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There are already articles that have stated that both Roseanne herself and her character on the show, is a supporter of Trump. This one, in particular, states in the show, both Roseanne and Dan voted for Trump. I'm not supporter of Trump in any way, but one thing Roseanne herself did say in the interview, that I actually do agree with, is the way people are hating on each other based on who they voted for. That is something that has always pissed me off from the beginning since the day Trump was elected. It's said that this particular political divide would be shown in this revival. It could be interesting to see how the conflict plays out. Though, I'm not sure how I feel about this idea.
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Mr Magic
Roseanne's support of Trump might not kill the show. The laughs are what counts.

I wonder if we'll see another instrumental version of the theme song or a vocal version.


Vocal. Personally, I'd love to see Blues Traveler do the theme again.

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Ratings for episode 1 of the reboot were, to quote The Donald, "yuge"
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vapes roseanne was super left  in the 90's  heck i leaned to the left just 10 years ago then the left moved.
but what ever it was a good episode and felt like a roseanne episode i hope they keep going.
people complaining that the show was to political apparently have never watched the show before it was political in the 90's  and in today's world where everything is politicized you knew  it would be even more good show over all now lets bring back family matters or married with children.    
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Mr Magic

comic_book_fan wrote :
it would be even more good show over all now lets bring back family matter
-end quote

Fat chance.

Jaleel White lost his ability to do Urkel's high-pitched voice.

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The show was good, reminded me of the classic series. 
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shakin steak
I just watched both episodes on my new DVR. Lots of laughs. I liked that they were able to work in both Beckys. Good casting on Darlene's daughter, too. A few of the jokes about the past were reaching (like Darlene talking about the school) but overall pretty good.  I'm gonna keep watching.
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Rick Ace Rhodes
I just watched the episode in class. It was... okay. It came off kind of cringe-worthy, and it seemed like they were just trying too hard. Though some jokes got a laugh out of me. I loved how they handled the "two Becky" fiasco.
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Mr Magic
There's going to be a season 11.
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