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305VideoMr MagicI never thought I'd see this again.Crystal Dynamics 1995 Game Line-UpFeb 12, 2013View
304ArticleVaporman87I had a few of the Iron Man line from Toy Biz in the mid 90's, though they were the 10" scale figures. I believe one was called "Steel Tech Iron Man" and the armor was a slightly different design than that which he wore at that time. I can't agree more with the idea that variants water down a line with poorly designed or executed products. It's discouraging at times. The 200X MOTU line suffered from this. Just google "Disco Skeletor" and you'll see what I mean. Ugh.The Curse of the VariantFeb 12, 2013View
303VideoblueluigiThis is from the second season. They got rid of the Pitfall and Donkey Kong Jr. segments and replaced them with Kangaroo and Space Ace.Saturday Supercade IntroFeb 12, 2013View
302ArticlevkimoPunisher's penis gun is hilarious.The Curse of the VariantFeb 11, 2013View
301ArticleraptorI always wanted a room just like Ferris'. I can't count how many times I re-arranged my bedroom to try and emulate something I saw either on tv or because I wanted my room to look like my friends' room. Nice article man.Retro RoomsFeb 11, 2013View
300ArticleVaporman87You should be able to resize the pics within the submission editor, though I think it depends a bit on the browser you're using.Retro RoomsFeb 11, 2013View
299ArticlevkimoYou're right about smells. I was at WalMart and got a whiff of marshmallows that totally took me back in time. Same thing with crayons. I'm also glad the pictures for re-sized. They were breaking the page in edit mode hahaRetro RoomsFeb 10, 2013View
298ArticleVaporman87I think besides smells, the site of this type of decor prompt the most feelings of nostalgia in me. My prior home was filled with this sort of "stuck in time" design. You were engulfed in paneling. The original carpets were shag, and simply nasty from the wear (they had to be replaced). Great read vkimo! Thanks for this.Retro RoomsFeb 10, 2013View
297VideoMr MagicVery entertaining. Thanks for posting this.The Wild Thornberrys: The Vacent LotFeb 09, 2013View
296VideoMr MagicDonkey Kong Country 2 was not an easy game, but you know what? I hung in there and I played hard! I rule!The Invasion of Nintendo - SNES PromoFeb 08, 2013View