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I would love to follow more retro lovers on Twitter to increase my intake of goodness and memories from long ago, so if you use twitter, post your username here and I'll follow.  Also, if you can point me in the direction of other good retro tweeters, let me know about them as well!

My twitter name is @YesterdayVille

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Admittedly, I don't use twitter very much (except as a way to repost content from my Facebook page), but my handle is @AnthonyJRapino

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I just recently returned to Twitter (like this week). You can find me @MyersWrites
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Yeah, I NEVER use Twitter, and I only sparingly use Facebook (mostly just for the RetroDaze Facebook page). Sorry I'm no help there.

I would suggest following AdamFGoldberg on Twitter though.
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You love this signature.

@80sDonDraper was a favorite of mine but it looks like its stopped updating.
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The women of New Vegas ask me a lot if there's a Mrs. New Vegas. Well, of course there is! You're her. And you're still just as perfect as the day we met.