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Thanks Soon we'll know the cream of the crop. I liked all of them.
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Lee and Linz from Pop Rewind have made their tough choice:

Hi Tony,

Thanks again
for asking us to be judges for the RetroDaze Annual Article Contest. The
theme this year was really creative and so were all the entries-- they
were a pleasure to read!

Russell - The Black-Eyed Simpson is our
#1 pick. The use of humor, very relatable situations, and living through
the character really made this entry stand out for us.

As runner-up, we had to go with Oh Pooter! We can never again eat Dunkaroos or play Tekken 2 and not think of Pooter.

to the winners and to everyone who entered. You all did a great job and
we loved getting to read about and see your original characters!

--Linz and Lee

WesAllen (of the Past Forward Podcast) sweeps in for the win! Just goes to show that you never know what to expect with these contests.

Thanks to everyone who entered. These were a lot of fun to read. And congratulations to WesAllen. Nicely done sir.
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You love this signature.
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Woah! Totally unexpected after seeing the other articles, I didn't think I had a chance. What a fun topic to write for, thanks Tony! And thanks Linz and Lee for judging, I know that had to be a hard choice. Everybody did so awesome!

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congrazzles guys!
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Congratulations to the winners.
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Congratulations guys. Pop Rewind's posse is hard to beat!
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Congrats for the top spot, WesAllen!  I loved reading your article.

After all these years in retirement, I'm just glad Pooter was able to make an impression.  Brings a tear to my eye that anyone will think of him while eating Dunkaroos.  It takes me back to my childhood, for sure.

There were great articles from everyone.  Thanks, Linz and Lee, for judging!  And thanks for running such fun article contests, Tony!
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