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I didn't take the online chat seriously, retailers are scaling down the availability of physical media and even Walmart is getting out of sales starting with Xbox.


Yeah, it's been a trend for a while now. Buy up all the DVD's or Blu-Rays you can while you can!

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Not super shocked. Considering Best Buy's recent move and Ubisoft's recent comments, corporate america wants nothing to be owned physically anymore when it comes to media.

Like Vaporman said, starting buying anything you can physically while you still can. I also recommend doing the same for books.

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Honestly when it comes to streaming services/digital stores on game consoles removing certain media and content, it really sucks. Especially when things get delisted too.

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There's so many alerts about everything - I kinda tune it all out. Sure, I'll keep all my old tapes and discs I'll need to replace my player soon, or get a new computer and monitor.

Here's an interesting video, from early November 2023, at a nearly empty Walmart.

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