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i'm really sorry to hear that rick, it's good to know though that his family respects you.

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Awww man, that's awful. It's bad enough AROUND the holidays, but to actually have a death ON a holiday... terrible.

Rick Ace Rhodes wrote :

Unfortunately I found out on Christmas Eve that an old childhood friend lost his grandmother that day. I haven't seen or spoken to him in almost nine years but I am still friends with some of his family on Facebook. I felt super bad about it, especially since she died on a holiday. His grandfather also just died last year.

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My Christmas was good. I spent it at my Uncle's. I also got this Carmen Sandiego handheld game as well as a t-shirt that has the giant golden condor from The Mysterious Cities of Gold on it

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Mr Magic

Sorry to hear about your friend's loss, Rick. Both of them, I mean. 

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