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Boba Fett - My Favorite Action Figure

I have been a Star Wars fan since those big letters started scrolling up the screen when my parents took me and my brother to see the first film in the theater as children. It was only natural that the Kenner Star Wars action figures would go on to become our favorite toys for at least several years.

Imagine (or remember) a time before even the VCR, and certainly well before the DVD or DVR, when you couldn't just watch a movie or show whenever you wanted and as often as you wanted. Boba FettA kid who was obsessed with Star Wars took whatever exposure to the film he could get whether that was books, magazines, records, trading cards and, best of all, action figures. We used our imagination and those little action figures to recreate scenes or play out new ones. I am so glad that George Lucas made that brilliant decision to sell action figures as part of his merchandising strategy (and I bet he is, too) because they provided hours and hours of enjoyment during my childhood.

Of all of my prized Star Wars action figures, I think my favorite has to be Boba Fett. The Boba Fett action figure was first made available only through a mail-away offer in 1979. The offer was presented before we would even see him in The Empire Strikes Back for the first time, though the character was technically first introduced in the infamous 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special. Many don't remember that the bounty hunter actually made an appearance in a cartoon segment where he pretends to befriend Han, Chewie, Luke and Leia while secretly plotting with Darth Vader to trap the Rebel Alliance. [He would later be inserted into a scene in the Special Edition version of A New Hope, but that doesn't count since it was released in 1997.] Based on the Christmas Special cartoon and his upcoming larger role in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back, Kenner made Boba Fett available by mail if you sent in four proof-of-purchase seals from other Star Wars action figures. Here is a TV commercial promoting this special mail-away offer...

The Boba Fett action figure was originally intended and advertised to have a spring-launched rocket-firing back pack, but it was removed for safety reasons prior to shipping any of them out to customers. Boba FettHe still had his back pack, but the rocket was firmly attached to it and did not launch preventing it from shooting into someone's eye or being swallowed by a small child. It is reported that some prototypes with the rocket-firing back pack have made it out into the market and have become quite valuable and highly sought-after due to rarity. I was more than happy with my Boba Fett just the way I received him back then.

My brother and I both sent in our proof-of-purchase seals and eagerly anticipated the arrival of our action figures. Boba Fett was extra special because you could not buy him in stores; you could only get him though this special mail-in offer. I think that is partly why Boba Fett always remained one of my favorites. We couldn't wait to see what role the bounty hunter would play in The Empire Strikes Back since we received the action figure about a year before the film was released. He didn't let us down. Boba Fett was pretty badass in the movies (until he later screamed like a girl, slammed into the side of Jabba's barge and was swallowed by the sarlacc). Another plus is that, since he wore a mask, his action figure looked more exactly like the character on screen in the movie. This is an advantage that the action figures for Darth Vader and the droids had over those with human faces like Luke, Han and Leia. I still have my original well-played-with Boba Fett action figure over 30 years later (see picture). He sits on my desk next to my computer and is another reminder of how much I still love Star Wars and the 80s.

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Check this out: I thought this was particularly appropriate based on the subject of this issue. Who knew that Boba had these kinds of moves? (Though admittedly he's not quite as badass as usual.) Two 80s pop culture forces collide when everybody's favorite bounty hunter and Flashdance come together in an unexpected way...

Mandalorian Dance by PatrickBoivin

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AceNThaHole Posted on May 16, 2013 at 01:43 PM

Fett should have his own series, I would watch it!

OldSchool80s Posted on May 08, 2013 at 01:13 AM

Thanks, raptor. Glad you enjoyed it!

raptor Posted on May 07, 2013 at 01:58 AM

Frickin Boba Fett man! Dude is heavy. I always wish they had explored the mandalorians more in the films. Not sure if thats been done in a novel or game, but its so ripe with potential. This was a fun article man, nice.

OldSchool80s Posted on May 06, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Yeah, it was kind of implied how badass Boba Fett was in the movies, but the prequel stuff has allowed them to explore that and explain how he got that reputation.

AceNThaHole Posted on May 06, 2013 at 02:33 AM

I like some of the Boba Fett stuff that's out there now because of the prequels. Some of that stuff is just off the hook

I always liked Boba Fett and the lizard looking dude from the bounty hunters scene with Vader

OldSchool80s Posted on May 06, 2013 at 12:35 AM

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I wish I had many of my former toys in the original unopened package, but I think it was worth it having all that fun playing with them back then.

My favorite Boba Fett move was the nod after Leia dressed up like another bounty hunter negotiated with Jabba for Chewbacca.

Vaporman87 Posted on May 05, 2013 at 05:46 AM

Who doesn't have just a little love for Boba Fett. Sure he's a bit heartless and maybe not so nice, but he DID have to watch his dad get his head lightsabered off by Shaft. How would that make YOU feel?

Anyhow, his figure is worth a great deal of money because of his cult popularity and this mail away status. Can you imagine if you had left him in the package and kept it locked away in a vacuum sealed safe? Yeah, me neither. But still... if you had... you'd be the envy of Star Wars Ebay members everywhere.

Thanks for this OldSchool! A great read.

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