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5755ArticleVaporman87I have to say that of these, I think I like the Mario costume best. They're all good though!5 Childhood Pictures of Myself in Halloween CostumesOct 06, 2023View
5754ArticleVaporman87Garfield was always a personal favorite for me. I tried many times to learn to draw Garfield, never with much success. Jim's lines were always so precise, whereas mine were just too fluid and all over the place. Thanks for this great read!Garfield and Friends Turned Me in to a Garfield FanaticOct 06, 2023View
5752ArticleRetroOtaku620I actually like apples, so I wouldn't mind getting one in my trick or treat bag. But yeah, I didn't like candy sticks either. I know I ate them a lot when I was younger, but I definitely wouldn't want them now. I definitely wouldn't want a toothbrush as a treat, even if it would be Halloween themed. I probably wouldn't mind a coupon book as a kid, though I suppose it would depends on what the coupons are for.Top 5 Best and Worst things to get in...Sep 30, 2023View
5750ArticleRetroOtaku620Can I also please share this article with the host of the Weird Darkness podcast? This is the kind of story he would read on his podcast. Again, it would be a great way to promote this site.The Real GooniesSep 27, 2023View
5749ArticleRetroOtaku620You don't mind if I share this with the host of a certain podcast, would you? Think of it as a nice way to promote this site. The podcast is called Weird Darkness, by the way.Childhood FearsSep 26, 2023View
5747ArticleMr MagicThe 11 year-old me used to think Summer was attractive. And what guy didn't adore Kelly Kapowski?My Top Five 90's CrushesSep 24, 2023View
5746ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic Yep, apparently the same writers of the Deadpool movie were involved with the show and had no general knowledge of the game characters, so yeah, basically Sweet Tooth became a joke.The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 20, 2023View
5745ArticleMr Magic@Ben: Wait, wait wait! Sweet Tooth's twerks in the TM show?! Was going to watch, but after learning about that...The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 20, 2023View
5744ArticleBenjanime@RetroOtaku That only counts as a cameo though, not as a new installment. Rare said that they have no intention of making a new game because there's not enough fan demand for it.Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 18, 2023View
5743ArticleMr MagicInteresting fact, Flix. :)Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 18, 2023View