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4673ArticleSupermanI liked a lot of things about the 2000s. As you said, there were a lot of great movies coming out, many of which would go on to be huge franchises with tons of sequels. I also view that decade as a golden age of live-action television. A lot of the shows that were airing had a "movie" quality to them that wasn't seen in most shows airing in previous decades.The 2000s decade wasn't that badNov 16, 2018View
4672ArticleSupermanThis was a fun read. I think the only one that I've personally tried is Crystal Pepsi, so I enjoyed reading your review of the others.Reviewing the Retro Soda ComebacksNov 16, 2018View
4671ArticleSupermanMy main Halloween tradition is to try to catch a scary movie on or near Halloween.My Fall - Halloween Bucket ListNov 15, 2018View
4670ArticleSupermanGreat article. It was oozing with Halloween nostalgia. I enjoyed reading about your Halloween traditions. Rocky Point sounds like it was a very cool location. I'd love to visit somewhere like that one day.NLogan's Retro Halloween AnticipationNov 15, 2018View
4669ArticleMr MagicSome of these yhings from the 2000s I didn't agree with myself. Like Son of the Mask, The Hulk and much, much later seasons of The Simpsons.Moments from the 2000s that I hatedNov 15, 2018View
4668ArticleBenjanime@Rick i mean it is great that they brought some anime over here, i'm just saying that some of their editing and writing was.... a bit sloppy at times. and i loved the 2003 TMNT btw :)Moments from the 2000s that I hatedNov 15, 2018View
4667ArticletalsvalsI grew up in Brazil in the 2000s, and I don't know how varied this is in different parts of the world, but I went to an upper-middle-class private school and I'll say this: the "explosion of the internet" that supposedly happened in the 90s by no means equates to, as soon as the year 2000 rolled in, everyone was totes used to getting home and checking their e-mails and spending a couple of hours trying to flirt in chatrooms. Definitely not. Nearly all my friends did not have the internet as a big part of their childhoods, it at best being something mysterious in their parents' bedroom, or being allowed access for half an hour on weekends and using it to play Bubble Trouble. So I'll credit the 2000s with the real transition into the internet being everywhere at all times. And the internet was rapidly becoming great, before it started turning to shit. Like someone said, Newgrounds, Ebaums World, Myspace, weird flash games, early YouTube viral videos before going viral was a thing that people tried to do, Fotolog, LiveJournal, personalised emoticons on MSN Messenger, downloaded ringtones. There are so many gems there and at the moment they get underrated, but I predict a comeback. The internet didn't go from animated gifs on Geocities to your cousin posting pictures of her kids on Facebook, there was so much in between.The 2000s decade wasn't that badNov 15, 2018View
4666ArticleRick Ace RhodesI actually thought that the early Fox Box was pretty good. Ultimate Muscle, Kirby, Fighting Foodons. Even the poor Ultraman Tiga adaption. Then TMNT. They had some pretty great quality stuff in the early run of it.Moments from the 2000s that I hatedNov 15, 2018View
4665ArticlejkatzCripes, I'd forgotten all about Son of The Mask. And while anime being censored/edited for American tv isn't anything new, 4kids was especially hamfisted about it. I actually remember watching that One Piece episode live.Moments from the 2000s that I hatedNov 15, 2018View
4664ArticleBenjanimethanks for the feedback, guys! :) it's great to see how different in perspective others have in thought about the decade even if it may not be as memorable as past ones. i probably should've also made mention of the 2007 ghostbusters video game, which is a great loveletter to GB fans.The 2000s decade wasn't that badNov 07, 2018View