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Mr Magic
Not that I didn't like Rob Zombie's Halloween prequel/remake, but I don't think I'm ready for another reboot.

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Mr Magic
One neat thing about this one:

Jamie Lee Curtis returns!

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I’m interested in this. I like the premise. Ignoring pretty much all the sequels. I’m in

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Rick Ace Rhodes
It looks interesting. I'm a sucker for the Halloween films (even the really bad ones) so I'll bite.

I wonder if they are going to do this regularly now? Like every year eight of decade. The first Halloween film came out in 1978. While the first reboot came out in 2007 instead of 2008, the new one is now coming 2018. It'll be cool if for every tenth anniversary they do a new reboot of the film.
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Mr Magic
Don't forget that Return of Michael Myers film from 1988.
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