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Dream Toys

By: MissM

Do you ever wonder about certain toys that should have been made, but never were? Or even entire toy lines that would have been completely brilliant in plastic form, but sadly never even made it into reality? I do all the time; particularly properties from my youth. The 80’s and 90’s were a hotbed of awesome movies, television shows, and games that were simply begging for a toy line. After much thought, I have decided to share some toys that could have been the greatest items ever.


Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


We don’t need another hero and I’m not sure we need a Mel Gibson figure in our modern times, but I have always wished that there had been a Tina Turner as Aunty Entity figure from this movie. Well, there are a few characters from this movie that needed to be made in toy form. This is one of my favorite movies which is sometimes hard to admit because I know over the past few years Mel Gibson has certainly dug a hole for himself with his words and actions, but I am trying not to focus on the real life actor and instead talk about how wonderful a toy line would have been from this movie.


Back when ToyFare was still in print, I recall one of their fabled blurbs on toy lines that should be made, and one issue focused on Thunderdome having a toy line. Reading that was such a joy because I felt like I had some silent connection with people that came from the same tribe as me. Of course! Why wouldn’t people want a toy line from this movie? It had everything. When I was little I would drape my blankets over me pretending to be Tina Turner and her awesome dress from this movie. To say I was obsessed with her role was an understatement. So yes, a toy line based from this particular Mad Max film would have been amazing.




I know there have been limited edition dolls and Burger King toys of certain Archie characters, but I would have loved a nice line of 6 inch or so figures or action dolls featuring the cast of Archie Comics.


Archie and Jughead would have translated well into an action figure line; I’m thinking something from Playmates or Kenner. Those two companies would have been perfect for this property.


Of course Betty and Veronica would have been a part of the line as well. I’m not sure if they would have worked better with rooted hair or sculpted. In my dreams the toys would have been as close to the comics as possible and I would have played out the endless dramas of Archie and his teen friends.


Troop Beverly Hills


This is a no brainer. I actually can’t believe this has yet to be done. Where oh where is a Shelley Long doll from this movie? I know it would have been a bit of a stretch to have had this as a real item back then, but if Integrity Toys can make a Mommie Dearest doll, why not try their hand at the best mom in Beverly Hills? This movie never gets old and neither would a nice Shelley Long doll complete with replica Wilderness Girls outfit.




Regardless if we’re talking about the movie or the board game, I always wished that there had been a Clue toy line when I was a kid. I was not content with colorful pawn pieces and a flat board game to satiate my need for a good murder mystery. An actual toy line would have been utterly delightful. Each character could have come with a signature Clue weapon and there could have also been play sets of each room that when snapped together could build the mansion. How cool would something like that have been? Oh I always loved Clue.


I was always Miss Scarlet. (Such a surprise, I know.) When I would play this game with my parents, they had some ‘rule’ where whoever was playing Miss Scarlet always got to go first. I took that rule seriously, which was actually to my detriment because when I played this game with my friends they simply thought I was too weird for words.


Candy Land


Speaking of board games, there is one more property that desperately needed a cool toy line. I grew up with this version of Candy Land, and it was simply everything. The board was full of colorful areas and characters. These characters have long been in need of a great toy treatment. Let’s check them out!


We’ve got King Kandy. He looks simply delicious and I think that this dream toy line would have featured each character in a different height. (You’ll see why in a minute.)


Plumpy, the Last of the Plumpa Trolls looks like the Hulk’s baby, and by that I mean he looks pretty cool. As does Gramma Nutt (pictured to the right.) The look of these characters has always been very fun and in some visions of them dancing in my head, I see the toy line having a scented feature for each character. Plump would smell like artificial plum while Gramma Nutt would smell like peanut butter.


Mr. Mint and Jolly, the Official Gumdrop Mountain Greeter, would have also been perfect for an action figure line. All those pinks and reds with Mr. Mint are eye dazzling. I’d imagine that if Sir Elton John were to become a piece of candy he would look something like Jolly. I think it has to do with the glasses.


This next character was one that always made me feel slightly gross. Princess Lolly not only had a crown of lollipops, but she also had them on her dress. I personally never understood how she did it, because the idea of lollipops and their sticky mess in my hair and on my clothes was enough to perplex me as a neurotic child. However, she’d really need to be made. Incidentally this dream line would work well as solid PVC figures or figures with some articulation. The Candy Land Kids would also be an important addition to the line.


Even the sweetest of games requires just a bit of evil to throw things off. Lord Licorice looks divine as the perfect villain! Could you just imagine how his cape would translate to an actual figure? (Most of you already know my thoughts on capes.)


Up next was my favorite character from this version of Candy Land. Queen Frostine had elements of Frosta and Glinda the Good Witch rolled into one fun confection. Plus her section of the board was the ice cream area. Her role in the Candy Land Kingdom sounds perfect. Growing up I always hoped that this character would make it in figure form. It’s never too late, right?


Finally there is Gloppy the Molasses Monster. He looks pretty gross and sloppy. I feel out of all the characters, his figure would have been the bulkiest out of the group. His scent would have been very sweet with a hint of chocolate and maybe syrup? What does molasses actually smell like? I’ve only known molasses in terms of describing how I get around. Ba-da-bum. That’s it for the Candy Land characters. Wouldn’t this version of Candy Land make for the perfect toy line?


There are of course many more dream toy lines that I wish had been made. (I could have totally gone into my usual rant on the Fifth Element figures, but I have already done that here.) I have full faith that I will write on this topic again though. How could I not? There’s always going to be that dream toy line that never made it. What kind of dream toy line do you wish had been made? (Or in some cases could even still have a chance.) Let me know! I hope all is well, take care everyone.


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Fulton4V Posted on Jan 24, 2014 at 04:44 PM

In the early 00s I bought some of the Mad max toys that were figures. They reminded me of Gijoe or Star Wars figures. I dont know how made them.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 07:04 PM

I meant to add some words about Clue also. I would like to see a line of characters from that movie. That is one of the VERY few movies that I can actually REMEMBER watching in the theater.

MissM Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 05:50 AM

Well, I must say, Shelley Long from Cheers would be amazing! Actually, Cheers figures would be pretty cool anyway.

I am so surprised that there has yet to be a decent line of Archie figures! It just makes no sense! I know there have been dolls and stuff, but I want some cool figures.

The Monopoly guy would also be so good too! I like that you feel the same way. There are some board games that have some great characters just begging for the royal figure treatment! One can only hope.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 09:52 PM

I think I am in agreement with you on ALMOST all of these properties have some kind of plastic treatment. With the exception of Troop Beverly Hills. The only collectible version of Shelley Long I would even LOOK at on a shelf would be something from Cheers probably. :)

I'm surprised that Archie hasn't yet had some kind of figure available in stores. I'm now seeing properties like Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear in Toys 'R Us. So I don't think Archie is a big stretch. His gang's been around long enough for one.

Lastly, I would be very interested to see more board game to action figure collectible action happening. I would pick the Monopoly guy, some Candy Land figs maybe.

Thanks Miss M!

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