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410VideoMr MagicI don't remember walking into Burger King and seeing those ladies with the weird hats.Burger King Commercial '76Feb 21, 2013View
409VideoVaporman87They sure have changed since '83. The exercise bikes that is. Well, and about everything else in the video too, I suppose.Sears Christmas '83 AdFeb 21, 2013View
408VideoMr MagicI'll take the exercise bike. I got some calories to burn.Sears Christmas '83 AdFeb 21, 2013View
407VideoMr MagicBilly's guitar looks interesting.Smashing Pumpkins - Zero Feb 21, 2013View
406VideoMr MagicThis is even faster than the album version. But that's a good thing! :DSmashing Pumpkins - Geek U.S.A. (Live)Feb 21, 2013View
405VideoVaporman87Lady In Red was all over the radio for like 2 weeks and then it finally faded a bit. I swear it seemed like every 5th song was Lady In Red during that time.Chris de Burgh - Don't Pay The FerrymanFeb 21, 2013View
404VideoVaporman87This and Friday Night Videos were staples of a Friday evening at my house.MTV Bumper - I Want My MTVFeb 21, 2013View
403VideoJoeI used to hang out at my grandparents' house because they had cable and I could watch MTV. One of my fave bands back then was The Scorpions. "Jump" was probably my favorite videoMTV Bumper - I Want My MTVFeb 21, 2013View
402VideoJoeBig contrast from his other song "Lady In Red". Never could figure out what would happen if you did pay the ferryman..Chris de Burgh - Don't Pay The FerrymanFeb 21, 2013View
401VideoBenjanime@vaporman87: i haven't tried it myself, but according to someone on a gaming messageboard, prior to selecting the summon nothing happens, and the game crashes a couple of seconds afterKingdom Hearts Early 2001 E3 TrailerFeb 21, 2013View