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My favorite part has always been after the fight, when Randy is hiding under the sink and he's whimpering and crying "Daddy's gonna kill Ralllphiiiieee" "No he's not' "Yes he is too!" or something like that LOL

I remember a VERY VERY long time ago seeing Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss on the Disney Channel (probably very late 80s) and not realizing the first two viewings that it was a sequel to A Christmas Story. Then years later I saw another sequel called It Runs In The family or Our Summer Story or something like that with Charles Grodin and one of the Culkin kids was Ralphie.  I honestly thought It Runs In The Family it was a pretty good movie if you pretended the original didn't exist but that's just my opinion. Ollie Hopnoodle's was interesting for what it was, but I just never associate it with A Christmas Story even though Jerry O'Connoll is Ralphie as a teen. 

Interestingly enough today I saw on Facebook a kind of  Mandela Effect about the first film. I guess you'd call it that or literally just a few people misheard it. There's a number of people that think that the old man said "Must be French" instead of his line about Fragile being Italian.
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Firstly, welcome to RD Dalek! We are pleased to have you aboard!

Secondly, thanks for the info on the supposed sequels. I’ll have to check those out

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You love this signature.
Not sure I posted it here, but I visited the house and block where they filmed it a few years back in Cleveland. Awesome place.

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Scut Farkus! What a rotten name! There he stood, staring out at us with his yellow eyes. He had yellow eyes! So help me God! Yellow eyes!

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The women of New Vegas ask me a lot if there's a Mrs. New Vegas. Well, of course there is! You're her. And you're still just as perfect as the day we met.
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