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612ArticlevkimoThanks VH. I lucked out recently at a garage sale and scored a box full of assorted action figures. Plus at the local thrift store I lucked out on a treasure trove of M.A.S.K figures and MOTU guys. I think I'll just past them down to my kids one day. It would save me money in the long run too haha Masters of the Toybox May 06, 2013View
611ArticleVaporman87I really enjoyed the image of your growing collection of figures from your past. Most of my figures were doomed to a similar fate as yours, with parents selling them off in yard sales (with, regrettably, my approval) or simply lost or tossed. It seems that, despite your not growing up in the decade you really wanted to do so in, you were able to capture a bit of it with the hand-me-down toys of the 80's. That's a good start. :) Great read vkimo! Thanks for this.Masters of the Toybox May 06, 2013View
610ArticleOldSchool80sYeah, it was kind of implied how badass Boba Fett was in the movies, but the prequel stuff has allowed them to explore that and explain how he got that reputation.Boba Fett - My Favorite Action FigureMay 06, 2013View
609ArticleAceNThaHoleI like some of the Boba Fett stuff that's out there now because of the prequels. Some of that stuff is just off the hook I always liked Boba Fett and the lizard looking dude from the bounty hunters scene with VaderBoba Fett - My Favorite Action FigureMay 06, 2013View
608ArticleOldSchool80sThanks, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I wish I had many of my former toys in the original unopened package, but I think it was worth it having all that fun playing with them back then. My favorite Boba Fett move was the nod after Leia dressed up like another bounty hunter negotiated with Jabba for Chewbacca.Boba Fett - My Favorite Action FigureMay 06, 2013View
607ArticleVaporman87Who doesn't have just a little love for Boba Fett. Sure he's a bit heartless and maybe not so nice, but he DID have to watch his dad get his head lightsabered off by Shaft. How would that make YOU feel? Anyhow, his figure is worth a great deal of money because of his cult popularity and this mail away status. Can you imagine if you had left him in the package and kept it locked away in a vacuum sealed safe? Yeah, me neither. But still... if you had... you'd be the envy of Star Wars Ebay members everywhere. Thanks for this OldSchool! A great read.Boba Fett - My Favorite Action FigureMay 05, 2013View
606ArticleAceNThaHoleHas anybody seen the Heman movie here, from the 80s?New Eyes on He-Man and She-RaMay 03, 2013View
605Articleshakin steakBut I lack that connection with He-Man, too.New Eyes on He-Man and She-RaMay 03, 2013View
604ArticleVaporman87I think with Bravestarr, you have a lack of interesting characters. With He-Man, you could introduce new characters from the line and kids would feel invested in them simply because they had the action figure of that character. With Bravestarr, you lack that connection because of it's success was more dependent on the show as opposed to a toy line.New Eyes on He-Man and She-RaMay 03, 2013View
603Articleshakin steakI will keep an eye out for DiTillo episodes. I mainly recognized Dini from his credits on Batman TAS. First time I saw his name on the opening shot of a He-Man episode I was like "Holy ****!" I think that was my first clue that there is some quality in there. I've watched a few episodes of Bravestarr; so far it hasn't really grabbed me. Same with Ghostbusters.New Eyes on He-Man and She-RaMay 03, 2013View