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41908Christmas HaulsI really liked Paper Mario on the Gamecube, the level's quirky designs really made it engaging.<div><br></div><div>@ Vapor, glad you liked it! If you can track one down, they also released a Power Sword letter opener to accompany it.</div><div><br></div><div><img width="300" height="300" src="/images/postImages/1547591398motuopenerandholder0_full.jpg"></div>vkimoJan 15, 2019View
41907Spider-Man: Far From HomeIt looks okay. It's nice that we are getting Mysterio, but given the ending of the previous film I was kind of looking forward to seeing Scorpion.Rick Ace RhodesJan 15, 2019View
41906Spider-Man: Far From HomeSpider-Man: Home Aloneechidna64Jan 15, 2019View
41905The Caféjust a reminder that <a href="">the wii shop channel closes at the end of the month.</a><br>BenjanimeJan 15, 2019View
41904Spider-Man: Far From Home<div>spider-man homecoming</div><div>spider-man far from home</div><div>spider-man's wife is not home</div><div>spider-man has a mistress home</div><div>spider-man lost his home</div>BenjanimeJan 15, 2019View
41903Spider-Man: Far From HomeI agree Vapor, looks like a setup!<div><br></div><div>I've always loved Mysterio and am excited to see him on the big screen, fishbowl and all!</div>echidna64Jan 15, 2019View
41902Valentine DazeLovely theme, Vapor.<br>Mr MagicJan 15, 2019View
41901Last Movie You WatchedThanks for leading me to this film, echidna.<br>Mr MagicJan 15, 2019View
41900Christmas Hauls<p>@shakin: But what we’re all really wondering is if the reclaimed lumber book was any good</p>Vaporman87Jan 15, 2019View
41899Christmas Haulslol Vaporman / vkimo that's awesome!<div><br></div><div>It turns out I did like SPM.&nbsp;</div>shakin steakJan 15, 2019View