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5641ArticleNLogan@catsooey glad it hit home for you. I thought about taking up the hobby again as my neighbor was going regularly to the skatepark. But in the end I have enough expensive hobbies and I was never very good anyways. I do still occasionally Ollie on a board to impress young kids that an old man can still do it. However considering Tony Hawk is 9 years older than me and still shreds, my moment to wow isn't much. Hopefully you stay safe and have fun if you are brave enough to get back into it. Skate or die man!Skate or Die GenerationMay 25, 2022View
5638ArticlecatsooeyReading this was like reading about another version of myself growing up. We started out on the goofy store bought boards which left orange plastic on curbs everywhere from railsliding and very early attempts at ollies. The ollie to us was like flying - we were mesmerized by anyone who could do it and it seemed impossible. My two best friends skated with me, and one of them (Jeremy - rest in peace bro) had an older brother - Dave Schrieber - who ran the local skate camp and knew a lot of the people on the scene. He knew Jimmy Gagne and Corey Shaw who were big amateurs at the time and were about to go pro. I think Corey ended up breaking his back on a launch ramp. Anyway we had our local skate shop, The On Ramp (the larger business was called Interskate 91, which was a roller skating place, and everything was highway themed) and the day finally came when we got our first real boards. My friends got the McGill (the skull snake graphic) and (bat/dragon) Caballero, and I got a Hawk board with the Claw/Hawk graphic. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Each of us had the board of our favorite skater and we thought of ourselves as a mini bones brigade lol. We hadn’t even learned to Ollie yet. The only mistake we made was getting Toxic Shock Syndrome’s ‘Acid Rain’ wheels, which looked cool but rode like rocks. Pete and I both got them and I still regret it to this day. I should have gotten slime balls like Jeremy did, which were great wheels. I think they might have been Vomits but I can’t remember. So we learned to Ollie - I was the first to learn, but Jeremy had the cooler ultra glue foot style that I always tried to get. I used to jump so fast and so high that my board would take a second to catch up to my back foot. It would slap the bottom of my foot when I got to the peak of the Ollie. I was the only one that learned to kick flip though, and I was really proud of being able to pull that off. The Frankie Hill ‘gap’ Ollie from the ‘Propaganda’ video was huge at this time. And the Ollie impossible was new and it really did look impossible. It was a great time for us. A few years later I picked up the guitar (Jeremy was already playing) and we didn’t skate as much. But we did pick it up again for a while in high school. I was actually thinking of getting a board and skating again. It sounds nuts because I’m 43, but I think I might be able to do it. There’s now an actual skate park in my town (if it had been there when I was skating we never would have left, we would have set up little lean-to’s and camped out there so we could skate 24 hours a day!). It’s a concrete bowl, some stairs, rails etc, so if I bite it it’s going to hurt a lot more, but I think I’m gonna go for it. Skate or Die GenerationMay 17, 2022View
5637ArticleMr MagicI also have memories of the comic books from Archie. I had a few of them as a kid.Why I Love Classic SonicMay 14, 2022View
5636ArticleBenjanime@echidna64 aye, sonic 2 had to have been one of the best game series sequels ever, i dare say i prefer it over sonic 3! @Julie only you can have such overwhelmingly pleasant and loving compliments for me, my love ❤ and so intriguing to see your memories too! i love you! @Mr Magic i would say sonic 2 is a great introduction to the series, it improved upon so much from the first game!Why I Love Classic SonicMay 03, 2022View
5635ArticleMr MagicI was first introduced to the wonderful world of Sonic at a friend's house in 1993. He had Sonic 2 and we played it all night long while the adults were talking somewhere. Then a year later, on my birthday, my parents took a surprise present out of the closet. And what was it? A Sega Genesis system and it came with Sonic 2! You could imagine my reaction. I was like a kid at Christmastime. Since then, I played the heck outta Sonic 2 and other games as well. Good 5imes!Why I Love Classic SonicMay 03, 2022View
5634ArticleJulieSo much charisma to the heart! ❤ How not loving you, sweet little @Benjanime? ❤ To me, the first Sonic games until the first Sonic Adventure, I love them all equally, all fantastic games to this day, since the beautiful graphics, simple plot and awesome musics. ❤ Sonic Mania is also a masterpiece. ❤ The Traveler's Tales Sonic games wasn't that interesting to me either, and Sonic Jam had potential, just the Sega cast that didn't want that 32-bit graphical quality for Sonic. Then, Sonic Adventure came out fantastic. ❤ To me, such good games never get old, on the contrary, they entertain and enchant to this day (just like Pokémon and many other beloved franchises). ❤Why I Love Classic SonicMay 03, 2022View
5633Articleechidna64I remember playing Sonic 2 for the first time with the iconic SEGA intro and the sound of rings. It really blew me away, one my favorite games of that era. Why I Love Classic SonicMay 03, 2022View
5632ArticlepikachuloverI wanted Floam so badly my family found some at a discount store. My parents let me have it but I had to use it on a protected surface. My parents were not usually like that. Stuff made a big mess and I was so disappointed. I hated selling a bunch of stuff and only getting an eraser or a bookmark or some cheap item. After a while I stopped selling stuff. I got sick trying to sell things nobody ?i knew wanted and getting bad prizes. Somebody did that to me too, but with a 1994 Toys R Us wishbook catalogue thing. Some guy borrowed it then claimed his little sister "ripped it up". Then he brought it to school a few days later. When I asked he acted like he had no idea what he was talking about. Top four disappointing moments of childhoodApr 27, 2022View
5631ArticleVaporman87Folks prefer some images scattered throughout the articles. But, having said that, this was an entertaining look into the "behind the counter" action in a video store. Those will be memories cherished forever, no doubt. Especially now that they've gone the way of the Dodo.I Was A Preteen Video Store Clerk for My Dad's ShopApr 22, 2022View
5630ArticleBenjanimenot bad for a first article, i could imagine you having some friends sit down as you tell them this story in these exact words. i recall being in some stores like these in a stagecoach market area in gloucester, virginia. there was a no smoking policy but one of the employees certainly had that cigarette smell coming off of their clothes and they had some sci-fi comics on little magazine stands while having some other novelties in the corners of the store (i think they also had some model cars of nascar vehicles).I Was A Preteen Video Store Clerk for My Dad's ShopApr 20, 2022View