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Mr Magic
A family moves into a dream home, but later found out there was meth inside.


Did the person who sold them that home even know about the meth?
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I hate it when people give too much credit to studio executives for successes. For instance, this piece on Jeffrey Katzenberg's new venture, in which they give him credit for things like The Little Mermaid, Alladin, and The Lion King. Pretty sure the creative team would beg to differ.
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I know it goes without saying that I am a gamer... however, there's moments like this that makes me actually ashamed to be one... and make me want to stay away from the Smash Bros eSports scene.

If you SERIOUSLY lack the common sense for basic hygiene when going out in public and interacting with other human beings, you FAIL at life. And if this is how you take care of yourself, then good luck finding a girlfriend. It's laughable that losers like them wonder why they will continue to remain a virgin well into their 30s and 40s. 
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Mr Magic
The American media continues to go gaga over the Royal Wedding for no reason except to make money.

I don't really need to post a link to show their stupidity.
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