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From my personal experience, any job you work that deals with customers, you're bound to run into the occasional one that will be ticked off for petty reasons.

For instance, I was doing work in the garden department where I work, and there was a customer who was demanding a VERY SPECIFIC request from the store. One that goes against the rules of the store. Nevertheless, they complied with the man's request, mainly because they knew the guy was bats**t insane. But he was trying to pay with a Macy's credit card, which got declined. About an hour later, he comes back with the items he asked to pay for, while not only cutting in line, but also, interrupting a transaction. He demanded the cashier to cancel the transaction she's working on just to pay for his, ALL WHILE THERE'S A BIG LINE OF PEOPLE WAITING TO PURCHASE. At that point, the man not only got ticked off at the cashier, but he started harassing her. 
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I'm no Eminem fan, nor am I a fan of Beyonce... but THIS... well, it's retarded.

Seriously people, saying something is retarded is NOT a slur! People need to get over themselves.

People instantly associate the word "retard" with mentally handicapped people, but that is not what anyone refers to when using the word. Mentally handicapped people do not have exclusive ownership of the word. If I call you a retard, it's not because I feel no sympathy for mentally handicapped people, nor are those people in any way being thought of when using it. It's because you acted foolish in some way. Intention means everything here. If you are somehow offended, perhaps you should examine yourself for flaws first, then go read a dictionary.
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You love this signature.
Mr Magic
Eminem's too old to be a rapper. 

Still, he's a figure of controversy.
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