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Is it just wrong for me to post in a thread about a series of games I have never played? )
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Vaporman87 wrote :
shakin steak wrote :

Making Megaman talk like a little girl, ugh. And fight cutscenes with all the violence of a He-man cartoon.

I get the feeling you were less than impressed by these "innovations".

as odd as it sounds... they used the same exact voice actors for megaman x4
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shakin steak
I don't know what's odd about that. They were around the same time weren't they?
I just know, I got a Megaman 1-8 collection in 2005 or so. I brought it home, excited to play Megaman for the first time in years. I checked out 7 and 8. My roommate saw the look of horror on my face and laughed. "Bahahahaha shakin steak, your hero SPEAKS!"

I did play Megaman X and that was good but I never got into X2 or the later ones. I guess I will know to stay away from X4 if I should ever seek them out.
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