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Rick Ace Rhodes
Jrs1991 wrote :
So, out of the "big five" of grunge, Eddie Vedder is the only lead singer left. Also, it's weird/crazy that two of them died from suicide (as of now for cornell) and two died of overdoses. Hopefully nothing happens to vedder anytime soon.
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The fact that Scott Weiland managed to live to see the end of 2015 is evidence for god existing. How he didn't die years earlier from his drug addiction shocks the hell out of me.

I also never understood how Alice in Chains is considered Grunge.
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ThatDudeintheHoodie wrote :

I was just about to post about this, sad day. Grew up with Soundgarden. Black Hole Sun is still my favorite song from them. 
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Seattle is in mourning again, it's like Kurt all over again.

Nirvana grabbed headlines yet Soundgarden had everyone turning up the volume.

Rest In Peace Chris. The 1990's remains awesome and the 20th century is a tough act to follow!

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I agree, 90s has music down pat in my opinion. 
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