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4261ArticlesquidbeeI understand your excitement at finding the elusive Pizza Hut dine-in restaurant. My wife and I were heading to a conference in Santa Fe earlier this year, and I would fill with joy at spotting the familiar rooftop as we passed through poverty-stricken towns. Unfortunately, once we got close to the buildings they were all shuttered or broken down. I have extremely fond memories of my local Pizza Hut, and I probably still carry around the calories from all the book club personal pan pizzas I ate as a child.I don't know who thought it was a good idea to reward a child with high-calorie food for performing a sedentary task. When Pizza Hut Was KingDec 31, 2017View
4260ArticlemickyarberYou know I’m a big fan of the old cards, and I love reading your take on them. I just ordered a whole case of those American Gladiator cards from eBay and am anxiously awaiting their arrival!Trading Card Treasures Vol. 2Dec 30, 2017View
4259ArticlepikachuloverI have the morphing Kimberly figure from childhood. I took it to the beach and I used to play with it in my pool. She got a little rusty. This reminds me of a funny story about my 5th grade class had to build a model colonial village and we were put into groups. There was this guy who was a big Power Rangers fan and wanted to put his figures in the village. The other member of the group who made herself leader was a really mature girl and threatened me not to include any Power Rangers in our colonial village model. I was more interested in making milk carton houses and moss. Power Rangers didn't look colonial. Then I imagined a Power Ranger figure in a colonial outfit over their ranger suit. Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 2Dec 30, 2017View
4258ArticlejkatzWould've really been a special article if you had actually made the food. Some of it doesn't look half bad, even.Retro Holiday RecipesDec 26, 2017View
4257ArticleOldSchool80sWe did not have Sunday morning cartoons where I lived when I grew up. The only one of these shows I even remember was Spider Woman and that was definitely not on Sunday mornings in my market.SUNDAY Morning CartoonsDec 26, 2017View
4256ArticleOldSchool80sWhen it comes to Christmas music, I definitely tend to prefer the traditional songs. I like when contemporary artists do their own versions of the traditional songs. Once in a while a non-traditional song will catch my ear.ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite Nontraditional Christmas SongsDec 26, 2017View
4255ArticleOldSchool80s@JOscarJr Glad you enjoyed and thank you so much for reading My Christmas 1982Dec 26, 2017View
4230ArticleVaporman87That Orko figure was always the subject of disappointment for me. I think they could have done a lot more with him, and come out with a few variants with different gimmicks.Action Figure Reclamation Project Phase 2Dec 22, 2017View
4229ArticleVaporman87Some interesting choices here TDitH. I like them all. My own Christmas favorites are all pretty traditional. I think it is my list of Halloween tunes that is a bit more varied.ThatDudeintheHoodie's Favorite Nontraditional Christmas SongsDec 22, 2017View
4228ArticleVaporman87Seriously... what goes together better than Spam and the Holiday Season? I can think of nothing more synergistic. LOLRetro Holiday RecipesDec 22, 2017View