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4387ArticleVaporman87LOL Rick! Exactly.My 90s BedroomMay 12, 2018View
4386ArticleRick Ace RhodesThis is everything I ever expected.My 90s BedroomMay 10, 2018View
4385ArticleHoju Koolander@pikachulover Nope, never saw a Lakers or Clippers game as a kid. Though Shaq did have action figures made by Kenner, so you would think he could have gotten my allegiance that way. His best bet would have been to make a cartoon show like ProStars.Retro Magazine RoundUp: Sports Illustrated 1994May 09, 2018View
4384ArticleOldSchool80s@pikachulover Sounds like that could be an interesting angle for a story. Captain Midnight & Max Headroom TV Broadcast Intrusions May 09, 2018View
4383ArticlepikachuloverYou didn't jump on the Shaq bandwagon when he went to the LA Lakers in 1996?Retro Magazine RoundUp: Sports Illustrated 1994May 09, 2018View
4382ArticlepikachuloverI was using broadcast intrusions as the inspiration of a story I'm writing. Captain Midnight & Max Headroom TV Broadcast Intrusions May 09, 2018View
4381ArticleHoju Koolander@jkatz Good eye, there!. Yep, it was a metal Luger cap gun. I got it when I moved into my brother's old room along with another awesome toy I mentioned in this article http://retro-daze.org/site/article/id/9084My 90s BedroomMay 08, 2018View
4380ArticleBenjanime@jkatz stardew valley has actually gotten a recent beta update on pc for co-op multiplayer and some other new features and should be ready for consoles sometime this month. definitely check it out! :) @vaporman bahaha! yeah that was the joy of using rpg maker, even the most ridiculous of a story could be made into a fun rpg. i heard the first rpg maker game on ps1 was very limited to how much you could put in a game and it ate away data at your memory cards, but it looked interesting! Top five indie games that rely on nostalgiaMay 08, 2018View
4379ArticlejkatzIs that a luger in your pants. or were you just excited in the photograph?My 90s BedroomMay 08, 2018View
4378ArticleHoju Koolander@NLogan I'm pretty sure to this day my Dad has no idea how he contributed to my rudimentary cosplay. @Vaporman87 Well, I did hold a press conference to reveal the truth of my identity, but then I made a deal with the Devil and erased 40 years of history, so you've all forgotten about it. Also, I've been recast several times so it's hard to know who the Spider-Man is these days.My 90s BedroomMay 08, 2018View