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Mr Magic
I said it before and I'll say it again:

Stand By Me is the ultimate boyhood movie.
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The Founder

This was a pretty enjoyable film and a nice look into the history of McDonald's founding and the turmoil that resulted. I was sure that the film was going to paint Ray Kroc as a conniving crook looking for an easy way to riches, but it was actually a lot more of an even-handed swipe at both parties. The flaws of both Kroc and Dick McDonald are pretty apparent. Even so, Kroc comes off looking the worse of the two, while poor Mac McDonald sits by and deals with the stress. I think my view of McDonald's was maybe slightly changed, but not enough to stop me from going there to eat. I recommend this one.

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Rick Ace Rhodes
The Good Son

I brought my PS3 home from college for Easter weekend so me and the family could watch some Netflix. I saw this film was on there, and decided to watch it with my father, since I know he really enjoys it and never gets to watch it because they don't air it on TV that often.

I don't know what he sees in this film. Elijah Wood did a good job acting, but Macaulay Culkin as an evil killer just seems laughable to me. 

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Mr Magic

Another wonderful, triumphant Disney modern classic. It has everything you could want in a Disney movie: Great songs, great characters, great animation, a great story, but most important of all: Heart.

The Rock was quite awesome as Maui.

10 stars!!!!!
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Blood on the Mountain

It's a documentary new on Netflix about the coal mine industry in West Virginia.  One of the things they focused on was the Massey Coal company strike in 1984-85.  This is the strike that I referenced in my Christmas article this past season that had made times very hard on our family back then.

4 out of 5 stars.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Wow! What a great sequel. It had more of everything that made the first one so good. Tremendously funny humor, great action sequences, and baby Groot. What more could you ask for?

I would say the only downfall of the film is the lack of a real "baddie". But even so, I enjoyed the film a great deal and enjoyed the coming together of former rivals to overcome obstacles physically and emotionally.

My favorite parts though, were all the '80s references!!! Star Lord clamoring about how he's going to build a giant Skeletor statue... a giant Pac-Man doing battle... and The Hoff making a cameo as Knight Rider! Really, you just couldn't ask for more from your superhero movies.

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^ I see i'm going to have to see this movie now.

Hush (2015) I think...

Anyways, it was OK at best. Seeing the killer's face was a fresh angle, but actually killed the suspense for me.

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Mr Magic
The Good Dinosaur

The vid says it all.

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Blade Runner (the final cut)


Visually stunning and philosophically stimulating, Blade Runner is a great film that I appreciate more now as an adult especially the themes of creation and death.

However, I wouldn't go as far as to say it is a masterpiece. The pacing drags in the middle and a handful of scenes don't really work but it still is an amazing film with gorgeous scenery and music.    
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Mr Magic
Million Dollar Baby

Definitely more raw than Rocky. Eat your heart out, Balboa.

5 stars.
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