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Hey all, i'm new to Retro Daze

I've jumped across from 80's xchange.

So I have a couple of questions.

1. Why Cant I use the store..i'm UK based can't enter my address. I really would like a cassette USB stick.

2. I can't upload a profile pic. I tried PNG and just looked at me gone out and did nothing.

3. When is the theatre mode gonna be open?

4. Why not add a retro arcade to the site give members a chance to revel in the marvels of 80's 90's gaming.

Thanks for the add and 'have a nice weekend'

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Mr Magic
Welcome to our neck of the woods.

I can answer a couple of those:

The profile pic has to be a certain size: 2 MB.

And the theater opens when a movie is about to start.
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Hey supes.

1. The point costs in the store reflect shipping to the US only. I can ship to the UK, but there will be additional point costs associated with shipping... likely to the tune of 10% more.

If you have the points, you can purchase the item, enter additional address info in the "Address2" box, and then I will manually subtract the extra 10% prior to shipping. Sound fair?

2. Hmmm. How large was the image you were trying to upload?

3. The theater has collected some dust since the Christmas Special last year. I was going to premiere "Kung Fury" in it on the day it released, but the language in the film made that not possible (not that I DON'T watch films with bad language, it's just that my kids tend to want to watch the movie with me when it's playing in the theater, and I don't want them hearing that).

There is a Power Rangers fan film that I got permission to premiere in the theater that should be done sometime this summer. Until then, we could always watch one of the 4 or 5 "bad" movies that have already shown in there over the years.

4. Got that covered. There's just not a link here to it (for legal reasons). You'll find it here.
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You love this signature.
Mr Magic
Speaking of Kung Fury, the description is laughable.

"During an unfortunate series of events a friend of Kung Fury is
assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time:
Adolf Hitler"

That's just part of the description, but it's pretty funny.
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Welcome to the Technodrome buddy!
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heya, welcome to the daze of retro B)
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A big  hearty retro daze welcome to the both of youse.
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