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4168ArticleHoju KoolanderThis kind of Japanese release fascinates me. Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of this anime film of The Guyver I found in the 90s called Out of Control that was a wacky one off story changing some key plot points and characters. Luckily there was also an anime TV series that was much closer to the original manga.The Great Mission to Save Princess PeachOct 09, 2017View
4167ArticleSupermanWhat a nice tribute to a woman who was important to you in your teenage years. If I had to say who my Jennifer Lopez was I would probably say Teri Hatcher, though Annette Funicello (despite being a star from an era long past by the time I got into her in the '90s) and Amy Jo Johnson were also significant crushes of mine back then, too.Jennifer Lopez: My Biggest Celebrity Crush of all TimeOct 04, 2017View
4166ArticleSupermanI enjoyed reading your thoughts on these two movies. I've got to disagree about Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman, though. I found her to be very sexy and an interesting character to boot, probably the most interesting character from the Burton Batman movies in my opinion. Maybe she wasn't true to the comics Catwoman, but she totally made Batman Returns for me. In fact, she's the reason I rank that movie as high as I do on my list of favorite Batman movies.The Dark Knight vs. Batman ReturnsOct 04, 2017View
4165ArticleSupermanI think it's totally cool that you managed to get published in the school newspaper, even if it did take some convincing before you managed to get in there. A superhero version of your school mascot battling supervillain versions of rival school mascots? Everybody at that school should have gone for that idea.Childhood Comic CreationsOct 04, 2017View
4164ArticleSupermanI used to like to read the comic strips in our paper each Sunday, though it was the '90s by the time I was reading them. Garfield was probably my favorite.80s Comic StripsOct 04, 2017View
4163ArticleNLoganI can't believe a costume with a codpiece didn't win over your band mates. Childhood Comic CreationsOct 03, 2017View
4162ArticleBenjanimemany families were guaranteed to have those tiger games, regardless of the parents being poor or not it was their way of saying "well a gameboy game is pretty expensive, how about i get my son this ten dollar lcd game instead?"Five 90’s Toys That Never Lived Up to the HypeOct 01, 2017View
4161ArticlepikachuloverCaseyJones that was a funny clip. The Weird Al Show a Way Moby Forgotten ShowSep 27, 2017View
4160Articlecomic_book_fanmy brother was heavy into tiger handheld games i played his ninja turtles star trek tng games all the time i had a virtual boy until my mom made me get rid of it monster headaches couple of nose bleeds that she seemed to think was related to it Five 90’s Toys That Never Lived Up to the HypeSep 27, 2017View
4159ArticleCaseyJonesThis is my fav memory of the show Weird Al Show a Way Moby Forgotten ShowSep 27, 2017View