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Mr Magic
Steel cage matches really put a wrestler's body at risk. When a wrestler does a Moonsault off the top of the cage, chances are, it could lead to serious injuries.
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pikachulover wrote :

I think another problem is that they live on the road and they don't really get an off season.
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And each time a big strong man dies I read the details and a familiar pattern emerges. The stress of their "lifestyles" was a factor in their deaths. Intense workout schedules, competition schedules that keep them on the road most of the year and most surprising of all, recreational drug use that may interact with performance enhancing drugs in a systemic way - with awful results! The words "heart failure" or "cardiac arrest" or "heart attack" keep showing up in addition to other issues/conditions these men were facing.

I'm still shocked by the death of Johnny Perry (2002), Scott Klein (2003) and Jesse Marunde (2007).These are all strength athletes that inspired me to put down the potato chips and pick up the weights.  
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