to the collection.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 2Jan 01, 2018View