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I purchased a collection of Laser Discs from my cousin and now I need an actual player but am not sure what the best one would be. I have been checking ebay but I want a player that is highly rated. Anybody here have a clue?

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I am interested in all video formats, but unfortunately completely missed ever getting on Laserdisc. So I don't have personal experience, but I will tell you the best info I could find online.

Here is a guy who knows what he's talking about with this stuff (read Step #4). He goes into detail about good and bad brands, as well as model number conventions and mentioning specific ones to get or avoid. Other steps on that page have additional tips for improving quality. If you're just after particular model, the takeaway is go for Pioneer if you can. These are the models he mentions, listed in descending order of quality from "very best" to "pretty good":
-Pioneer HLD-X9
-Pioneer LD-S9
-Pioneer Elite CLD-97/Pioneer Elite CLD-99
-Pioneer CLD-D704/Pioneer Elite CLD-79
-Panasonic LX-900

and stay far, far away from Sony. Not just the players, don't even get Sony or Columbia Tri-Star discs, as many were manufactured in unclean conditions at the DADC USA plant, and those are very susceptible to "laser rot." Although if you are serious, you can find out how to tell which discs came from here and which from other plants that did not have this problem.

That second page I linked has a more thorough (albeit still not complete) list of players that can be recommended, and with feedback from others. About halfway down, under the question There are so many different laserdisc players out there. How do I know which are the best?
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Wow. Nice finds shakin. I also never owned a laser disc player. My best friend and also a boyfriend of my mom owned them.

I can recall the one my mom's boyfriend owned was the kind that contained the disc inside a cover of some kind that the disc was ejected from when it was inserted into the player.
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