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Forum » Chew The Fat » Wrestling fans, do you really want this?
  • By Fuzz
  • At 12:41 On 18 August 2015
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  • New Kid On The Block
Ok, so Undertaker showed up again last night on Raw, and once again kicked Lesner in the balls. What's with the cheap shots from Undertaker? So out of character. The crowd was booing him like crazy.
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Mr Magic
A kick to the face would've been more suitable.
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Mr Magic
I saw some Lesnar/'Taker matches from the old days yesterday. One was a title match from Unforgiven 2002 and the other was a "Chain Match" from No Mercy the following year.

Between last year's Wrestlemania and this year's Summerslam, I don't think the matches from the past were brought up once..
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"Shirt T-T-T-Tales!!!!!"
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