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5702ArticleBenjanimeit's unfortunate that eek! the cat just faded away into obscurity. apparently after the saban company bought out the property they didn't give a crap about it and wanted it gone so their own shows could get more attention. there hasn't even been any talks of a dvd release after all these years.5 Fox Kids shows I want to see on Disney PlusJan 21, 2023View
5701ArticleGame JoyYou listed the top notch 2000's games for the PlayStation! Blockbuster franchises like Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Duke Nukem, Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, all of them unforgettable and truly amazing! And that Driver 2 was great as well, superior than the predecessor. Thanks for sharing your charisma and good taste for games, my brother @Benjanime.Celebrating the Millennium with PlayStationJan 14, 2023View
5700ArticleGame JoyI totally agree with you! The sequels you mentioned and many, many other we know are fantastic, for all generation consoles! World of Illusion is a must have, and Crash Bandicoot 2 is really superior in graphics, gameplay and sound. I praise your high intelligence, my brother @Benjanime.Awesome Video Game SequelsJan 14, 2023View
5699ArticleJust_Esh_68'What a great entry! It was as if you were writing about my very own childhood. I think my favorite part was how you captured the innocence of the 80's; even though so many would make the claim that the decade was anything but! This was truly a favorite of mine! Summer's EndJan 11, 2023View
5698ArticleoniparGreat article. Loving mine, have had it for almost two years now.Retron 5 ReviewDec 29, 2022View
5697ArticleRetroOtaku620That's pretty cool! I think I might have to do my own review article on the RetroN 5, specifically the special edition that I got.Retron 5 ReviewDec 29, 2022View
5696ArticleSteveUrkelWelp... I gotta go find these bumpers on Youtube now. Holiday Television: Nickelodeon Christmas BlocksDec 22, 2022View
5695ArticleMr MagicI honestly don't remember that much about it. But I thought it was okay for what it was.Ferngully - A Cult Classic RememberedNov 13, 2022View
5694ArticleVaporman87That Simpsons set is incredible. What a variety!Fast Food Halloween: Burger King Halloween ToysOct 14, 2022View
5693ArticleVaporman87That feeling of disinterest happens eventually, but I can confidently tell you it returns to you if you have children. Maybe not in the same way, but there is a rush of excitement over trick-or-treating nonetheless.Spooky Time: Halloween MemoriesOct 14, 2022View