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I was at home with my grandparents when it came on the news, I was so facinated by it that even I didnt change the channel. I heard of Columbine a couple years prior to this, but was pushed away from it. This though was my first look of the real world growing up and it was changing for the worse if you ask me. Its sad, almost 3000 lives gone in a matter of minutes and hours after. Rocked us to the core.

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I've been looking back at this day quite a bit. I was looking through Archive.org's newscasts of their old 9/11 broadcasts, and while looking at some of the footage did give me flashbacks to my childhood (one of the archived footage showed old broadcasts of Disney's Recess and Sabrina The Animated Series, both of which, I watched at the time), watching the 9/11 newscasts, and the timeline of the events that unfolded on Archive.org's website kind of painted a bigger picture of when it started compared to when I first heard the news.

As I posted much earlier a few years ago, I first heard about it from a friend of my sister's while my mom was driving us to school. The first plane (American Flight 11) hit the world trade center at 8:45am EST. Seeing as how I was in California, that would have been 5:45am in the time zone I lived it, so it would have been roughly around two hours later that I first heard the news.

As for when it was being discussed in the classroom that day, I don't remember too much about the details of what was being described other than it being a very tragic, fateful day. I do remember when I got back home, and seeing this appear all over the news, I saw what I believe was the second plane crashing into the world trade center, and seeing the building collapse. It was honestly very serreal at the time I was watching it.

It's crazy watching the footage now, but it's there for historical purposes. I could go into how different the world was then, but I'm rather not. You can see the newscasts on Archive.org right now. It is a day that should definitely not be forgotten.

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