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5629ArticleBenjanime@Julie i would certainly put it in my top ten game boy games, my love! definitely give it a playthrough if you can, it's fun! and thank you always for the compliments, my love! ❤Super Mario Land 2: A Bigger SequelApr 12, 2022View
5628ArticleJulieI can feel your passion for video games on this cute, well-written article. ❤ I love your charisma and cute enthusiasm, my perfect love @Benjanime. ❤❤ I had the cartridge with the first game only but I did play a bit of this one on emulators years ago and I absolutely agree with you: superior graphics with big sprites, beautiful stages and of course, an even more pleasant gaming experience. ❤ I'm glad you're a game lover (as I am). ;) The way you talk about the game makes me want to play it again. ❤ Super Mario Land 2: A Bigger SequelApr 12, 2022View
5627ArticleBenjanimejust thought i'd clear something up: this was meant to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game but since the actual anniversary month isn't until november i thought i'd go ahead and publish it now before i forget later. well anywho, enjoy!Super Mario Land 2: A Bigger SequelApr 11, 2022View
5626Article back in middle school I had a small collection of Pokémon figures from some cheap gacha machines around the town, one of the girls who used to play with us got mad at me for some reason and decided to flush my Pokes away, literally. The whole class got mad at her and I did too, but I was about to let it go when her mom got me a small set of Pokémon figures from a toy shop, those were a bit more expensive than the cheap gachas I had, so I felt kinda guilty accepting them :p I did forgive her of course, we were kids, and kids do stupid thingsTop four disappointing moments of childhoodMar 31, 2022View
5625Article I can't believe we don't have interactive toys like Captain Power nowadays, that's such a cool concept!VHS OdysseyMar 31, 2022View
5624Article Video games are a product of the entertainment industry. Most of the gaming contracts are not following legal laws. This is true since the gaming industry is a new thing in our society. We don't yet have the proper mechanisms and legislation that will regulate the terms and agreements for all games coming from the different companies. Also, I don't like how big gaming platforms like steam restrict their players to sell the accounts and their profiles to other people at online platforms like https://skincashier.com, I don't find this fair.Classic games that deserve modern remakesMar 30, 2022View
5623ArticleBenjanime@Julie we'll watch them with full blown nostalgia, my love ❤TMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 24, 2022View
5622ArticleJulieI didn't watch any of the three movies yet so I'm looking forward to be introduced to them by my beloved @Benjanime. ;) And one more charismatic and intelligent article with the opinion of a lovely, awesome boy. I love you forever, my sweet @Benjanime. ❤❤TMNT III: A Farce of a FinaleMar 24, 2022View
5621ArticleoniparAs a society, we always seem to be looking backward as much as we look forward. I can't complain. It's important to remember what has come before. I'm with Vapor on this one: I love when these things spill into the physical. I still have my retro BK cup from the Stranger Things release a couple summers back. And the rerelease of New Coke. That's all fun stuff. What's Old is New Again:Retro Branding ComebacksMar 24, 2022View
5619ArticleMr MagicMy idea of a good show or movie with nostalgia music includes: Keyboards Saxophones Electronic drumsMusic and Nostalgia Mar 22, 2022View