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Rick Ace Rhodes
Saw this online today and I just had to post it here:

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It's down to 16% now lol #teamfraser
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Mr Magic
On IMDB, it has a 5.9/10 rating. 

With all the bad reviews it's been getting, it's a wonder it's not lower.
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Superman wrote :

Too bad this did so poorly. I was interested in seeing the resurrection of Universal's classic monster movies. I hope this film's performance doesn't cause them to change their plans of reviving some of their other monster characters.
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I wondered that as well, but it seems Universal is adamant that one film will not affect the other's potential release in their "Dark Universe".
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Mr Magic
Thank God the movie is only 90 minutes.
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Tom Cruise is becoming Box office poison. Why do people keep hiring him?
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I don't agree with all the reasoning at Looper, but this video may be worth a look:

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