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Today I turn one more year older. And I am reminded of some of my birthday parties from my youth.


Some were spent in restaraunts like McDonald's and Pizza Hut, others in places of business, like skating rinks and resort buildings.


But nothing was ever as good as just being at home with your friends for your birthday party.


Now I don't often celebrate getting older, but instead lavish my children with the fun and praise of it (which is just as fun, if not more so).


What are some of your fondest birthday party memories?

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well happy b-day, vapor!

i think the best birthday i ever got was around 1996 when i got a sega saturn, and i had a ton of friends over for it. though of course due to the big amount of people that were there the party was outside since i was living in a mobile home at the time.

and since the weather in virgia always had warm temperatures year round my friends and i had a water balloon fight afterward
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Mr Magic
Happy birthday, V-man!

I have never had a birthday party before, but I have been to such places as Discovery Zone, Putt-Putt and the Stardust Skating Rink for birthday parties. Fun times!
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shakin steak had your own birthday party? Were your parents monsters?

Ah, gotta say, my favorite birthday party from when I was a kid was not for my own birthday. It was for my best friend. It was at an arcade called Ronnie's. Ronnie's was built to look like a little read schoolhouse, with a peaked roof and bell tower and all. It was up on top of a small but high and steep hill at the intersection of a highway and a big road. The game room was dark, full of cabinets, and had that crazy pattern carpet that all arcades and movie theaters used to have. In the other room, they had pizza! There was a GRAVEYARD across the street! Did 12-year-old shakin steak fully intend to be buried in that graveyard when he dies, yes he did.
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I never had anything fancy for a birthday party like having one at Chuck E. Cheese or anything. I had to share my birthday party with my dad. Our birthdays are 5 days apart. Our birthdays are in the winter so most of the time it was pretty rainy during my party even though I live in Southern California.
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From my youth, I can recall having sleepovers for my birthday. My friends would show up, we would rent some movies, and we would hang out downstairs. My Mom could recall us eating pizza and having a calm conversation in the evening, and then seeing us pretending to be gigantic rampaging worms by slipping our sleeping bags over our bodies the following morning.

More recently, I turned 30 in December of 2012, and went out to a restaurant with some of my newer friends, as well as a few of my older ones, and then we went to the mall to see the 3-D re-release of "Monster Inc.".

EDIT: Oh, and happy birthday, Vapor. I hope today is a great one for you.
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Birthday parties were big events in this are. we always tried to outdo the other with games and such. Usually they were at homes, but sometimes other places. Happy Bday bro.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes. It's been a pleasant day with the family (took off work today).
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My cake was always made by my mother. She tried very hard to make nice ones but they always seemed to be of things I never cared about or used to care about
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shakin steak
Ha! My mom made cakes too. Until I was maybe 7 years old. That year I had an ice cream cake. Best cake in the world, and the only kind I ever wanted afterwards.
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I simply MUST post a picture of mine from one of my birtday parties that shows the E.T. cake my mom made (actuatlly a 2 foot tall E.T.!)

It was a valiant effort but it tasted TERRIBLE!!! I'll dig it out and scan it.
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