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shakin steak
Inspired by this article.  Let's have this discussion here.  Who was responsible for getting you started on the path to enjoying stuff (be it movies, music, or whatever)?

shakin steak
As I've mentioned, I got into music much later than most people I know. In freshman year of high school, I finally discovered the radio, and got into bands like Aerosmith, Nirvana, Blind Melon, Soul Asylum, Spin Doctors, Crash Test Dummies, etc. (To those of you already backing away from me due to most of the names on that list: I won't try to stop you.)

I ordered ten tapes for a penny from Columbia House and almost immediately became disillusioned. Pearl Jam Ten had that one song on it that I liked from the radio, and a bunch of horrible crap. I don't even remember what was the song I did like, since I completely wrote off Pearl Jam after four listens, trying to get into the rest of the album. I saw their subsequent hits as ridiculous, and hate Eddie Vedder's syllable cramming/stretching to this day. And so it went with many popular bands of the time.

Being awkward in other ways as well, I took advantage of the open seating plan in art class to sit at the emptiest table, the one with only one other person. He was a senior who was pretty creative, but mainly taking Art 1 to fill out his final schedule. Being equally weird in fashion as I tried to find myself, I drew his attention. The big thing going on for him right then was Nine Inch Nails. I forget how I actually got to hear the music for the first time, but he told me all about it, and I was finally seriously into a band. Then he introduced me to Ministry. Then, White Zombie. Now, I was finding real joy in music. Thank you, awesome guy in high school who was willing to talk to the weird younger kid, you changed my life for the better. (I still remember your name, I'm just not putting it on the internet)

Those three bands basically formed the basis of my musical taste effectively for the rest of my life. I do like other styles, but my favorite music is characterized by crunchy guitars, samples, fast, and heavy.
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Hmmm. That's hard to say for certain. I think in many ways my experiences and some friends were big influences in my passions for nostalgic thought.

But I think what made me feel like it was "okay" to cherish and reflect openly on the past and what made it great with regard to pop culture and such, is the X-Entertainment website.

Matt's in-depth look at really odd, peculiar, and obscure items and events of the past really inspired me to try and capture that spirit for myself, and for others (via sites like this).

I credit him with igniting the spark that brought this site to the masses (if by masses we are referring to any amount of people over 1).
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You love this signature.
My music tastes are eclectic. They didn't really become that way until I was cool with all the genres I liked, and that didn't happen until I was in my 20s.

I could go on and on talking about my ever changing music tastes when I was younger.

Here is a link to an old blog I wrote about how I discovered Blondie.
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