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581ArticleAceNThaHoleLove all these songs. A cool collection that I wish I had burned on a cd or something. hmmmm, thats a good idea come to think of itTop Songs from the 80s about MONEYApr 16, 2013View
580ArticleraptorLove this list man! This would make a great 80s collection. Somehow I knew Dire Straits would be number one. Money for nothin' says it all! Top Songs from the 80s about MONEYApr 16, 2013View
579ArticleVaporman87An awesome list for sure. There are indeed a great many tunes from the 80's centered around making a living, or enjoying the high life, among other themes involving money. So many hits on the list too. It's not a wonder why so many have labeled the 80's the "Decade of Decadence". Thanks for this OldSchool!Top Songs from the 80s about MONEYApr 16, 2013View
578VideoMr MagicAn oldie but a goodie! :DTaz-Mania IntroApr 15, 2013View
577VideoarizvegaI LOVE IT!!Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Intro - Season 1Apr 15, 2013View
576VideoarizvegaI LOVE THIS GAME!!Batman Returns for SNESApr 15, 2013View
575ArticleraptorA favorite of mine is Gremlins. Ive never seen Critters but Gremlins and Gremlins 2 were both fun to watch, though the sequel was not as entertaining. Good article manMovie Mogwai: Tiny Creature Features Movies Part 1Apr 14, 2013View
574ArticleRevJGreat story! I can still remember the days my mum asked me if I wanted to keep the Atari, and the C64. And I said I didn't, check em... Wail! However she is actually moving house later this month, and if there's no old boxes of mine to plunder, I will be peeking at my brother's and sister's stuff :)My Visit To The AtticApr 14, 2013View
573ArticleRevJCool! I still have the map I made for this game on the C64. In my memories I'm also recalling the Monty Mole games. Good times playing on the '64The Jet Set Willy SagaApr 14, 2013View
572ArticleVaporman87Very fun read MatuX. Gremlins was a favorite of mine for a long time. I too am surprised by the amount of violence in it. Many films of the 80s had a great deal more violence and language while still managing a PG rating. I'm thankful for the PG - 13 rating we gave these days.Movie Mogwai: Tiny Creature Features Movies Part 1Apr 13, 2013View