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Rick Ace Rhodes
Gawd d**n. That is absolute bulls**t. I feel a storm of angry complaints heading Knownhost's way.
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*Insert funny signature here*
Mr Magic
"I was livid with KnownHost. I demanded they refund the hosting fees for the six months of hard work, articles, site updates, forum discussions, etc. that we lost. They offered nothing."

Pure robbery.
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Possibly the best non-murder moment in a Friday the 13th movie.


I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in an all out battle to find and destroy the "Finding Discounts" virus and eliminate it from my 2007 desktop.

My plan was to catch up with you guys after Thanksgiving. When Retro-Daze wasn't there I panicked.  Jumped on my new computer and, same deal. Vaporman, I'm so sorry this happened. Your host was sleeping on the job, never expected backups happening twice per year! 

Nice little wake-up to find R-D gone, A reminder that all this online stuff should not be taken for granted.
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We're with you Vapor. I'll continue posting and writing with the same enthusiasm as before, at least we learned a valuable lesson and will only deal with A+ companies.

On the bright side, my points went from 350 to over 1700 haha
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Anything you need that I can help with, I'm here.
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This is like a Back to the Future movie....

"I wish I could go back to May and put some money on the Cubbies!"
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Yeah, I feel like I just stepped back to my May self, with my original blood pressure medicine and all the side effects. 
"Is that you grandma?"
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Well, I'm glad to see this place back up and running, at least. I was disappointed it was down for the last few days. What happened totally isn't fair, though. I'm really sorry, Vaporman.
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One small ray of hope that I'm clinging to is this: In mid-September, prior to starting work on the mobile overhaul, Rakesh set up our website on a test server. If he installed the entire website from mid-September, we might be able to pull from his test server, and gain an additional 4 months of content. I'm trying to get in contact with him about this, and will keep you all updated.
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You love this signature.
Well, now I know to completely avoid using Hostgator when starting up a website.
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