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Seconding the love for Dave's Killer Bread. That stuff is deeee-licious.
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Well. I saw Dave's Killer Bread in a store the other day and bought a skinny-sliced loaf. It's really good. So far I have had it for toast, cold sandwich, and grilled cheese. It's good for everything. Now I might not buy it often, since it hasn't appeared yet in any of my four regular grocery stores; and Mrs steak can't eat it (allergies); but I do recommend it for sure. Thanks, years later, for telling me about it.
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No problem, I owe you one because I went to a Steak N Shake in Iowa on account of your username and loved the place!
On an interesting note, I found out about Dave's Killer Bread from fellow member, Eddstarr who made a post about it on Retrojunk almost 7 years ago.
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Rick Ace Rhodes
I enjoy Dave's Killer Bread as well. I tried it out back over the summer when my mother brought home a loaf for the house. It's a lot healthier then the previous bread I used to eat and I think I will stick to it full time.

The only draw back is that it doesn't feel so good coming out of you. 
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