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5688ArticleMr MagicMaximum Carnage was undoubtedly their best game. I remember the Terminator 2 game, their WWF games, the surfing game, and that Friday the 13th game. When I was a kid, I never really thought of how bad their games were. I was just a little guy, enjoying Nintendo.The History of LJNSep 21, 2022View
5687ArticleBenjanimeto be fair, at least their toys were worth it. i just can't say the same for their video games with how cheap they felt. friday the 13th used to scare me, now it just bores the heck out of me with that ridiculous map layout. jaws was, okay, but not a game i'd sit through either. i think the last LJN related game i ever played was maximum carnage on the SNES, for some reason i could never get past that wall crawling level.The History of LJNSep 21, 2022View
5686ArticleMr MagicDefinitely sounds inviting. I tried the Virtual Boy at a Blockbuster kiosk one time. I was playing some kind of tennis game. I don't think I've used Virtual Boy after that. The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 05, 2022View
5685ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic i currently own an oculus quest 2, it's a pretty neat headset as it doesn't require PC to play games, relying on its own hardware. the only downside is that some games can look like they have outdated graphics, so you have to look in the right direction for games that look more visually pleasing. also, there's a virtual boy emulator on it!The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 05, 2022View
5684ArticleMr MagicBen, have you tried a VR head set outside of the Virtual Boy? If so, is it any better?The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 04, 2022View
5683ArticleJulieYou're fine, my sweet @Benjanime. ❤❤ What takes my attention most is enemies not getting hurt by stage hazards. Rare is the game where it doesn't happen, to this day. Blind jumps do still exist, and the newest game where you'll face that is Pac-Man World Re-Pac. Cheating opponents A.I.? Only after playing SNK Neo-Geo AES fighting games on the real hardware it's when I really, really knew what it's all about. The difficulty is insane, completely cheating! Even playing on the easiest difficulty mode, different on playing on emulators. You know, emulators never accurately reproduce the opponents A.I. from real consoles, it's always a very different experience. Great article as always, my sweet love. ❤❤Gaming Pet PeevesSep 02, 2022View
5682ArticleJulieUnfortunately I didn't have the Virtual Boy experience. It's an intriguing console, the power of the 32-bit processing and the exciting novelty of the possible Virtual Reality experience. But after a few weeks, the bad news of the monochromatic red graphics and the headaches. A pity because the idea was amazing for the time. Great, passionate and charismatic article as always, honey. I love you, my @Benjanime!❤❤The Sad Fate of the Virtual BoySep 02, 2022View
5681ArticleBenjanimefor me it wasn't just judge doom's reveal that creeped me out in who framed roger rabbit, but the scene where doom kills off a cartoon shoe when putting it in the dip to show what it can do.5 Terrifying Memories from my ChildhoodSep 02, 2022View
5680ArticleBenjanimesorry for the small letters at the beginning of the article, this is the result of the letter size not staying where i want it toGaming Pet PeevesSep 02, 2022View
5679ArticleMr MagicThere's some cheap shirts on eBay. I'm thinking of buying one.How DARE Failed to Prevent Drug UseAug 18, 2022View