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What I Did On My Summer Vacation, part 2:

You could seriously spend hours taking photos of ancient ruins and/or coast lines. 
I did, at least. But no photo can really compare to being there physically.

I loved this place. Another smaller Island with something like only a thousand people living on it.

Hey look, a lens flare! And I didn't even need to use an Instagram filter! But seriously,
I really like the way this picture came out.

Awesome looking rock structure that I of course forgot the name of.

In Conclusion: Sicily is awesome. If you ever get the chance, absolutely go. Even if you have kids, like I know some of you here do. They may not appreciate the historical stuff, but you can introduce them to gelato..which is like ice cream, but even better.

Bonus photo of a sleepy boi

(That's another thing. Lots of stray dogs and cats all over the place. Most of them seemed to be well fed, though)

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Tut tut, gentle Marge! Here in the boudoir, the gourmand metamorphizes into...the voluptuary!

Wow! Quite a trip jkatz! Amazing photos. What a beautiful place

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Awesome trip photos

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As mentioned elsewhere, I am currently on a mini-vacation with the family here at Virginia Beach. It is nice to be here during the off-season. It's still warm, the streets are nearly empty... it's like we have everything to ourselves. On the down side, Hurricane Michael is going to barrel through the inland and exit right over top of us. By the time it gets here, it will have died off significantly. But it's going to put a damper on the end of our trip and our drive home.
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wish i had the gas money to say hi to ya down there vapor. my vacation ended up being a wasted opportunity due to the lack of money needed for admission to dollywood, so i just went walking around at the island theme park and went swimming at the hotel pool for most of my time there. worst vacation ever, in short.
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Calm before the storm here at Va. Beach:

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