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5657ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic it's definitely an episode i wasn't expecting compared to the other memorable ones we're used to seeing with actual good morals to them, oh well. @Julie i suppose it's inevitable that anyone will get bullied throughout their years of school, sadly we must endure, but i'm glad you got through it as i did, my love ❤The Hey Arnold Episode The Creator HatedJun 17, 2022View
5656ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'll enjoy watching the entirety of the series with you, my love ❤TMNT: The Red Sky SeasonsJun 17, 2022View
5655ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'm glad you enjoyed the article, my love ❤ even today i think nerf guns are a neat novelty and it's fun going back to the ones i grew up with. i guess it's one piece of my childhood that's hard to get rid of honestly!Nerf Arena Blast: FPS Foamdart FunJun 17, 2022View
5654ArticleJulieNerf guns are one of my passions and I thank you for writing such charismatic, lovely article about the Nerf Arena Blast PC game, my sweetheart! ❤❤ Wanna watch an awesome gameplay of the game? Here it is! Enjoy. ;) Arena Blast: FPS Foamdart FunJun 17, 2022View
5653ArticleJulieI didn't watch the Red Sky seasons thanks to the Sega Genesis getting all my attention back then, but I clearly remember the hype for the Turtles in the 90's, and I love that to this day. ❤ Yes, I'm a fan of the TMNT, and also their amazing games. ❤❤ Great article! ;) TMNT: The Red Sky SeasonsJun 17, 2022View
5652ArticleJulieI didn't watch the episode (my Sega Genesis fault LOL) but I can imagine the embarrassment. Reminded me of my decades of being a bullying victim in all the schools I tried to study. Good article, my sweetheart. ❤The Hey Arnold Episode The Creator HatedJun 17, 2022View
5651ArticleBenjanime@Julie thank you always for your cute support, my love ❤Glover - A Trial and Error PlatformerJun 17, 2022View
5650ArticleJulieNever played this game before, but I remember it being showed on the gaming magazines of the time. And I agree with you, the game looks cute. ❤ One more article full of charisma, your registered mark, and video gaming passion. I love it from you, my sweet love @Benjanime! ❤❤Glover - A Trial and Error PlatformerJun 17, 2022View
5649ArticleMr MagicHidden Treasures and Sprinkle Spangles sound and taste very familiar.Rarely Remembered CerealsJun 16, 2022View
5648ArticlepikachuloverI only remember Hidden Treasures and Sprinkle Spangles. I begged my parents to buy me a box of Hidden Treasures and they tasted awful! You could always find the grape pieces because they were purple inside. I remember Sprinkle Spangles because they sent me a free sample. They were ok, but not good enough to buy a full size box. Rarely Remembered CerealsJun 16, 2022View