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YouTube TV is now available in Seattle.

For $35.00 a month I can stream local TV stations on my smartphone or a Chromecast enabled big-screen TV monitor. I already have YouTube Red on my computer and the entire Amazon library as a Amazon Prime member.

Problem is I enjoy web surfing all night rather than watching a TV show, I'm a "free-range" kinda guy.

Should I do YouTube TV? Will you do YouTube TV?

I have Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Netflix, I'm good. 
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I wouldn't mind being able to watch my local channels live. I don't have cable, nor do I have any signal to speak of to pick up local channels. So I'm all for this.
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I don't understand why YouTube is going for this. They would rather be the next "Netflix" then be the first "YouTube". 
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Rumor has it that YouTube/Google wants to transition from "free" to  $$ paying customers. No surprise to me. I'm concerned over all the subscriptions I currently carry. Maybe I have subscribers overdose?
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Wait, soon you'll have to pay to use Youtube? I know Youtube Red is a thing, but still. 
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My guess is that "free" content can be limited in ways that will encourage users to upgrade, making all features and better content available.
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i miss when youtube had its iconic slogan "broadcast yourself" because that's basically what it was. i think the youtube tv thing was a response to certain users who would try to upload full length copyrighted movies and tv show episodes only for the demise of them getting removed.

i'm not subscribing to youtube tv, but i do appreciate that they did get around to be able to let users purchase episodes and movies. you'd be surprised with the shows i found, chip n dale rescue rangers, ducktales, freakazoid, reboot, ed edd n eddy.... pretty awesome.
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The only reason I watch YouTube is because it's free. If I have to pay then that's a no-go. I'll find something else to do. I'm guessing YouTube is doing this to recoup losses from the "Ad-pocolypse"
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I get my local stations for free, so, no. 

BTW Vaporman, my parents are in a similar situation to you, no signal. They're about 40 miles from NYC. When I was a kid we got all the New York channels with a roof antenna. From the World Trade Center. 

So last time I went there, we went to Best Buy and got a new "digital" antenna and a signal booster, like I was suggesting to you a few years back. Sad to say, it did not work. Even though the box claimed to have a range of 60 miles. Dang it.

I still want a roof antenna at my place. The rabbit ears do fine, but sometimes adjusting it takes some doing. There's one particular channel that plays a couple of cool shows late Sunday night, and it's a 50/50 shot whether I can get it to come in. Analog broadcast was a lot easier to deal with. If the reception wasn't perfect, you had an idea which way to go, and if you still couldn't improve it, at least you could still watch. This business of moving everything to the internet really isn't my cup of tea.
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If Youtube ends up becoming a paid subscription service, then they're further digging into their own grave. A lot of what they're doing with ad-pocalypse, and Youtube TV, feels like examples of them losing what made people go on Youtube in the first place. People go on Youtube because of the variety of content that is on the site. They don't go there for corporate stuff, or anything else that you see on TV. If they continue to do things like making Youtube into a paid subscription service, and driving away content creators with certain topics they're not allowed to cover, then eventually, people are going to migrate to another video sharing site, and Youtube will end up becoming irrelevant, much like what has happened to MySpace.
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