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Operation Santa

Snowflakes begin to fall, winter is here. 

There are tidings of joy and holiday cheer.

The sights and sounds of Christmas are clear. Bing Crosby fills the airways on the snowy bus ride home and everyone is bundled up from head to toe. Wreaths hang from the storefronts and Christmas lights begin to populate the rooftops in the neighborhood.

I was on shovel duty. My job was to clear the driveway for safe passage for my mom and dad. With my boots in the slush and a plastic shovel in hand, I was a little human snow plow. Whenever my brothers or sister came outside to see how I was doing, there was always time for the occasional snowball.

Once inside, it was time for hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup. 

We would watch Christmas movies together in the living room. How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer were some of the holiday favorites in rotation. With the movies on in the background we would decorate the Christmas tree. My mom had several classic Disney ornaments that we would hang up on the tree one at a time. The decorating was always a half-day undertaking and I hardly remember my dad being there for that part, he was always working.

I had heard stories of children who had seen Santa Claus. It was always a brief encounter and Santa would vanish up the chimney in a flash. I wanted to be like the M&M guys and everyone else in the commercials who see Santa Claus on Christmas Eve placing presents underneath the tree.

Our next family tradition was writing letters to Santa. My siblings and I would work hard like little elves putting our letters and Christmas wishlists together. Sometimes my mom would make great suggestions for toys to go on our lists; but I had something very special on my list that year.

Dear Santa, I wrote, I have been a very good boy this year. For Christmas I would like a couple toys but what I would really like most would be to see you on Christmas Eve. That would be great, I believe in you Santa!

Our letters were sealed and ready to go to the North Pole! I couldn't wait for Christmas! I was certain that I would see Santa Claus this year! This was Operation Santa!

On Christmas Eve, my dad made his special oatmeal raisin cookies. They were hot and gooey and the size of some pancakes. My parents graciously offered us warm milk to wash them down. Milk and cookies, there was nothing better! Before turning in my plate I exclaimed that we needed to leave some cookies for Santa.

My parents set up a little plate with oatmeal-raisin cookies and a glass of water for Santa Claus. My dad would also put carrots outside on the edge of our porch for the reindeer. With the snow coming down, I was hoping that Rudolph would be out tonight to guide Santa on his flight.

As A Christmas Story reached the part where Ralphie finally got his Red-Rider BB gun, I knew that it was nearing close to bed time. It was getting close to nine-o'clock and I knew that Santa made his deliveries around midnight. With the milk and cookies settled nicely in our tummies, our parents led us upstairs to go to bed.  

In my pajamas, covered in soft blankets, I laid in my bed alongside my stuffed animal friends. I couldn't go to sleep, I had to stay up all night to see Santa Claus! I was so excited! I was so excited to wake-up on Christmas morning and to see all of the presents under the tree! I was too excited to go to sleep, too excited to go to sleep, too excited to... zzzzzz

I heard Santa's sleigh. There in my lawn I heard it takeoff like an airplane! While I was too busy dreaming about sugar plums, Santa Claus was here!  

I crawled out of bed, tip-toeing ever so carefully across the wooden floor. Each step made the floorboard wail and squeak. As my entire household was fast-asleep, I made my way down the staircase as quiet as a mouse. I was about to see Santa Claus!

As I crept by the stockings there I saw the soft glow of the Christmas tree. Peaking around the corner I took a look. And much to my horror, the presents were all under the tree! Santa had already been there! I had failed my mission to see Santa Claus that year.

Defeated, I went back to bed. If only I could have stayed up longer, I could have seen Santa Claus! Maybe next year I would be able to stay awake. Big kids always get to stay up later. I snuggled back in with my stuffed animals and a smile came back on my face. Christmas was here. 

Christmas morning arrived.      

My parents had us stay upstairs until they were ready. My siblings and I crowded the staircase, eager to run down the steps to witness the wonder that was Christmas. They gave the signal- we ran down the stairs!

It was more beautiful than I could imagine. The entire floor around the Christmas tree was covered in presents. Our stockings were bulging with goodies. We couldn't have been happier!

As we gathered around the tree, I noticed that some of the cookies were eaten and that the glass was now half-full. My dad stepped outside and brought in the remains of the carrots, the reindeer had had a feast! Santa had been there for sure! I explained to my parents how I heard Santa Claus the night before and as I described how he sounded like an airplane, they grinned with amusement.

I was bummed that I didn't get to see Santa but the presents were doing an excellent job of cheering me up! The scavenger hunt began as we dug through gifts looking for the name tags. I started handing gifts to my brother and sister. We would each take turns and would open each gift one at a time.

It was my turn to open a present. Christmas was the best time of the year! I removed the gift wrap and then started working on the plastic cover of the toy. As I wrestled to get it open, I noticed something on the back-


I didn't understand. If Santa Claus lived in the North Pole then how could a toy be made in Taiwan?

Then I saw Santa Claus. He was sitting across from me with not a white beard but a brown one. His eyes were tired from working late nights and his hands were callused like a baseball mitt. Mrs. Claus was there too! She was fidgeting with the video camera in her red and white pajamas, telling us to look at the camera as we were opening gifts.

A big smile grew on my face. As my younger siblings opened their gifts, I didn't say a word. It was as merry a Christmas as any other!

Operation Santa Claus was mission accomplished!

Happy Holidays everyone!   

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Looking for more from echidna64?

echidna64 Posted on Dec 14, 2015 at 01:56 AM

Thanks guys! I had heard rumors from other kids but I was a full believer

NLogan Posted on Dec 13, 2015 at 07:10 AM

How did your parents find out you knew?

Vaporman87 Posted on Dec 13, 2015 at 06:29 AM

I am reminded of a similar tale from our very own fuschnikt from last year, 1990 - The Year Santa Died.

I enjoy these stories of that final year that we actually believed. And, instead of feeling a tremendous sense of disappointment, we instead come to appreciate the efforts of the "real" Santas.

Here, it seems it took little more than a sticker to "open your eyes". I'm guessing you already had your suspicions before that moment, being so easily swayed. Would that be an accurate assumption?

vkimo Posted on Dec 13, 2015 at 03:01 AM

Whoa dude, heavy ending. Being a father myself, I've come to know that us men are the real Santa Claus!

mickyarber Posted on Dec 13, 2015 at 02:52 AM

Very good read. I always like it to hear stories of when kids realize who the real "Santa" is, and especially stories where you can feel the heartfelt gratitude coming through for him just like in this story.

Good job.

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