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i know a lot of adults went in having mixed thoughts about detective pikachu, some of my old friends from school thought it was decent, while most of my online friends would also agree that it was kinda of a blah movie, even without going the route of "pok'emon trainer aims to save the world" deal like the animated movies have all done.

army of darkness

i've never followed ebert's reviews all that much, but i can agree with him that army of darkness felt kind of like it was rehashing evil dead 2's humorous bits, much like back to the future part III it felt like the series was running out of steam, but i felt like it did a little better than back to the future III by not being as boring, stop motion skeletons never get old though, lol

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Mr Magic

Oliver Stone, who is a Vietnam veteran, gives us an illustration of the horrors of Vietnam. He also shows soldiers not only fighting against the enemies, but themselves.

A very true-to-life movie.

4 1/2 stars.
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Mr Magic
Fire in the Sky

The last time I watched this was in 1994. I think it was on HBO at the time. Up until now, I never did watch it all the way through or even know what the name of it is. Feels weird having seen this after all these years.

Anyway, this is an intriguing alien movie. I certainly remember how creepy it was.

4 stars.

Notmally, Retrojunk members make threads asking other members to help them find movies they don't know the name of. I found this one on my own. Not bad, huh? 
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A day is like a dollar. It can be spent wisely or foolishly.

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