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Mr Magic
The Dark Knight was good and all, but I think we can all agree that Tim Burton's tale of Batman and the Joker was even better.

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the new ones feel a little too film noir to me
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I enjoy Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (didn't care for Dark Knight Rises), but yeah, I enjoy Burton's more due to it's "cartoon-ish" feel.
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The same for me. But I think that some of the feelings of preference for the Keaton Batman has to do with the hype surrounding the movie. That was the first time I remember a film really being commercialized and promoted full force and in new and unusual ways. Batman was simply, everywhere.
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i disagre . yes keaton was really good , but the old batmans had more of a supernatural element (even in the first 2). The Dark Knight is amazing and so far (i havent seen Dark Kniht Rises) is he best batman film. Christian is great as batman and heath is just unbeatable as the joker.
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I agree completely.

Burton's first Batman movie was the best out of all the movies that came out afterwards, including the versions from Nolan and Schumacher.

The movie had great action scenes, fantastic performances, Gotham was portrayed right, great story and it was even funny and witty as evidenced by the quote posted here.

I still think Keaton was the best Batman and Jack Nicholson the best Joker ever, by far.

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Mr Magic
For real. Their performances are part of why I never get tired of the movie! That and the fact that it's a childhood favorite of mine.
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I saw both Burton movies in theaters at 7 and 10 about 5 times each and had the merchandise to both including comic adaptations as the first one made me a bigger Batman fan than ever despite being a fan of DC since i was 4.

The animated show is even awesome too and Nolan's take was fantastic as well.
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shakin steak
I didn't like the first Tim Burton movie, did not see Returns. Maybe I will give it another shot, since everybody here loves it so much. TAS is amazing and so are Begins and Dark Knight; I haven't seen Rises yet.
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The Burton films were my favorites, but I do have a love for the Adam West series and the Batman movie based on it. Something just draws me to the cheesy, campiness of that old show.
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